A realistic human picks up a fluffy part 8 (By L.A Vaught)

it’s been a few days now, you’ve still been slowly conditioning both Creamsicle and Seafoam
you also showed Chamomile a picture of a dead fluffy nearly identical to Creamsicle
it’s all vocal and scent based right now
you’ve also been giving her treats if she sings the following song
“Mummah num babbehs babbehs am nummies.”
she was a bit reticent at first but she couldn’t resist the allure of spaghetti flavored treats
honestly she got more than Chamomile but that was ok
it was all gonna pay off
Chamomile was great though you’ve been giving her a bit of caffeine with her kibble to keep her active enough for the foals
you also taught her how to use the milk station you put in, in case the foals ever get needy
still even with a bit coffee she’s pretty calm and well behaved, so well behaved you basically give her free reign everywhere besides the kitchen and where Creamsicle was when you’re there
so having her randomly walk up to you with her babies on her back is by no means an unusual sight now days
like right now as she gives the still blind foals a tour of the house
“Dis am da wibin woom!”
“An dis am teebee.”
you feel a soft pawing on your pant
“Daddeh can Chamomiwe an babbehs have up?”
you put down the remote
“Have you used the litterbox?”
she nods
“Have the foals used the litterbox?”
she pauses for a second and waddles off to make sure the babies had emptied themselves of waist
Dracula, who was a guy was really loud when he pooped
seriously he sounded like a whole flock of chicks
you pick her up gently as she coos making sure to avoid the foals and her crotch tits
it always felt sorta weird to touch em
her foals cheeping occasionally as she lays on your lap
this was nice
even if she had a tendency towards panic farting
which was actually really funny,
you remember the time you fed her half a burrito and she ran around the house huuing for ten minutes
you felt bad but it was still worth it
she’s asleep
you stroke her back feeling some of the foals instinctively hug and suckle your hand
you wanna sleep too
the foals chirp a bit as you place your hand on Chamomile, she gives a final coo before you fall asleep as well
30 minutes later
oh shit, you’re awake
chamomile is asleep and the babies are chirping
oh shit
they have their eyes open
they’re peeping at you
not really afraid just sort of making noise for being noisy
this also means you’ll probably have to put em back in the safe pen soon
can’t risk a bunch of foals running around now
even if you can trust chamomile
you think about waking her up, but you kinda wanna start phase two
you gently pick up Chamomile setting her down, before grabbing seafoam and another sterilized tac
you hug and feed him first just to show you love the guy
as said you just want to scare him and traumatize Creamsicle
not the other way around
you come in to see creamsicle
turn the lights down to create a dark atmosphere
“Daddeh bwing bestes babbeh!”
she shouts
you nod
“And she wants you to sing for him.”
“Otay” she says excited
“Mummah wub babbe-”
You stop her gently
“She wants you to sing the song daddy taught you.”
“Otay, Mummah num babbehs babbehs am nummies.”
you prick the foal again causing him to skree while Creamsicle continues singing the song
he’s backing up now into your hand
you squeeze his leg just a bit rough as Creamsicle comes closer and closer to the now teary eyed foal
while you make sure that he associates the owies with Creamsicle and not you
“Okay the Baby loves this song.”
“Tank ou daddeh? Can hab bestes babbeh nao?”
you shake your head
“Not yet.”
you hug Seafoam and tell her she’s a good fluffy as she weakly peeps
Chamomile is awake and is looking around for her
“Daddeh whewe am seafoam?”
Yeah she’s panicking
the other foals are curled against her but are clearly distressed
you hold him out
she cries as she instantly grabs him and press him to her chest
“Wai babbeh hab saddies?”
let’s hope she buys this
“Well… Chamomile I don’t want to scare you…”
she hugs him closer
“But Creamsicle got up from forever sleepies.”
“BU am fowebaH!”
“Creamsicle is a monster now, she wants to num your babies and she managed to steal Seafoam.”
she is now hugging all three of the peeping foals
“Luckily I managed to save him, but she got away.”
Chamomile looks mortified and a small puddle is forming around pom pom
“But I promise I’ll try and save you, but she lives outside the house and in the kitchen drawers so don’t go in there.”
might as well kill two birds with one stone
“O-otay Daddeh.”
“So remember to warn your babies about that.”
she nods before looking down to notice that Pom Pom made bad peepees
“Oh nu!”
“It’s fine.” You wash Pom Pom off in the sink of your half bath before returning him to his mother
later that night you were glad that the safe pen was in your bedroom and you had brought a night light
because Chamomile was constantly shivering and telling the foals that she didn’t want “munstah mummah cweamsikwe” to eat her kids
she wanted you to sleep in the pen but with the chance of her or the foals pissing themselves you doubt it
you did make them a blanket and pillow fort to sleep in and put a few random Kabbalah symbols around the pen saying they made it monster proof
you honestly feel kinda bad
while they’re asleep you sneak off to the kitchen to pick up a little suprise for creamsicle
a dead foal you kept in the fridge
no you didn’t kill it
fluffmart sells dead foals for a buck as reptile feed
you bring a blindfold too and begin to cook up some spaghetti before giving it to creamsicle
“Skettis! Cweamsikwe am bestes fwuffy ge bestes skettis!”
you blindfold her with minimal fuss the blindfold having two evil looking red eyes as you put the foal in the skettis
it still looked freshly dead
you trained her to sing her special mummah song whenever she eats spaghetti or else you take it away from her
“Mummah num babbehs.” She slurs as she bites into the foal with a light coating of noodles and marinara
“Babbehs am nummies.”
she’s not swallowing
she’s taking bites
say what you will but unlike Chamomile, Creamsicle is a dainty eater and that suits you well as you record
this is actually really fun, you feel like a horror filmaker
you’d add the chirps later
You even zoom in on her Bava style as she chomps down on the leg with the hoof falling from her mouth
she ate the foal
you stop the film and take it off
in a bit you’ll show this to Chamomile and her kids
while Creamsicle has no idea what’s going on
or how her bestes babbeh will se her




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