A Gift from the clouds : weeks later ( Gal-With-Pastels)

After introducing the little foal to the couple, Mustard and paprika settle on the name cloudberry right away as she was they’re “ babeh from the sky fwuffy’s.” paprika began feeding the little earthie. milk from her teats, and cuddles from her daddeh , needing to be taken from the pair the few first days, since this was puns first ever foal-in-can fluffy.

Little cloudberry has been a big help to her mummah, daddeh , And gwand Mummah after she grew old enough to open her see places , walk and Talk. helping her mummah eat her special Kibble that makes her produce milk without having tummeh babies in order to feed the fostah babbehs. As well as play with fostah Babbehs with her daddeh when they are able to play. her life when from being afraid and stuck in a can, to the bestest life she could ever have.

this little cheerful, playful, optimistic filly has told Gwand mummah puns that she wants to be like her mummah paprika when she gets older, helping little abandoned foals grow big and stwong from milkies! and find good homsies! Though one thing is certain, She’ll go through a phase when older of wanting babbeh’s… and puns is already making arrangements from when the time comes.


Disgustingly cute, I really wanna pinch her cheeks.

cuteness is my speciality

I noticed, you do it very well.


Very adorable, and good on her for following the family business.

And good on Puns for being prepared

yup , puns aka me , is aware of how fluffy’s go through those phases, and since cloudberry wants to be like her mummah , might as well get her started with her first litter of babbehs

It took me a minute to realize that the heart was not because she was standing at crotch level with two stallions… I might need to go back to sleep