A Fluffy Tragedy (by: bowling)


This was sad. Almost sublimely so.


Nice to see the cycle of industrial abuse that fluffies are inflicted with through the eyes of a fluffy who was just unlucky.


A cycle of abuse. I would think they would keep better colors for breeding, but this is probably a mill taking its chances with random fluffies being bred together.

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Wrong place, wrong time fluffy.

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Love this, so much fun!


there’s never a right place, or a right time for them



I want to know if this comic was as better than The Fluffy Condition Or held up to its standard

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Peak suffering. I love it.

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I really like your comic but one small criticism is that there’s too much text and a large white background, I’m a degenerate that live in dark room so this really hurts my eyes.


So wonderfully miserable. I just love it, great job!

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Hrm. I’d rate them equally noting they hit a bit differently. If I was to read into them, possibly further then intended, I think this one is a little more relatable as a middle aged GenX adult. The other more for my youth.

Just fantastic

Very nice but the colorfull text is sometime a bit hard to read…So sometime i get the idea of what is happening but I cannot read what the fluffy says…

This is good, but I liked The Fluffy Condition even more. Fluffies failing due to their own incompetence is always the funniest abuse. :smile:

One thing about this that’s totally absent from most post-fluffybooru content is that Hasbio (or whatever headcanon equivalent) was somehow destroyed, probably by some form of liability for creating fluffy ponies.

An unethical major corporation paying for its sins is pretty implausible, but that was totally standard stuff way back. It was also sort of a blanket reason why fluffy ponies might be really unique science fiction creatures in some otherwise grounded settings. The technology was illegal or lost or destroyed.

But fortunately, the fluffies still breed like crazy, so anybody could make and sell more and more… just like in this comic!


breathes in

breathes out

That was…


I like to think that I’ve read upwards of 70% of this site’s contents at this point.

And that…

That was an experience.

The best sort of experience.




Poetry beyond the measure of metre and rhyme.

Your style is so simple and so modest, but I could read it for years.

Basically, I liked the story.

Hilarious and what a terrible fluffy to shit in a nice new box. It would be nearly worth the price of a steel out-building to farm these things to recycle them into kibble. Maybe even one with a fake store in it to let breeding fluffies live this hopeless cycle on purpose.