A realistic human picks up a fluffy part 4 (By L.A Vaught)

it’s been a few days
you’ve gone back to feeding Creamsicle specially made “Mummah kibble”
it costs a lot more but seeing as it takes fluffies around two months to be fully weaned you suspect you can reverse engineer an offbrand version
you notice that there seems to be a gradient of size to your foals with her clone looking the fattest
seafoam looking a little skinnier
and Dracula and the brown one being even skinnier
this might be a problem
still they’re chirping and waddling blindly so maybe they just pop out more
and when you remind her to feed her babies, she always does so
you’re currently in a deep discussion about the similarities between conscious realism and hermeticism on a discord server when you hear creamsicle begin to shout
”Daddeh babbehs make bad poopies!”
she’s practically shrieking
well might as well get up an explain to her that until they open their eyes that they’ll just sorta poop wherever
and then she hopefully won’t bother you about this
or at least bother you quieter
still her heart was in the right place
when you come over she looks distraught and is banging on the baby gate
”Daddeh nee hewp!”
”What is it sweetie?”
”Babbehs make bad poopies!”
”So I’ve been told, which babies?”
she pushes out the brown and black ones a little too quickly
“Dese Babbehs!”
kinda suspicious
that it’d be the poopie ones…
maybe you give her a light wack and tell her not to blame her other foals faults on the ones she likes less
“Can I see the cra-I mean poopies?”
Creamsicle nods before moving away and gesturing at a pile of crap way too large to be from the four foals combined
she made this
she shit on the floor on purpose
and blamed it on her kids
she was always good about using her litterbox so you knew she wanted something
“That is some bad poopies!”
sarcasm is dripping from your voice completely undetected by her
she nods again
“What should do with these bad babies?”
you pick up the peeping squirming foals
“Fwow babbehs away o gib fowevah sweepies!”
shit she seems absolutely joyful that her kids are gonna die
she can tell your unhappy
“Cweamsikwe can gib dummeh poopie babbehs fowebah sweepies insted… if daddy no wanna do it.”
“No I’ll do it.”
she cheers before going to tell her remaining babies, presumably that the plan worked
you take the foals careful not to let them fall
you look down at them and mutter
“Your mom is a real bitch.”
you hope Dracula is agreeing with you
you lay them on a dishrag in the middle of the table
probably the closest they’ve come to being hugged in a while as they instinctively grab onto the fuzzy texture
you put them in some tupperware no fully prepared to confront the fat orange abommination
you wanted to fucking kill her for this
but you knew that you couldn’t raise foals to be anything close to functioning
they needed a parent
to nurse them or at least tell you when to nurse em
and formula was expensive for four foals
yeah four foals
you know if she raises the other two they’ll become awful shitstains as well
can’t have that
gotta break her and rebuild her
make her into a good mom
you walk up clearly in a mood as her smile fades
time to fuck with her a bit
might as well make this fun for yourself
or at least give something to distract yourself from getting addicted to violent justice porn
just stare at her for what feels like a minute
she freezes and backs up
“Do you know why I’m extra fucking mad at you.”
she shakes her head
“Fwuffy nu kno… huuu.”
you lean down to her
“Wanna guess?”
she shakes her head crying even louder
“yooouuu suuure?”
fluffies may be dense even she can discern the sheer malice in your voice
she nods even more vigorously
you pick her up and go to the bathroom so the others foals hopefully don’t hear your voice and associate it with terror
you weren’t worried about Dracula and brown foal because you probably gave em more love than she ever did
it’s pretty fucking soundproof
you understand that refference will go over most humans heads let alone hers
but you still have to prove to yourself you’re smart
“Buh huu buh dey dummeh babbehs.”
you smash her face against yours
not hard enough to hurt her but enough to scare her
she cries harder and begins to piss in your bathtub
she shits herself as you lower her into the tub
“Then think about how your kids feel…”
“Well tough shit, now get rid of it.”
she looks even more distraught as you open the bathroom door about to close it
“I said get rid of it.” you growl as you slam the door
you do a few pushups to help yourself cool off before grabbing the two confused chirping foals in the pen
“Sorry about that…”
they continue to peep as normal so at least they don’t seem to care as you put them gently with their siblings.
the seafoam is even hugging your finger
they even begin to hug each other despite being blind
no hard feelings
well shit you gotta find a way to keep them alive
milkbagging wouldn’t work
you know that despite the human convince they required industrial amounts of care so they don’t get themselves and more importantly the foals sick with all sorts of infections
gotta have a plan
and you have one
you grab a roll of extra durable ductape from the kitchen
“If this works, you’ll thank me.”
you say to the box of foals still obliviously peeping
you burst into the bathroom
creamsicle still hasn’t eaten the poop but begins hurriedly chowing down when she sees you’re in there
“You don’t need to do that.”
you nod as you bend down to her
“Now close your eyes.”
she shakes a bit a little less trusting of you
“Buh no wanna, wut if daddeh huwt Cweamsikwe?”
you sigh before grimacing
“Good fluffies listen to daddy, right?”
she nods meekly
“And you don’t want to be a bad fluffy do you?”
she shakes her head before closing her eyes
you rip a roll of ductape and stick it on her face causing a loud skree
“Why see pwaces no wowk?”
you smile as you put on your best faux friendly radio voice
“I’m sorrry Creamsicle but your seeing privileges have been revoked!”
“Buh no wanna by dummeh no see fwuffy.”
just great she hates the blind too
you put her down as you bring the box of foals back to the safe area
“Now feed your fucking kids.”
she nods as her head swivels trying to find the peeping as you gently lower all of them into the pen

Pov switch

you are Creamsicle
your daddy is a dummeh, and a meanie and a munstah
why does he like poopie babies so much?
well besides those reasons
you’ll show him
you’ll give those dummeh babbehs forever sleepies and then run away and find a better daddy!
one who gives you skettis everyday!
you hear a chirp and give out by what fluffy standards is a low growl
you bet he only put the poopie babbehs in here
the chirp gets closer as you lower your leg ready to swat the thing
it’s really hard to do this when you’re blind
but you’re nosie and hear places help

Pov switch

you are Orange babbeh
your biological programming is telling you the following
“comfort and food levels below acceptable, move legs find warmth and food, move legs, move legs move legs”
you also have two emotional settings that you know of
comfortable and uncomfortable
you let out a few chirps so warmth source finds you
you hear movement and go towards
then you feel something collide with your back leg
well you definitely have found a third emotional setting as your peeps grow even louder

pov switch

you are making yourself a peanut butter, banana and honey sandwich because you have minimal life skills
you hear a very loud and distressed chirp
oh shit…


She must SUFFER!!


Oh she will…


Covering the eyes makes sense but using ductape seams a poor choice. Ductape left on human skin for too long can rip it off; given how frail fluffies are, ripping the ductape off would likely take her eyes and half her face with it which would be no good if you intended to let her have her sight back if she was good. Now, with hindsight that the mare may very well be irredeemable, that all may be a mute point now.

Also, a shame you can’t punish the previous owner as this is all likely their fault. At least in my own headcanon the whole “poopeh babae” thing is instinctual/programmed in but relatively weakly; it can be easily overwritten with appropriate upbringing. Given how bratty she seams to be already, her old owner likely never, or rarely, ever told her ‘no’. This got her thinking every action, every thought she had was okay so when those instincts/programming kicked in, she has no reason to think otherwise so the behavior is acted upon unhindered.

Sorry about the mini eassay there.


I feel like the owner can only be blamed for so much. Sometimes someone is just a shithead

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CALM THE FUCK DOWN! jesus, sit down, your ruining the movie.


She just killed her one of her best babies booooooooyyyyy

Totally fine, I find the idea that fluffies would be racist kinda unbelievable but to each their own. I just sort of see it as being unbelievably shallow, with some mothers not understanding that babies aren’t toys that they can rank on aesthetics (a problem for human moms too). As for the duct tape he’s given up on creamsicle and is mostly just trying to help the foals. Especially because she lied to get them killed.
Also agree with you about the last owner being somewhat responsible.

To be sure but this fluffy seams mostly trained, just a “little” bratty. This leads me to believe that she was trained the basics and was just expected to follow that but was otherwise spoiled otherwise. Basically, previous owner was happy to dote on creamsicle as long as she didn’t shit on the carpets. Would also explain why she thought that the babies shitting on the carpet would get rid of them.

Of course, I like to think that hellgremlinism is not the default but rather a defect or negative traits being promoted.


My headcanon is that the “racism” itself is programmed into them by HasBio as a way to naturally reduce the number of “bad” color foals. This programming can be easily retarded with proper training and instruction. Now the favoritism is just a natural result of combining the preprogrammed color ranking with a child like way of thinking.

I do think that creamsicle could be saved but it would take a lot of time and effort, which the new owner might not have. Add into that trying to make sure the foals are taken care of and not harmed by the mother. With all that, I can understand why the owner would want to just cut his losses and focus on the foals.


In general he gives her a chance

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