A Ray of Sunshine part 5 (By: Kersploosh)

The three months since Luke clubbed the ferals to death went by quite fast. When he told his dad the situation over the phone, he thought it was some sort of joke. When Luke texted the pictures, the old man’s jaw dropped. It was less that the fluffy was rare, but more that this was one of the fluffy’s that Tracy wanted when she was little. The fact that Melody recognized it as being related was just made it simpler to integrate it into the household. The other three foals went to the shelter that Tracy would volunteer at. Luke heard they were adopted out to a man that’s fluffy lost her foals, so at least they all got a good home.

Shelly, the alicorn, slept in Tracy’s room with Melody and grew up into a loving fluffy. Of course she would be bred when she was a bit older, as mlp fluffies tended to breed more of their kind. Currently, she was exceptionally kind and was very extremely well behaved. Sunshine and her would play for hours on end. Melody even seemed to be years younger again with the introduction of Shelly into her life. Luke’s life was also going to take a turn.

Michael had noticed Luke’s half-hazard thrown together incubator and was impressed. While it was shoddy work, it was functional shoddy work. Out of curiosity, he wanted to see what Luke could make with the proper tools and materials. After a few trials(and accidentally cooked chirpies), Luke had managed to come up with a modular wireless charging incubator. It even had a small speaker system to play mummah songs and a removable bottom with a swap-able tray for easy cleaning. While nothing revolutionary, there wasn’t exactly a patent out for anything similar enough for Luke’s dad to help him get it registered.

This patent would eventually get sold to and improved upon by a fledgling company called Flufftech. It would go onto mass produce the things and use it as a stepping stone to get into the fluffy supplies market. A market that was pretty wide open after the demise of Hasbio. No one actually dominated it at the moment, but there were plenty of upstarts vying for their share.

Time passed and weeks turned to months. Months turned to years. Luke was eighteen now and Sunshine was a little under four. Life was pretty much studying and work for him. The company that had bought his patent had offered to pay for his college if he agreed to work for them. Starting at sixteen Luke had started getting the degrees he needed. The first was a fluffy veterinary certification and now he was working on trying to get a Masters in engineering.

He now lived in a nice apartment near the college. He didn’t have any human room mates as he had more that enough money to handle rent. In truth, he could easily afford to buy a house, but he decided to put that off until he was done with college. Thankfully, the landlord wasn’t anti-fluffy, so Sunshine and her new friend didn’t have to stay at his parents house with Shelly her offspring that were basically biological money printers. Not that they were abused, they had a life that most fluffies could only dream of.

Sitting with Sunshine was her special friend Tomato, a red unicorn with a green mane that he kept after his schooling required him to raise a chirpy to weenling stage with out it dying. He was a sweet little guy who respected Luke’s no babies rule, so he got to keep his balls. Well, that was until Sunshine asked politely if they could have children.

So now Sunshine was pregnant and swollen to the point of immobility. Completely enamored with singing to her tummy-babbehs and cuddling with Tomato. Then the contractions hit and four new fluffies joined the world. A light green pegasus colt, a yellow unicorn filly, a red alicorn colt, and an orange pegasus filly were happily chirping after being cleaned and fed. Thankfully Tomato had met Shelly before, so he didn’t get scared and accidentally hurt his son.

Everything was good, at first. The foals were healthy and there was no signs of favoritism. Then things started to go awry. Luke was mostly studying and working, so he didn’t notice the change in Tomato’s demeanor. The stallion was absolutely livid that Sunshine wouldn’t let him have anymore special huggies. Luke had told her no and she was a good fluffy who always listened to her daddy. It wasn’t like Tomato didn’t have an enfie toy, but actual sex felt so much better and he wanted more of it. It eventually got to the point where Luke decided that there was no way to avoid it, Tomato needed to be castrated.

“Whewe we goin’ daddeh?” Tomato asked, completely oblivious to his impending de-balling.

“Well, we have to go to the vet.”

He shudders, “nu wan pointy owwies.”

“Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing.” Luke pulled into the parking lot and shut off the car. “I won’t lie to you though, this is because you have been begging Sunshine for more special hugs.”

“B-bu’ Tomato jus’ wan gud feews.”

“You have enfie toys.”

“It nu the same.”

“Tough shit.”

“Nu say meanie words.”

Luke just got out and took him in to the lobby. His mind was made up and he wasn’t about to argue with a fluffy who clearly had sexual problems that a stern talking too and a sorry sticking couldn’t fix. “Luke Palmer dropping off Tomato for his procedure.”

The man behind the desk pulls up Tomato’s file. “Ah yes, I can take him back now. This shouldn’t take long, if you’d like to take a seat.” Luke handed off Tomato and sat down.

In the operating room Tomato was restrained on his back with his limbs splayed out, his mouth gagged. It was unfortunate for him that Luke had picked a vet office that was run by an abuser. Not that Luke meant too, his normal vet was overbooked, and Luke didn’t want to risk an enfie-babbeh incident. What this meant was Tomato was going to be conscious with nothing to dull the pain.

A woman with long brown hair walked up to Tomato. “What do we have here? Seems a naughty fluffy was ignoring his daddeh and lost his special lump privileges.” Tomato just struggled as he realized exactly what was going to happen. “Your daddy probably thinks I’m going to do this as painlessly as possible,” she smiles, “but I think fluffies deserve to feel everything.”

With that she got to castrating him. She did it as slow and methodical as possible. Her knowledge of fluffy biology let her hit every super sensitive spot. Tears flowed from Tomato’s eyes. His daddeh left him with a monster, and he couldn’t even scream for help. The pain suddenly stopped, or rather, turned into a dull lingering pain. She then held his testicles up to Tomato’s face, “there we go. All done. No more good feels or foals for you.” She then held a rag with ether up to his mouth, and Tomato fell unconscious.

Luke had sat there for about a half hour before the vet brought Tomato back out in his carrier. She said that he will be asleep for a bit, but that he was a good fluffy and did fine. He was also told that Tomato might have nightmares, and to ignore them. After that, Luke payed and left, completely oblivious to what had actually transpired.


Now i wonder what will tomato feel, just worried bouthis demenor now add he is castrated now.

Nice to see Luke now in college :+1: and his invention help with his college.

Poor tomato lost his grape tomatoes…heh heh.

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ooooh… I was thinking this would be the end… guess not!

It was going to be the end, but it just wasn’t working how I wanted it too.


I guess that depends on if she misplaced them or if they mean the other kind of lost.

The other kind.

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