A Meeting Of The Minds [By BFM101]

Done with permission from @Booperino

Wai da fuk am we hewe daddeh?”

“Because Crimson, we need to mingle about, shake hands, make friends with everyone in the community. Besides if I didn’t show up here then they’d start showing up at the house and God knows we don’t want that to happen.”

Crimson scoffed but said noting as he followed Josef into the convention centre. It was Fluff-Con 20XX, the one time of year where every aspect of Fluffy Keeping, be in hugbox, abuse, breeding, farming, etc, all came together to share in the latest in Fluffy technology to aid in the betterment, upkeep or plain old efficiency in regards to how they each handled Fluffies.

Josef was a regular to these events, while his brother Jonathan was the more socially active of the two, frequently trading ideas and videos with fringe types online, Josef’s reclusive nature and flair for the dramatic made him very popular when he showed up. Crimson as well has a small but loyal fan-base although he was frequently unnerved by them.

Something about a human asking a Fluffy to consensually rape them really didn’t sit well with him.

Josef was set to be one of the key-speakers of the day to show off his latest invention so he didn’t need to worry with a booth, but he liked to browse through just to see what was new in the market, and how to make it better. And it was during this browsing that he heard a voice he hadn’t heard in sometime.

“Easy does it Snakefood, don’t shake the table too hard.”

Josef turned towards the booth and sure enough, with his metallic arm and his fucking mid-2000s emo hair cut, was Fixer.

Josef as well-aware of Fixer, the two men had first met a few years ago when Josef tried to buy some of his cybernetic enhancements in order to fuck with the mechanisms and turn the limbs into abuse tools. Unfortunately for Josef, The Mongola name had spread far and wide and Fixer had refused the sale. Since then whenever the two men met – which thankfully wasn’t very often – they would play a game of Who Can Be More Passive Aggressive?

Well, Josef played it, Fixer probably just humoured him.

As Josef approached Fixer’s booth he spotted three Fluffies, Snakefood he knew, having seen the cyborg Fluffy several times before, but the other two he didn’t recognise. A light brown filly with a black mane and a lilac mare with a blonde mane.

Probably rejects that the fucking ‘Holier than thou’ Fixer had adopted. Judging by how they were helping him set up the booth, Josef figured he wasn’t using them to their full potential.

“Well, well, well. Look what the Black Parade pulled in.”

Fixer turned to the voice and had to fight to keep his eyes from rolling. “Dr Mongola, I figured I’d see you here sometime. Hopefully later than this.”

“Oh please, we’ve chatted enough times that you can call me Josef. Are you still going by Fixer or would you rather I called you…”

“Fixer is fine Dr Mongola, I don’t care what your brother THINKS he’s found on me, I can promise you it’s worthless.”

“Yes, well judging by where we are I feel worthless is the optimum word. Hello Snakefood, still enjoying the sweet android life huh?”

“Snaefood wememba Joesep, yu meanie.”

“Ouch, I’m hurt. And here I was hoping to introduce Crimson to your two new friends.”

Crimson slowly stepped forward towards the little brown filly, grinning widely as he did.

“Hewwo dewe babbeh, am Cwimson, wan be fwiends?”

The filly stepped back, sensing something off about this massive red monster, she let out a small fart of fear before her lilac sister stepped in front of her, puffing her cheeks at Crimson.

“Big meanie weabe Twin-a-tee awone, ow git wowstesh hoofies.”

Crimson’s sadistic grin just grew wider. “Bu Cwimson jus wan pway wiv wittew babbeh. If mawe wan, Cwimson pway wiv yu tuu.”

“JOSEF! Get your dog on a leash. Please.”

Josef smirked. “Alright Crimson we’ve had our fun, let’s leave Fixer and his little family here to set up whatever fucking cyborg shit they’ve got this time. Besides, we’ve got presentation to prepare for. I’ll be seeing you Fixer.”

“Not if I see you first.”

Crimson winked at Trinity. “Bye-bye babbeh.”

The two scientist sarcastically smiled at each other before Josef turned away allowing Fixer to release the tension that had been building up in his muscles.

“Now you guys see why I didn’t want to come here?”

“Daddeh?” Fortune said in a slightly whinier tone than she was expecting. “Wai nu wet Foutun gib Wed Dummeh sowwy hoofies, Foutun need pwotect famiwy fwom meanie Fwuffies.”

“Yes, protect them from FLUFFIES. I don’t know what Josef did to Crimson but that’s not a Fluffy anymore, that’s a monster. Worse than Ronald the Smarty we had come through the shop, worse than even Buddy’s daddy, if that were possible.”

Fortune harrumphed and pulled Trinity in closer to her. “Nu cawe, Foutun wiwwing gu foweba sweepies tu pwotect famiwy.”

“I know you are Fortune, but I’m not scared of Crimson killing you, I’m scared of everything he’d do before killing you.”

With his booth finally set up, Fixer spent most of his morning trying to get people interested in his cybernetic enhancements, robotic limbs for amputee Fluffies, upgrades from foal to adulthood. Unfortunately the demand was lower than expected.

“Wai nu-wun wan wobot weggies daddeh?” Snakefood asked after being ignored yet again.

“Because they think it’s expensive, all they see is bells and whistles and they think it’s gonna cost them an arm and a leg to fix their Fluffies arms and legs. This city is just different than ours, people here are just… ambivalent, they don’t hate Fluffies but they don’t care for them either, no-one’s gonna put in the effort like back home because if there’s no emotional attachment, Fluffies are just toys to these people.”

Fixer sighed, annoyed that he convinced himself that coming to this Expo was a good idea. “I’m gonna take a walk. You guys stay safe for a moment.”

Snakefood nodded and took Fortune and Trinity under the table to stay out of sight. Fixer wasn’t too worried about them, security in this place was iron-tight and more importantly, Snakefood and Fortune were tough enough to handle any would be kidnapper.

Not particularly sure where he even wanted to go, Fixer sauntered over to the drinks bar, grabbing himself a soft-drink and a few small cartons of milk for the Fluffies. As he sat nursing his drink, he saw that the main stage was lighting up, and Josef Mongola was walking out.

Josef waved to the crowd, trying hard to hide the disdain on his face for some of the backwater types cheering for him. Making his way across the stage to a table, Josef placed a rectangular object, about the size of a shoe-box, onto it and turned to face the crowd.

“Well, I don’t think I need to introduce myself after that welcome.”

A heart laugh washed through the crowd and Josef just lapped it up. “For those of you who don’t know, my name is Dr Josef Mongola, I’m a specialist in the realm of Fluffy torment, and I’m a part time inventor. The device I’ve brought out with me today is something I’m calling; The Leggie Loser, and it’ll be called that until Marketing comes up with a better name.

Another laugh from the crowd and Josef took a moment to let it in before snapping his fingers. From off-stage, Crimson came on dragging a bedraggled and terrified looking orange stallion with him.

“Huu, pwease nu mowe huwties, am gud Fwuffy nyo, jus wan…”

Crimson tossed the stallion forward towards Josef and kicked him in the face. “Shut da fuk up, mummahfuka yu am da WOWSTESH.”

Josef picked up the stallion as Crimson waved to the crowd, pausing for a second to shake his enlarged phallus to much applause before heading back offstage. Once the excitement of Crimson’s walk-on was over, Josef held the crying stallion by his scruff and showed him off to the crowd.

“This… is Fuckface. Him and his little herd tried to pull the ‘Smarty Land now’ trick with me and my back garden. Fuckface here was that Smarty, wasn’t that right Fuckface?”

“Huu, nu wike meanie name, nu wike meanie mistah.”

Josef ignored the crying and smirked. “Fuckface is the only one left in his herd, I used his toughies and his mares as guinea pigs for The Leggie Loser. Well, the ones I didn’t give to Crimson that is. Fuckface is very familiar with what it can do, and he’s very happy to show you all exactly what that is.”


A hard punch to the back of his head dazed Fuckface long enough for Josef to place the stallions legs into four holes on the top of the machine. A series of four clicks told Josef that Fuckface wasn’t moving anywhere.

“Now sure, you can chop off a Fluffies legs, you can twist them hard enough to rip them off, you can even just leave a pair of scissors out and the little fuckers will probably do the job for you. But where’s the satisfaction in that, where’s the slow burn of watching a Fluffy gradually come to realise that they are truly and uttly fucked. With The Leggie Loser, you can take all the time in the world, just place any common of garden variety Fluffy into the device, you’ll hear the locks click once the Fluffy is secured, then take this remote…”

Josef held up a small remote with a singular dial going from 0 to 10.

“…And take as long as you need. Let’s see what happens when we flick this thing to 1 now shall we.”

Josef turned the dial to its first setting, almost immediately Fuckface started looking uncomfortable in his rectangular prison.

“Huu, mistah, Fukface weggies nu feew gud.”

Josef chuckled and kept his focus on the crowd. “The Leggie Loser uses a set of metallic plates on all four legs, designed to operate in a similar fashion to the aperture of a camera. With each new setting, the plates move in closer to slowly twist and crush the Fluffies legs, this is setting 1, setting 2 looks like this.”

Another twist of the dial and Fuckface started wheezing and straining. “Pwease, weggies hab wowstesh huwties, nu wike dis meanie fing.”

Josef kept ignoring him. “The best thing about the dial is that it responds immediately to whatever you want it to do. I can go from a 2 to a 3…”


“…back to a 1…”

The orange stallion let out a long, laboured breath as the pain was dulled but not fully ended.

“…to a 4…”

“AHHHH!” The ripping pain in Fuckface’s legs was back and worse than before, already he could feel his skin tearing and small dribbles of blood running down him.”

“…to a zero.”

Fuckface almost collapsed as his legs were no longer being squished. He was still stuck and his torn skin stung from where it had been torn, but he wasn’t being crushed by the device anymore.

Josef smirked again at Fuckface’s look of reprive. “…then from there, all the way to an 8.”

The mad doctor gave the dial and hard twist and Fuckface SCREAMED as he heard four loud cracks and felt blood spurt out of his limbs.


“Anything over a 6 or a 7 will completely destroy the legs, depending on the Fluffy but how you get there is up to you, be as slow or as quick as you like. And for those of you wondering what a 10 setting will do.”

Josef turned the dial to 10, there was four small ‘clinks’ as the plates fully closed on themselves, severing Fuckface from all of his limbs. The newly pillowed stallion wept at his pathetic form, wishing he’d never tried to take Josef’s garden from him, wishing he’d listened to his special friend when she said she didn’t like the smell of the place, wishing he’d been a smarter Smarty.

“Wan die.” He whispered as he rolled back and forth, completely ignored by the cheering crowd in front of him.

Having seen enough, Fixer felt his brain ticking into overtime, Josef’s barbaric displayed sickened him but it got the creative juices flowing. Leaving his drink half-empty, Fixer raced back to his booth and show underneath to find Snakefood and the girls.

“Guys, I need you to quickly gather up a few things. I have an idea.”

Josef gathered up the last of his things and made his way back through the convention, shaking some hands and ignoring the crying of Fuckface as he was abandoned in a nearby trash-bin. With nothing else to do before going home, Josef decided that he and Crimson would check out the competition. And more importantly, see how dead Fixer’s booth was.

But as he got closer, he saw that Fixer’s booth wasn’t empty. If anything it was the most popular booth in the whole place.

“The fuck’s going on there.”

Pushing his way through the crowd, Josef tried to get a better view of what was going on. And felt a surge of anger course through him when he saw it.

“Gather round everyone and see the cybernetic wonders, of The Neural Chip.” Fixer didn’t have the same salesman charisma as Josef, but Snakefood, Trinity and Fortune were helping him.

“Come see daddeh magic fing. Come wook.”

Fixer held up a small electronic chip with three tiny prongs on the back of it. It looked hastily built, which was apt since Fixer put it together in 20 minutes, but he was certain the science behind it was sound.

“This is The Neural Chip, the latest and greatest in Fluffy Behavioural Science. Simply place the device into the Fluffies spine.”

Fixer carefully inserted the chip into Fortune’s back, just below her neck. They had discussed this beforehand, Snakefood’s robotic limbs made him an iffy test subject and Trinity was too young, but she trusted her daddy and knew what to expect.

Fixer stroked Fortune as she winched from the chip stabbing her before turning back to the crowd. “And then with the flick of a switch…”

Fixer pressed a button in his other hand and Fortune fell flat on her stomach, her legs lay limp and useless.”

“Daddeh, Foutun nu can feew weggies nu mowe.”

“The Neural Chip sends a soft electric current through the Fluffies body, rendering its limbs worthless. So long as you have this button switched on, they will never be able to move their legs. All the discipline of pillow your Fluffy, with none of the mess and repeat value for a five year guarantee.”

Josef turned and walked away as people started questioning Fixer about his new invention, he stared down at the Leggie Loser in his arms, now functionally worthless.

Crimson was furious. “Am daddeh jus gun wet dat wittew kunt git way wiv dat.”

“There’s nothing we can do Crimson, he’s won this round.”

“Mummahfuka nu win nuffin, daddeh an Cwimson am smawta dan da Hippy Fuk.”

“Let it go Crimson, I’ve had enough of this place and just want to go home Besides, now we have incentive to start working on a better project for next year.”

As Josef headed towards the exit, Crimson took one final look back at Fixer’s booth.

“Cwimson stiww fink he need a fukin haiw-cut.”

As the convention wound down to a close, Fixer treated his Fluffies to a bowl of Extra Special Sketti, which was just ramen noodles and a sweeter tomato sauce but it did the job. While Snakefood and Trinity happily chowed down, Fixer noted that Fortune wasn’t as enthused, the chip had long been removed from her back but it was clear something was on her mind.

“You ok Fortune?”

“Jus finkin daddeh. Da Chip Fing yu made, am dat a meanie fing?”

Fixer sighed, seeing where this was going. “Yes Fortune, I guess in a way it was.”

“Wai daddeh make Chippie if it am meanie?”

“To offer a choice. When I saw Josef up there with his sadistic invention I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop people from buying it, I knew that anyone who wanted one was already going to buy one for the sake of abuse. But the Neural Chip is for the outsiders, the people who aren’t above hurting Fluffies but aren’t fully into the abuse camp. And no, I can’t guarantee that abusers won’t take the chip and use it to constantly and repeatedly mess with some poor victim, but at the end of the day, the abuser will have gotten their kicks and the Fluffy will get to keep their legs, which is something Josef’s invention wouldn’t have allowed for.”

“Su… daddeh make wittew meanie fing so dat udda hoomins nu hab tu git big meanie fing?”

“In a manner of speaking, yes.”

Fortune paused for a moment, letting all of this new information soak in.

“Eff-fecs am stwange.”

“Yeah, I guess they are.”

Fixer gave Fortune a quick scratch before they both tucked into their meals, happy that they made a small but worthwhile difference for their Fluffy friend.


i love the little references to previous Fixer stories :slight_smile:
…i can picture fixer doing a small dumpster diving after this was all over to grab f-face for fixing lol


Love the mash up between these two characters, but shining in their respective ways. I’m also surprised that Fixer didn’t grab Fukface at some point too, but you never know, someone else might have grabbed him first.


…Can I use the Neural Chip in one of my stories?


Sure, it’s in the multiverse now, use it how you like


I was wondering if F-face was in any of your comics or if he would be now?


Josef could use a neural chip to paralyze a fluffy while forcing them to watch as Crimson ate their legs slowly.
They’d still feel the pain but be unable to move.


I’m done with F-Face so if you want him, he’s yours.


i might draw f-face later lol


Он трахает лицо мальчика

He got the fuck boy face

Fluffy-Community: No Way Home


Ohh love it , nice crossover and the clash of minds and belief. :+1:

Love how their reaction as they have met before from their “greeting” its like two colliding iceberg :cold_sweat:

Great work on it…