A Romantic Dinner (FluffyChimera)

Sea Fluffies come in many different shapes and colours. This allows for an assortment of combinations and designs within the subspecies.

Here we see a mated pair of feral sea fluffies.

Due to the many, many aquatic dangers, and their genetic differences from their land bound counterparts, females can birth up to three times the number of offspring as a regular fluffy. This causes the female sea fluffy to appear much larger than her male partner. The heavy weight of her unborn babbehs causes her to swim much slower than usual.

As her loving mate, he is the designated nummie finder, and often swims ahead to find her any delicious food to satisfy her and their unborn offspring. It appears he has found a plentiful patch of sea grass and nutritious foliage.

Unfortunately for these two sea fluffies, this patch of enticing nummies, is an ambush lying in wait.

Among the many dangers for fluffies is the uncommon cannibal fluffy. A carnivorous fluffy mutation notable by their unique eyes and sharp teeth. While it was believed that only regular fluffies were capable of producing such abominations, it appears sea fluffies are no exception to the mutation. Like kelpie fluffies, some decorate their manes or fluff with nummie plant matter to use as lures and attract prey.

This cannibalistic specimen appears to have a seal-like design seen in it’s tail shape and dappled fluff. More noticeably, it is far larger than it should be, dwarfing the size of the two sea fluffies as it clamps it’s jaws down on the soon-mummah. Whether this strange size development is a natural mutation or the cause of leftover growth hormones being dumped in the local swamp water by Hasbio’s waste management department is unknown.

The monstrous cannibal doesn’t eat the soon-mummah on the spot, instead carrying her away to another location. The soon-mummmah’s once loving mate has proven to her to be a poor partner choice, choosing to cower in fear to save himself rather than protect her or their unborn offspring.

He defecates himself in a pathetic display.

The sea cannibal surprisingly takes his victim to the nearby shore, dragging his heavy body and prey across the reeds and mud. It is a difficult and dangerous endeavor, risking him to be vulnerable to other predators or beaching himself entirely. Yet he perseveres, for he is on a mission.

For he too, is the nummie finder for his own mate.

Once he reaches the nest that his partner resides in, he drops the sea fluffy as an offering. His mate stirs from her sleep to see what treat he has delivered to her.

His mate is a kelpie fluffy, swollen with their young to the point that she cannot effectively hunt for herself. It is an odd pairing, if only from their physical differences. It’s unknown if they could even be compatible enough to bear viable children. We will continue to monitor this pair in the future for scientific curiosity.

The sea fluffy prey has been wounded and distressed enough to miscarry. Her fertilized eggs are mostly see-through, showing the mostly developed foals floating in their amniotic fluids. some of the eggs have broken open from the abrupt pressure of the vaginal canal clenching down around them. There was no chance for the fetuses to survive. The sea-mare screeches in agony and heartache at her loss, begging for her young to stay inside her body to no avail.

The cannibals ignore the distressed cries as the male plucks one of the eggs up in his mouth and offers it to his partner. She happily accepts it, breaking the fragile body in half as they share the meal and giving tender gazes and coos to each other. The display is borderline loving.

The male presses a hoof down on the frantic sea-mare’s belly, forcing more of her babbehs out of her body in a painful spray of blood.

It appears humans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a romantic dinner with caviar.


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this video describes how I feel

here is one with a f-bomb

So with Kelpies they can mate with male Cannibal sea fluffs?

never mind I re-read it


Even in the water these fuckers can’t stop shitting themselves. Also Flounder sea fluffy.

BTW I noticed that you give your fluffy horse-like teeth arrangement. It’s a detail I like for some reason.

Complete shitpost, my apologies in advance ~ Just couldn't help it



Sucks to be the normal sea fluffs, but hey, the cannibals gotta eat.


the main course is the mare xD


Wow! Very nice piece. Nice pictures and good story. Very informative. Thank you for your work.


When it lurks, on the reef and has two sets of teeth, that’s a moray.


That kelpie fluff is adorable and I love her. Cannibal daddeh did a good job.


When you’re swimming alone
And you let out a groan
That’s a moray!

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“I took the liberty of fertilizing your caviar.”

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Dude, I did not need that image in my head :joy:

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On that same note, do you think Zoidberg—or others of his species—would eat sea fluffies if they existed in the same ‘verse?


Maybe Guy would eat anything


Im hoping one day you’ll make the karma on that worthless , coward of a stallion for what he did.


don’t worry, there are plenty of dolphins waiting to have a good time.


I would think some of the cannibal sea fluffy and kelpie’s children would have legs, some with a tail instead of back legs, and some with both a fish tail and legs. Instead of runts or poopie babbehs, there’d be some malformed/ stillborn babbehs


It’d certainly be a cacophony of mutations!


Welp, its prob my 1 variant :babbeh:

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