12 days of Xmas (fluffybooru id: 52514) (by: babbehteef)


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Let you down? Alright :mm_grin:


Smarty is dumb as always

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Smarties are so cute and stupid.

I bet there would absolutely be hugboxers who love them for the overconfident assholes they are.

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I do love the tradition of the Christmas Fluffy.

“They’re a decoration, not an obligation! Buy one for Christmas and eat it for the New Year!”

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I hope the frayed rope is incidental I think it’s funnier that way, I’m just seeing him complaining and spinning in anger while people watch and find it amusing. And then randomly he just drops catching the star, toppling the tree, coming out of it terrified but unharmed only to then be immediately hung back up somewhere out of the way while they clean and reset the tree to put him back up

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