A Mare Named Candy! (FluffnPuff)

(FluffnPuff here! Here’s a small hugbox story about Candy and who she is to tie ya over while I work on the Can’t Fix Em All finale! It’s gonna be a blast~ Enjoy, byyyye!)

There once was a pink fluffy talkie foal, with a long light purple mane, and she was scared. She was scared and lost. She had been running for so long, her mummah’s screaming still echoing in the poor filly’s mind. Bawky munstuhs had finally caught them, and now she was orphaned. “Buuhuhuu Mummah, sissies, and bwudduhs foweba sweepies huuuhuuu. Fwuffy aww awone…” She finally found an old hollow tree hole and curled up, hoping her pink fluff wouldn’t attract anymore monsters. She had spent the whole next bright time, trying to find Nummies her teeth could handle. Technically she still needed milkies but her Mummah was gone so she had to find soft Nummies. Soft nummies however were hard to come by and the leaves from the bushes tasted awful and berry Nummies weren’t quite right tasting either. It was all so sour, gross, and not filling at all, what’s worse, she keeps biting the inside of her cheeks with weird pointy teefies. Fluffies shouldn’t have sharp teeth, right? She trudged on to find food that would satisfy her until she found what looked like a mouse, on it’s side. It was leaking boo-boo juice everywhere and the smell…it smelled very pretty to her. It was still alive, squeaking up a storm. It looked like an escaped lab mouse, judging by it’s red eyes and white fur. “F-fwuffy am sowwy m-mousie mistuh, but hab wowstest tummie h-huwties, nee nummies…” She said to it before leaning down and biting a chunk out of it. It squeaked in distress but was silent after a bit. This…THIS was the nummies! Jesus Christ, it tasted like skettiland! Meat, meat was what was satisfying to her. Is that why she has sharp teeth? She never thought a fluffy could be a carnivore but here she is. She had a hard time with hunting, having to settle for carrion after a couple bright times but it made her sick to eat the already dead and rotten meat, and she was making sicky wawas everytime she at it. After some more walking, she looked up and saw a fence. A white fence. The next thing she saw before collapsing was the silhouette of a bigger fluffy. Her hear places rang as she began to pass out, sickness taking it’s toll, all she heard before going under was, “MUMMAH AGAFA!”

When Candy finally woke up, she found herself in a brightly colored saferoom. Saferoom? Why is she here? Was it all just a bad darkie time picture? No it wasn’t, her Mummah was nowhere to be found. She looked around before she finally noticed the fluffy right infront of her. “Hewwo, widdwe babbeh, awe ou otay?” The fluffy asked. It was a white alicorn with brown tipped fluff and a chocolate brown bobbed mane and tail, wearing a pink and blue gradient thingie around her neck, with pretty pink eyes. She smelled strange. She didn’t exactly smell like a mare, but she didn’t have any wumps or no-no stick so she had to be. “W-whewe am fwuffy?” She asked the strange mare. “Youwe in da safewoom! Dun wowwy youw safe, wan miwkies widdwe babbeh?” She sked. “Y-yes! PWEASE! Su hungwy, hab tummie huwties!” The poor foal exclaimed, “Otay! Den, upsies we go!” The pointy wingeh mare picked Candy up by hee scruff. She didn’t have pointy teeth like her so she was herbivorous. She set the pink foal in front of a big blue Mummah mare. She had tummeh babbehs so she her milkie places were huge and full of sweet milkies. The babbeh wastes no time, immediately suckling on one of the teats but the mummah stopp her, pushing her head back, causing a whine from her. “Cawefuw babbeh, Cobawt’s Mummah said neba wet babbehs dwinkies too fast, couwd huwt dem weeaaawwy bad!” She said, telling her to go slow. With the advice in mind she continued to feed until she got her fill, her stomach a little distended. When she unlatched she let out a cute lil burp, causing another Mummah to giggle.

The sweet pink filly was finally given a namesie, Candy! She loved her new name! She helped around Mummah Agatha’s farm, along with Darla and Donnie, who both loved having her to help. She was even allowed to be a Mummah herself when Agatha gave her permission to do so. This she was given her special friend, a beautiful light blue unicorn stallion! He was missing his back leggies and he was an ex smarty that had been rehabilitated, but he was so nice to her! He was very gentle during special Huggies, making sure not to accidently hurt her. She told mummah Agatha that she only could eat meat. It was new to the farmer but she quickly understood. She heard of cannibal fluffies before but never encountered one. Luckily they could eat any ole regular meat, but sometimes there would be Fluffies she just couldn’t rehabilitate and well, Candy would get a special treat now and then. When she gave birth she had to stay in the barn for a couple darkie times to make sure the foals were ok for the saferoom nursery, but on that fateful night, she heard a recently taken in smarty, mumble a plan to himself, a plan she couldn’t do anything about, or so she thinks.