62 - Animal Xing by Deliverance

Short and sweet, and no, the mummah is not a Fluffy caterpillar, those are her mammary glands, in my head canon mares can have between 2 and 10 mammary glands. There’s also a @Carniviousduck cameo here.

Full size here.


Wow at least the stallion babbeh survived :sweat_smile: he can (or cannot) spread his bloodline.


That’s a heck of a boner on the survivor. Unfortunately that means that it might live to breed more feral fluffies. Better redomesticate quickly, and if he can’t be redomesticated for some reason, then it’s time for socially responsible forever sleep.


Ah, natural selection. Can always count on you

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That’s an interesting, almost philosophical, question. What’s natural selection?

A feral fluffy crosses an open field. A raptor sees the fluffy and dive-bombs it, breaking the spine, digs its claws in, and then takes it away screaming for mummah and huggies, to eat it alive. That’s clearly natural selection, and hilarious to boot.

Now let’s say a feral fluffy crosses the road. A driver sees the fluffy, grins, hits the gas, and smears the fluffy on the pavement, and then faps to the memory for weeks afterwards. Is that still natural selection? There’s at least three artificial elements here (the road, the truck, the joyful intent of the driver in delivering forever sleep), so maybe not?


Fluffies are intelligent. Assuming he helps raise Foals, maybe communicates within a herd, he can pass on knowledge that drivers won’t spare Fluffies but staying low to the ground in the middle may help one survive. He isn’t passing on a physical trait, but a learned one.

Also, that car is going to be a fucking mess.


I’ve always wondered why the boner

Your imagination and your empathy are peerless.

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Survivors erection? Lol

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Yeah the blue book value on that car is gonna take a major hit.

It is funny (and rather tragic, I suppose) how fluffies, the closest thing to humans in terms of intelligence, are deemed far less important than normal animals.


Kids, that’s why you need to stay off the phone when your driving… Gonna miss the splatter effect!


Either its assholes justifying their actions with the artificial nature of them, which to be fair people do in real life in any way that they can, or its a setting where Fluffy feral populations exploded after Cleveland and they genuinely threaten every environment and the very survival of humanity plus constant shit and rotting corpses have stunk up everywhere and caused animal populations who prey on them to explode to killing them is objectively good.

Depends how you want to write it. Interestingly in many casual abuse stories like this most of the human race behaves just like Fluffies. Abusers are human Smarties complete with rape and arbitrary murder, Hugboxers are like Mummahs with Foals who they are likely to kill them by mistake or abandon, and the common folk are just a herd following the Smarty. Children abusing Fluffies like Foaks would a Poopie Babbeh. They’ll even do stupid shit themselves, stepping on a rare Alicorn worth thousands like a starving Fluffy would reject brown food.


I really like how fluffies can be used as a parallel to humans. Basically being an exaggerated and simplified depiction of some of our goods and bads. With human-like intelligence come human flaws and virtues. Although some of those virtues are connected to a level of intelligence higher than the one common among fluffies.


What bumper stickers are on the back of that car? Probably Trump bumper stickers or whatever the big right-wing abuse club in that universe is.

Uhhh I don’t understand where this came from?

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Ehh, trying to be a bit funny.

Of course the car stopped for the ducks. People actually care about ducks.
The only reason I’d swerve for a fluffy is not wanting to have to clean its blood, guts, and shit from my car.


I can understand. I’m bad at being funny too.

Ducks are dumber, more violent, and more rapey than Fluffies.

At least geese are effective in their violence. Ducks are just bird Smarties, all anger and no threat.