A Munstah in Fluffy's Clothing (by: Biorb_McBiorb)

You’re a Fluffy, Your name is Lucky!

And you are so happy! Well… You were.

When your new Daddeh Clint brought you to his home, you couldn’t believe your eyes! His Housie was the biggest housie you have ever seen! Daddeh Clint introduced you to another Fluffy, Cooler! He was so Handsome! He said he got you so you and Cooler can be Special Friends!

You were so happy!

Daddeh Clint then showed you around the homsies! it was as big as it was on the outside! But the room that got you the most excited was the Safe-room!

You could hear other Fluffies! Nyu Friends!

You were su excited! Then Daddeh Clint opened the door to the room letting you in, and you saw so many Fluffies! So many new friends! Daddeh Clint closed the door behind you as your gaze moved over the many Fluffies, then you saw it… the Munsta… it looked like a Fluffy but, it was wrong. All wrong! It had a pointy thing AND wingies! She was Black and had a White fluffy part on her head!

You looked around her and saw two OTHER Munstahs! They were babbeh munstahs! One Black and the other Poopie Colored! Why were Munstahs here!? They didn’t deserve a safe-room! They would try to hurt you, or the others!

You screamed “M-MUNSTAH” You hid behind Cooler, who began to look around, scanning the room trying to find the munstahs… but, there were none?

“Whats wong Speshuw Fwend? Dewe am nu munsta hewe! just Coowew’s fwiends!” Your special friend said. Did he not see them? “C-Coowew, wook! Dewe, dewe an’ dewe! Dey munstahs! Why dey hewe?”

The Black Munstah came over, she was being followed by her munstah babbehs and two not munstah babbehs. Why were they following her? They needed to run or hide!

“Hewwo new fwend, fwuffy’s name am Gwen, not munstah! its nice to meet 'ou! These am fwuffy’s babbehs!” They… They were hers?! But… No that cant be true!

“Ou wyin’ munstah! 'Ou pwobabwy stowe those babbehs! Gibe babbehs tu Wucky ow ewse Wucky gib Fowebah Sweepies tu 'ou!” The threat you made was successful and she began to cry! Good! Munstahs don’t deserve love! And they don’t deserve babbehs!

You looked to Cooler, Hoping for his help, but instead of being met with care and loving eyes, you were met with a Sowwy Hoof! Cooler hit you! “Wha… why speshuw fwend gib owwies tu Wucky? Am g-good fwuffy!”

“Nu! ‘Ou cawwed bestes’ fwend Chuck’s speshuw fwend munsta! ‘Ou cawwed dey babbehs munstahs! Dey nu munstahs! Dey am fwiends, an’ gud fwuffies!” You Couldnt believe what you were hearing! Your Special Friend was taking the munstah’s side!

That Made you sad, but then your daddeh cam back! Surely he would get rid of the Munstahs!

“What’s going on here, i heard screaming!” Daddeh asked.

“Daddeh! Munstahs! M-munstahs!” You cried out, hoping he would take them out or give them forever sleepies!

But he didn’t do anything like that! He got REALLY mad! he pointed to thing on the wall of the safe-room. “Lucky, these are the rules of the safe-room. You WILL follow them or you’ll get punished.”

Rule Number One. Do What Daddeh says.

Rule Number Two. All Fluffies are to be treated Equally.

Rule Number Three. Do NOT Demand things.

Rule Number Four. NO BAD POOPIES, Always use the Litterbox.

You understood all of them but you didn’t like it. So you weren’t going to listen! That would show daddeh! You wouldn’t break the rules yet, you thought, your first priority was to get rid of the Munstahs

So after silly Daddeh Clint left, you hugged Cooler, and said sorry. You told Cooler you were going to meet with the other fluffies! Cooler offered to show you around but you didn’t want him to stop you when you got to that monsters babies.

You went around and said hi to all your new friends! Most other Fluffies gave you meanie looks at first, but when you said sorry they seemed to be nicer to you.

You left your nestie with Cooler staying and taking a nap. You looked around the safe-room, it was great! It had lots of Nesties, and a teebee! You saw a bunch of toysies and Nummie feeders. It was almost perfect… Almost.

You trotted over to where that munstah Gwen was laying with her babies, she was taking a nap with all her babehs and you hated the fact she could share a safe-room with you! You knew that your Daddeh was just confused, and as soon as she gave those munstahs forever sweepies he would give her huggies and sketties!

You were so caught up in thinking about how good it will be after the munstahs go forever sweepies that you didn’t notice one of the Babbehs waking up and getting in your way! You Bumped into the big Green Colt, he was almost as big as you! Why was he here? And why did he look so angry?

“Why meanie fwuffie hewe” says the Beefy Green Colt.

"Wucky am nu meanie! Wucky doin’ gud thin’ an’ gibin’ those munstahs foweba sweepies! Nao gu 'way gweenie fwuffie."you demanded.

But your demands were not met with a “Otay” or even a “suwe thin!” You were met with “Nu! ‘ou am not goin’ to gib Oingo’s famiwy foweba sweepies! Oingo wiww stahp 'ou!” You have never met such a rude Colt before!

“Stoopi’ Oingo! gu 'way ow ewse Wucky wiww gib 'ou sowwy hoofies dummeh fwuffy!” He still didn’t listen! Instead of doing what you said he Puffed his cheeks and stomped his hoofies!

Fine you thought. If he was going to stop you then he needed to go Forever sleepies too!

you rushed Oingo expecting the Colt to fall over but instead he charged at you as well! You both collided, Oingo hit you hard enough to knock the wind outta you! But you were going to get rid of thoes Munstahs one way or another! You began to hit Oingo in the face with your hoofies! But… But they didnt do anything! he just looked annoyed! Oingo then hit you in the mouthies and you screamed drawing the attention of another Fluffy! He had a Brown Mane and a Dark green mane, Surely he would save you from this meanie Colt!

“What dummeh Wucky doin’ to Chuck’s babbeh?” Oh no. Dummy Oingo was HIS baby? how was she going to play this off? Wait… Oingo was a Babbeh? But he was almost as big as You!

“W-wucky was just twyin’ to see sweepy babbehs! meanie Oingo cawwed Wucky a dummeh an’ gabe dah wowstes’ huwties ebew!” You saw Chuck look at Oingo with a angry glare… but he didn’t do anything!

“Oingo? am what wucky sayin’ twue?” Hah! now Oingo gonna get hurties for hurting you! “Nu Daddeh! Wucky was twyin’ to gib foweba sweepies tu Bwandy an’ Onycks a-and Mummah Gwen too!”

Chuck stood there looking over what had happened, he saw his three other babies had been woken up by all the noise, Gwen was awake as well, but glaring at you. Chuck looked at you, leaned down low and got real close to your face.

“If Chuck see ‘ou neaw famiwy again am gon’ teww Daddeh Cwint am bweakin’ dah wuwes. An’ if 'ou ebah gib owwies tu Babbeh Onycks ow Babbeh Bwandy ow any of fwuffy’s famiwy, Chuck wiww gib ‘ou dah wowstes’ owwies tu Wucky. Got it?”

You nearly made bad poopies after hearing that. So you went back to your nestie with your tail between your weggies.

You saw your Special Friend Cooler, he was still asleep, but he smiling. you decided to join him. You curled up and decided to take a nap as well. you thought about how today went, and how thoes Munstahs ruined it! When you finally went to sleepies, you drempt of the munstahs getting forever sleepies, about Oingo getting forever sleepies.

You slept very good during your nap.


Great we got a Lucky not so lucky with her fuck up attitude :grimacing::triumph:

I hope Clint have at least a hidden cctv in there seeing her shit threatening the original families of the safe room! :triumph:


Yeah, I was worried about this when they got Lucky. Didn’t check for alicorn aversion or color prejudice.

Hopefully, she will learn, otherwise I see her mate rejecting her and Clint having a new stress toy.