"A New Friend" by TraumatizedPoopie

Sequel to: "Goodbye, Yellow Babbeh" by TraumatizedPoopie

The pale yellow fluffy had grown in the time he’d been alone and was now a colt, almost an adult. Summer was slowly coming to an end and he was starting to worry about the cowd times his mummah had talked about.

Where would he get nummies? How would he keep warm? He needed a hoomin mummah or daddeh that could give him a house and nummies and maybe toysies. The young colt daydreamed of playing ball with his bwudda and sissies and there were saddie-wawas in his see-pwaces.

“Why mummah no wub fwuffy? Nu am bad fwuffy, onwy hab bad poopie-pwace that nu wisten to fwuffy. Den hab gud poopie-pwace, but mummah stiww no wub babbeh.”

The little fluffy cried and sobbed. There was a rustle in the bushes and a fluffy with a green coat and a light blue mane came out of it and looked around.

It spotted the pale yellow colt and came over.

“Hewwo? Nyu fwiend? Why 'ou hab saddies?”

The yellow fluffy was startled.

“Pwease no huwt fwuffy.”

“Nu wan gib’ 'ou huwties.” said the green fluffy.

“Nu huwties?”

“Nu, why wou’d fwuffy do dat?”

“Mummah gib sowwy-hoofsies and say am bad dummeh babbeh den mummah say gu way or git wowstest smushies.” said the yellow fluffy and sniffled.

“Dat am su saddies.” said the green fluffy and hugged him.

The yellow fluffy flinched at the touch, but then, when it didn’t hurt, leaned into the hug and returned it while sobbing. When he’d finished crying, he wiped his see-pwaces with his hoofsies.

“Tank 'ou. Heawt-huwties am bettew nao. Hu am nyu fwiend?”

“Fwuffy namesie am Pea, hoomin mummah say am because fwuff wook wike gween baww nummies. What am 'ou namesie?”

“Fwuffy nu hab namesie, mummah say now desewb namesie ow huggies ow wub.” said the yellow fluffy and sniffed with moist eyes.

“Dat am meanie and dummeh. Aww fwuffies desewb namesies” said Pea and put her right hoofsie to her face while thinking hard.

“Wa’ am fwiend duin?”

“Nu intewwupt, am yoosing tinkie-pwace.”


Pea was thinking so hard you could almost hear the grinding of gears then suddenly she smiled.

“'Ou namesie am Buttew, 'cos ‘ou am yewwow wike wha’ mummah put on bweadie-nummies.” declared Pea.

“Fwuffy hab’ namesie? Fwuffy am Buttew? Tank 'ou su muchies!”, he said and hugged Pea, “Wub namesie. Su many heawt-happies.”

“Nu wan’ new fwiend hab’ heawt-huwties, Pea am gwad tu hewp.”

Her tummy gurgled and she said “Pea am wost, bawkie-munstah scawe Pea, hab’ to wun ‘way, but den pea nu can fin’ hoomin mummah and am so hungwies. Do fwiend hab’ nummies?”

“Yus! Bestest gwassie and weafy and bewwy nummies. Come wit’—Buttew.” said the yellow fluffy, trying out his new name and feeling a little strange, but good.


Butter showed Pea a little hollow in a tree with some of the nyummies he’d gathered and Pea licked her lips.

“‘Ou can hab’ nummies hewe an’ dewe am wawa obew dewe.” he said and pointed at something that looked like a puddle.

“Tank 'ou, fwiend.” Pea said and began to eat.
Butter stood beside her and nummed.

“Wen 'ou am donesies dewe am bushies for gud poopies,”

“Otay.” she mumbled through a mouthful of berries.

She finished her berries then turned to Butter.

“Tank ‘ou fow yummy nummies. Buttew, Pea wan’ ask 'ou, can ‘ou hewp Pea fin’ mummah?”

“Buttew nu know, twee-pwace am big. Whewe 'ou see mummah wast timesies?”

“Pea mus’ tinkie, eh, dewe was big pwace, wots ob gwassies. Dewe was wawa pwace wike dat,” she pointed at the large puddle,”but mush biggew. Oh an’ dewe whewe bewwy nummies dat mummahy caww bwue-bewwies.”

“Buttew tink Buttew kno’ dis pwace. Fowwow Fwuffy.” he said and walked off.


“Su if 'ou am housie-fwuffy den how 'ou get wost in twee-pwace? Dewe am nu housies hewe.”

“Hoomin mummah an’ Pea go camp-eeng. Mummah bwing nummies an’ bwankies and mummah bwing wittwe housie to wive in.”

“'Ou mummah can cawwy housie?” said Butter with wide eyes.

“It am onwy wittwe housie for mummah and Pea.”

“Otay, Buttew stiww say it sound wike hoomin magic.”

“Maybe it am, Pea nu kno’.”

They rounded a tree and Pea said “Nee’ make poopies, but dewe no wittew-boxie.”

“Dat is gud 'bout twee-pwace, all poopies am gud poopies. 'Ou can make poopies anywhewe. Bushies am gud 'cause dewe no munstahs.”

“Tank 'ou, fwiend.” said Pea and went into a bush and grunted.
She came out of the bushies a little later with a relieved smile.

“Otay, Pea am weady.” she said and the continued walking.


The trees were beginning to thin as the two fluffies walked on.

“Am fwuffies dewe yet? Pea hab’ hoofsie-owwies.”

“Awmost, jus’ a wittwe bit wonger.”

About ten minutes later they left the forest and came to a big clearing with lots of grass and some blueberries.

“Dewe am bewwy nummies, mummah mus’ be cwose.

”Maybe, weet’s gu up on hiww an’ see. 'Ou can see ebewyting fwom dewe. Maybe 'ou can see 'ou mummah.”

At that Pea lit up and followed Butter up the hill. It was a slog even with her growing hopes to drive her. They reached the top of the big hill, it was really a slight rise.

”Buttew can see wittwe owange housie an’ bwack metaw-munstah.”

”Owange housie? Mummah!”

Pea hurried down the hill and Butter followed her.


When they got close they could see a hoomin mummah and Pea waddled like she’d never waddled before.

”Mummah! Mummah! Pea am backsies.”

”Pea, I thought I’d lost you. Why did you run away?” she asked then picked up Pea and hugged her.

”Pea nu mean tu, but bawkie-munstah scawe Pea and hab’ to wun way, nu wan bawkie-munstah gib’ Pea huwties; den Pea win and wun den get wost.

”You were afraid of Charlie, the dog? He wouldn’t hurt you. You got lost? Then what happened?”

[color=#739122]”Pea wook fow mummah, bu’ nu can fin’ an’ hab’ scawdies and heawt-huwties.”

“Den Pea fin’ fwiend Buttew an’ he hab’ heawt-huwties an’ Pea hewp an’ gib’ namesie to Buttew an’ he gib’ nummies an’ hewp Pea fin’ mummah and Pea hab’ su many heawt-happies to see mummah 'gain.[/color]

”Whoa, slow down girl. So you got lost, found this feral fluffy that helped you and gave you food?”


”Hello there, eh, Butter, was it?” she said as she put Pea back down.

”Yus! Fwiend Pea gib’ fwuffy namesie, Pea say fwuffy am yewwow wike ting mummah put on bweadie nummies. Hab’ biggest heawt-happies, mummah nebew gabe fwuffy namesie when was babbeh.”

”So how long have you lived out here?”

”Nu kno’, many fowebas, mummah say babbeh gu way ow git smushies so Buttew wan fwom housie an’ hab wowstest scawdies an’ heawt-huwties, but Buttew wived.”

”Wait, housie? You’re a domestic fluffy?”

”Buttew nu kno’, wha’ do-mee-stick mean?

”It means you had a human ‘mummah’ or ‘daddeh’ and a ‘housie’.

”Den yus, Buttew am do-mee-stick fwuffy.”

”I see.” said Pea’s mummah.

Butter went over to Pea and hugged her.

”Buttew am weawwy happy ‘ou foun’ 'ou mummah then Butter said Gu’ bai, fwiend. Tank 'ou fow namesie.” and turned with saddie-wawas in his see-pwaces and walked back towards the forest.

That is when Pea’s mummah said ”Wait.” and Butter stopped.

”Yus, nice wady?” said Butter and lowered his head knowing he wasn’t fast enough if the hoomin wanted to give him huwties.

”This might be crazy, but—how would you like a new ‘mummah’ and a ‘housie’?

Butter couldn’t believe what he’d heard.

”‘Ou wan be nyu mummah fow Buttew? Gib’ housie an’ nummies and wub?”




Butter’s eyes teared up and his lip quivered.

”Yus, wan 'ou be nyu mummah fow Buttew. Am su happies.” he said and ran, sort of, to his nyu mummah who picked him up and hugged him.

Butter wallowed in the first human touch he’d had for as long as he could remember and then the nice lady gave him scritches that made him coo.

She picked up Pea as well and said ”Now, if you two darlings help out then we’ll get this tent down and go home. Ok?”


The End


Simple. Sweet. A fluffy does good, asks nothing in return, and is rewarded for his kindness. I like this.