A quick poll, regarding all of these index pages

Should we have a subsection just for creators’ index pages?

  • Yeah! Lumping these indexes in with Community Posts makes them hard to find.
  • No! There are far too many subsections already.
  • Fuck you, Virgil!

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If I knew I’d be the first voter, I would have 100% picked the last option lol.


It really is too tempting to pick the third option.

What would a creator index page entail?


Well, this is my index page

(there are many like it but this one is mine)

In the subsection I’m proposing, this is all you would find. Just indexes.
An index of indexes, if you will.


Ah, I figured.

I see no harm in having multiple avenues to access indexes/libraries.

I might have to make a wiki entry about how to make an index page. I know I had to ask Boop for input on how to make mine.


Most of my work is one-offs, but I could see this being helpful for many creators. It’s a really good idea, the index-index.


As long as we can just change the section the index is in without having to redo it that’s fine with me.


Before you add anything fix the site Virgil. It is a mess here.

what the fuck is an index page and why would there need to be a index of indexes

I’d love to, but that’s beyond my pay-grade.

Nothing you would care about. But other people seem to.


Since we have no way of easily sorting content by the date it was made, and some people write stories with a lot of chapters, it can be difficult to find a specific post when you need it. An index acts like one of those chapter indexes in books; letting you know exactly where to find which page.

I like to use indexes for my multi-chapter stories (AKA Dr. Crazystein and The Toy Castle) since it provides an easy way to find a specific story beat without having to dig through all my art and one-shots. But I also have an index for my content in general (my featured topic) that lists important posts like my commissions, OC page, and one-shot stories!

It just makes sure that I can quickly find what I’m looking for, and that someone who wants to look up my OC page doesn’t need to scroll through like 200 posts. It’s also incredibly useful for stories that don’t have numbered chapters, like NobodyAtAll’s stuff or the Fall of Cleveland, since it provides an easy-to-understand chronological timeline.

That said, since there’s no category for indexes, they end up a bit all over the place - my main index is in Community Posts, while my story indexes are in Fluffy Writing. I’d bet someone’s put an index in Fluffy Art too (probably for a comic). Having an index category would fix this problem, keeping clutter out of other categories, and you’d get to skim through all the posts in the Index Section like you’re at a book fair!

(ps. please make an index post for Fall of Cleveland, I fell out of reading that story and now I have no idea which chapter goes where.)