A ray of Sunshine (By:Kersploosh)

It was a hard life for the little filly. Being outside was already a bad place to be for fluffies, but her canary yellow fluff and florescent orange mane made hiding impossible. This made her and her family easy targets for people who would throw half full spit cups and rocks at them. Also, the fact they lived in an alleyway in Columbus Ohio didn’t help matters. The only thing that kept them safe from being killed outright was some local public decency laws that cops loved to enforce.

Her mother was a dark purple unicorn with a black mane. The little pegasus had two siblings, a unicorn colt who looked just like their mother and a lime green earthie colt with a light brown mane. It wasn’t too hard to figure out who the favorite was. Not that their mother outright starved her and her green brother, but the bestest was a fat shit who over-ate specifically to try and starve his siblings.

In order to earn their keep, filly and her brother would drag food back to their mummah as soon as they were around two weeks old. They didn’t have a daddeh to find nummies for them. From her mother’s ramblings, she learned that her human mummah killed the stray that knocked her up. She was planning to make filly and her brothers go forevah-sleepies as tummie-babbehs, but the filly’s mummah ran away.

Unbeknownst to the filly, her mother had bitch mare syndrome from getting knocked up at three months old. This was why she was a lazy asshole and spoiled her favorite child to the point he was almost too fat to walk. Things only got worse though, just before she was a month old a new littering ordinance was passed to help combat the growing feral populations.

Food was scarcer than normal and winter was coming. The lack a full belly sent both her and her bestest into a tantrum. Then she had an extremely terrible idea. Looking down at her less favorable children, the mummah grabbed the green colt and declared he and his sister were “nummie babbehs”. He struggled and screamed as she started to eat him alive. She lacked the cannibal gene meant the act of devouring him was slower and more painful due to the flat teeth grinding him to death.

The last thing he yelled was, “SISSIE, WUN AWAY BEFOWE MUMMAH NUM ‘OU TUU!!!” And she did as fast as her little leggies would let her. It didn’t take long for her mummah to give chase with the fat ass bestest on her back. With how out of shape she was, filly managed to slip away into another alley. Now she was alone. The only other being that ever truly loved her was dead, and without milk from her mummah, she would join him soon.

That was when she saw him, a caucasian human teenager with blonde hair wearing a torn clothes and a bandaged covering his left cheek. He was sitting on the ground, slumped against the wall. The filly was scared at first, but then she thought he looked sad. Her fluffy instincts took over she waddled over to him. “Am nice mistah, otay?” she said while tapping on his shin.

He looked down at filly, “I don’t know little guy.”

“Nu am cowt, am fiwwy.”

The teenager chuckled, “sorry about that. Never really seen one of you things up close before.”

“Dat otay, why mistah wook su saddies?”

“Well little girl, I have nowhere to go. My own mother literally left me to get the crap beaten out of me by people she owes money to. Hell, when I showed them the scars she gave me they actually felt bad for me. Loan sharks apologized and said they were sorry. How much must my life suck for that to happen?”

She flinched a bit at his cursing, but she undestood a bit of where he was coming from. “Fiwwy nu knu about aww of dat. Bu’ fiwwy nu abou’ bad mummahs. Fiwwy’s mummah nummed onwy fwuffy dat wub fiwwy. Say dat fiwwy am nummie babbeh.”

“Shit your mother tried to eat you?! That’s messed up.” He chuckles, “I wouldn’t be surprised is my mother planned to do the same to me as a baby, but hey, at least you had someone who loved you. I never knew how that felt.”

She gasped, “mistah nevah hab anyone who wubbed ‘ou!?” She suddenly wrapped her little legs around his leg and hugged with all her might, which wasn’t much but caught the teen off guard. It felt nice. He actually teared up a bit and picked the little fluffy up and hugged her back gently. While he never owned or interacted with a fluffy before, he was well aware how fragile they were. Filly just nuzzled into his shirt.

Around the corner, a woman in he mid-thirties had been listening in on the conversation. ‘How could someone do that to a child,’ she thought. Peeking around the corner she saw the teen hugging the small fluffy. Something about him looked familiar. He reminded her of her husband’s ex who had interrupted their trip to visit family last night. Then she saw more of his face, the jawline and eyes were just like her husband’s.

She recalled being told that Pamela had dumped Michael up after she said had a miscarriage. That was a year before she and her daughter met Michael, about fourteen years ago in fact. If this kid was Michael and Pamela’s biological child, there was no way in hell he was staying with that crazy bitch. She shot a quick text to her husband and told him there was someone she thought he should meet. She then rounded the corner to talk to the young teen.

“Hello young man, are you okay?” she said. He stood up and turned to look at her. She saw the bandage on his face and the bruises all over his body. Aside from the eye and hair color, he looked almost exactly like Michael.

The first thing the teen noticed about her was her red hair and green eyes. He didn’t trust her as most if not all adults had ignored what his mother had done to him. They just told him to grin and bear it. “I-I’m fine. Please just leave me alone.”

She just sighs, “kid, I heard everything you told that fluffy there, and I might be able to help you. Is your mother Pamela Harper?”

The young teen prepared to run. People who know his mother are generally bad news. “Look, I don’t know where she is or want to know. So unless you’re here to tell me she’s dead, I don’t care.”

“Well she isn’t dead. She’s in jail after the crap she pulled last night when I was at dinner with my husband and in-laws.”

He relaxed a bit. “Let me guess, she was high or drunk at the time?”

“Yeah, came in drunkenly saying how my husband was the best thing that happened to her and wanted him back. He told her to get the hell away from him and well… he has a couple stitches from broken glass and she has a broken nose.”

“Ok, let’s say I believe you. What happens to me and well I guess this little one.”

“Well, whether my theory is correct or not, I will do my best to help you get away from that bitch. I’m Rachael Palmer by the way.”

“Luke Harper. And this little girl, is Sunshine.”

Sunshine gasped, “Babbeh hab namsies!! Nice mistah nyu daddeh?!”

“Unless that’s a problem.”

Rachael gives a kind smile, “of course not Luke.”

Sunshine’s mother had was collapsed on her side, out of breath. Her bestest babbeh was laying crying on the ground beside her. ‘This was all that stupid nummie babbeh’s fault,’ she thought. After chasing her, Sunshine’s mother’s lack of activity up to that point had done her in. Her heart was palpitating and her lungs burned. Both her chest and left front leg were in excruciating pain. She didn’t know it, but she was having a heart attack.

“Mummah, hewp bestest babbeh.” Her lard ass spawn was stuck on his side and couldn’t get up. She wanted so desperately to help him, but the pain had crippled her.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” A man in an orange jumpsuit and yellow vest approached them. In one hand was a bucket, in the other was a long green trash picker. “A couple of shit rats that can’t even stand up.”

“Dummeh hoomin, hewp bestest babbeh an’ bestest mummah.”

The man just laughed, “listen here tons of fun, demanding shit will get you nowhere in life. Not that you have a life left to live.” The mare could only watch as the man speared her favorite child through the head and dropped his corpse into the bucket. He readied the trash picker at the mummah-no-more’s head, “nothing personal. Just doing my job. A man’s gotta eat.”

Side note: if you haven’t figured it out, this is the first part of a short prequel series about Luke from my other stories. I wanted to get the backstory stuff done before I move on with the other stuff.




A promising start.


Love the karma of the bitch mare and her fatass lard baby!

Hope sunshine and Luke will have a better new path for them.


Yeah Luke’s backstory obviously turns out alright for Luke. Sunshine is the one that is going to be a lot less obvious.


Loving this so far!

Luke Harper? I don’t suppose you’re a wrestling fan?

Not really, just a coincidence.

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Too funny.

Is the mama fat too or is she just incredibly sedentary?

Too fat actual she was a lazy ass bitch

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Like mother like son…a couple of fat, lazy, spoiled bitches.

I dont know if luke is based on a real person has a hint of author self insert with how quickly we were introduced to 5 people, that couold be cuase it is prequal but still im starting here so its like watc starwars the wrong way