A list of 3 fluffy catastrophes by wasp

  1. The Great Exposure - Fluffy deaths: estimates range between 300k to 750k - Location: Worldwide fluffy factories/mills - Time period: 2015 to 2016

In January of 2016, a team of fluffy rights activist whistleblowers made their year long investigation into fluffy factories public. These documents contained a huge amount of harrowing footage and also accounts from former employees detailing the horrific abuse that goes on in fluffy mills. Several of these facilities were working with some of the biggest fluffy retailers: FluffMart, WiddleBabbehs, Foalbox, The Fluffy Store and Synthaformula.

Whistleblowers recorded and took images of the inside of fluffy mills and found out about things previously unknown such as Milkbags. One of the videos secretly recorded by a fluffy rights activist posing as a retailer interested in purchasing foals in bulk at a fluffy factory in New Zealand displayed shocking neglect:

It opened to a shot of a worker in a sort of hazmat suit examining a large, cramped cage full of mares and chirpy newborn foals. He harshly pulls several tiny, potato like runt foals from a light green, grey maned mare.


The whistleblower turns his spy camera towards the doorway while pretending to pick out fluffies and the worker is seen injecting the foals in the stomach with bleach using a large syringe. The three tiny newborn foals lie on their side on the floor and chirp helplessly. They move their legs frantically in an attempt to run away but can’t get back up due to the extreme pain. Eventually, two of the foals die however one is still languishing. The worker brutally stomps on its head several times to kill it.

Now this was just three foals. Several other photos showed around 200 pregnant fluffies being piled into what was basically a huge shredder labeled “Euthanasia Machine” and also a group of 5000 deformed foals being hurled into pigpens at a factory in Illinois. The foals who didn’t die on impact were quickly snapped up by the pigs. Another infamous photo showed the “Formula Production Chamber” in a mill in California where a bunch of blind, deaf, mute and pillowed mares were hooked up to torture machines that sucked milk out of them 24/7 while they were fed by a tube.

After The Great Exposure, all major retailers except Synthaformula cut all ties with the factories involved and many went bankrupt. Due to Synthaformula, the practice of fluffy milkbags still is a problem in modern day fluffy rights. In a few places, protests and marches were held for fluffy rights.

  1. The Fluffy Crash - Fluffy Deaths: 327 - Location: Northern France - Time period: August 29th 2018

Two trucks carrying adult fluffies and foals were headed for shipment to the UK. At a roundabout, one of the trucks lost control and the two shipping containers stored on it burst open. A few of the fluffies managed to escape by running for their lives but the majority were crushed by the top shipping container falling off and landing on them.

The truck behind them which was also carrying fluffies failed to slow down and rammed right into the back of the crashed truck, sending the majority of the fluffies who were still alive in the bottom container flying.

After the truck hit the one in front, the bottom of the top shipping containers floor gave out and crashed through into one before, killing every fluffy who was inside the container. The majority of the adult fluffies on the top container survived, but almost all of the foals were killed by either a fear induced heart attack from the fall or being violently shook by it.

Heartbreaking and gorey images taken at the scene show a group of three horrified fluffies, one of whom is heavily pregnant crying at the side of the road and others show the inside of the first trucks bottom shipping container, which got rammed by the truck behind, filled with piles of dead fluffies and the few who had managed to survive staring into space with a traumatized glare in a dark corner of the container.

Both truck drivers managed to survive and were promptly fired and forced to pay a large fine.

  1. The Babbehpark accident - Fluffy deaths: 45 - Location: Mr Huggoz Babbehpark, New York City, USA. - Time period: February 12th 2022

A terrible accident occured at Mr Huggoz Babbehpark due to a malfunction of the “Foaler-Rower” ride. The concept of the ride is just like those swinging boats at carnivals except fit for foals. A large group of foals were having a daycare treat as their mummahs and daddehs watched them go on the ride. They were having a blast at first but then something odd happened…

The ride came to a complete stop! The little foals all exchanged puzzled looks and their parents did the same. The ride booted up again after about 30 seconds and everyone seemed fine with accepting the small ride control mishap. However, instead of gradually getting faster (but not too fast, that would be scary for the foals) and then slowing down, it KEPT getting faster.

Faster and faster the boat went until it reaches the point where several of the smaller foals were hurled out. They flew across the Babbehpark and one even landed in a spaghetti dispenser. Everything went into mayhem as the horrified mares and stallions watched as their crying babbehs flew across the room and landed on the floor in mangled, contorted messes. Eventually the entire boat became unhinged and crashed on top of the dogdems track next to it. 8 of the foals on the dodgems were killed.

Fluffies were in hysterics and half the park was in ruin. An angry mob of fluffy owners turned up at the home of “Huggo” (who’s real name was Steven Mason) and vandalized it. In the end the Babbehpark was permanently closed and Steven Mason was sued and forced to pay compensation to the fluffy owners and the daycare who took the foals to the Babbehpark. The employee responsible was only fired as he was just 16. Some were not happy with this and rumors went around that the disgruntled employee had caused the ride to spiral out of control on purpose.

The end! May make a part 2 soon.


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Huh. These actually sound plausible, well, if fluffies were a thing, that is.

Certainly beats “sketti-themed park blows up, taking a whole city with it. Fluffies are blamed for the explosion”.


I wanted them to be realistic-sounding-ish like actual things you’d hear about on the news


rest in sketties

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Well, mission accomplished, I’d reckon.

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So I guess the fluffies that were in the factories belonging to the bankrupted companies died from neglect? Kinda ironic, since they went out of business for being too cruel but ultimately caused the deaths of way more fluffies just by abandoning the factories.


Guess that’s possible.

Counterpoint, if a factory made to churn out 100 fluffies a year gets closed, well, only the unsold, most recent ones will get rekt, as opposed to the entirety of a year worth of fluffies, in addition to the following years’ batches.

It’s the classic “One guy on a train track, five guys on the other one. Pick which track the train will take.”

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I wasn’t trying to be a jerk, I was just trying to understand how shutting down industrial fluffy mills would lead to so many deaths, that’s all.


What I meant by that is that they did an investigation into how many had died that year (2015) in those factories and the estimates ranged between those numbers.

I might have not made it clear enough in the story

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So the number is pretty much undecided as it’s a big range

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