A Lil Kiwi ( Gal-with-pastels)

i wanted to make a lil foal gift for @swiftbitches , a little green filly with markings, that looks like a lil kiwi.


He’s a cute lil’ Kiwi! Wish Waggytailw and Red were here to see this cutie ;_;

she is a little cutie indeed , Was going to make the foal brown , but instead opted for a green

. . .Something about the pose gives me ‘mid transformation’ vibes.

Aaww, she’s so cute!

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and she’s all yours, :slight_smile: was gonna give her more markings but i thought one marking would do.


She could be a Headmaster.

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Awww your foal design it’s so cute ;w;

i try to make them cute like yours, you are my inspiration

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awww ;w; <3 Ty!
They are super cute your way tho! >w<

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i like them chunky like in your style ,

tried to go more newborn with this lil gift

yeah, newborns are not than chunky in fluffy at the time :stuck_out_tongue: But I really liked yours, the belly is so cute!

thanks i wanted to give her a little tum

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