A String of Bad Luck. [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Our Story starts with a Fluffy owner kicking his Fluffy out.

“ALL I SAID WAS TO FUCKING WAIT! HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO JUST FUCKIGN WAIT?!” The owner said, slamming the door before the Mare could try and get back in.

As Peach writhed in the pain of the literal kick, she grew sad and confused. “Huu-huu… W-why D-Daddeh gib owwies tu Peach? Daddeh say dat Daddeh wan Peach tu hab babbehs… Huu-huu” Peach cried, shakily getting herself up, trying to figure out what to do now.

To give credit where it’s due, Peach was right, her Daddeh did want Peach to have babies, but not to love and take care of, Peach was a Designer Fluffy, and a unique one to boot. Peach had a Gradient coloring to her coat, while it mostly showed as Orange, it would blend into her secondary color, Cream. Her Mane was Jet black and sparkled like stars in the night sky. Her Horn matched her second colored coat, and her Irises were a beautiful Vibrant Yellow, and they too sparkled whenever she opened to look at the world she lived in. To Peach’s Daddy, her babies would either be gold mines or snake food.

Peach had wanted to make her Daddeh happy, so when she remembered how he was looking for her ‘Speshuw Fwend’ she wanted to help. After a few days of calling out to whatever was behind her backyard she would find love in a Stallion named Smarty. At first Peach was afraid as she was taught that Smarties were bad, but after some explanation, Peach learned that Smarty was in fact, not a smarty, and so she swooned after Smarty. Smarty was a Pegasus, with a Coal Black coat, and a Luminous Red mane. To Peach, he was the most handsome Stallion ever, to Smarty, Peach was the most beautiful Mare ever.

They soon eloped thru the gated fence and talked about babbehs.

When Peach told her Daddeh that she had tummeh-babbehs, he flipped, smashing her safe-room apart, crying and kicking her out into the world she didn’t now. She was coddled her whole life, from birth, till now.

As Peach made her way off of her old-daddeh’s lawn, she saw him, Smarty. He had seen the whole ordeal from behind the bushes of Her Daddeh’s lawn and felt horrible. The two finally hugged, realizing their was not fence now. Nothing to keep them apart…

The two left together, and walked out of the cul-de-sac, leaving the suburbia that the two fluffies knew.

While initially scared, Peach was happy, she had love, a Speshuw-Fwend, and Babbehs on the way.

She was Happy… Scared… But happy.

Peaches and Smarty had walked and walked, until finally they made their way to a large stretch of Beach. To the two Fluffies right, was the Ocean… The biggest, hurty-est, most worst wawa of all…

The sky grew grey as the two made their way onto the sand, Peach noting how she liked how it felt on her hooves.

While some Fluffies would be terrified of the idea of being here, the waves were drawing further and further away from the shore. In the distance they saw the water leaving the beach!

‘Anudda bwessin!’ thought Peach, as she and Smarty made their way to the closest thing the could. a small beach-stall used to sell off snacks to beach-goers, now, completely unoccupied. Peach waited while Smarty looked thru the stall to check for monsters and food. Peach didn’t wait long for her Speshuw-Fwend to return and give her the good news.

“Speshuw-Fwend! Speshuw-Fwend! Nu munsta in hewe, buh theiw am wots of nummies!” Smarty excitedly said pushing the unlocked stall door open for his mate. “Weawwy?!” Peach said, surprised. As Peach waddled into the stall she saw so much bagged food! Bags of candy lined the walls of the stall, thing that even Peach didn’t know the names to! As she excitedly snuggled up into a corner of the stall, she watched with glee as Smarty grabbed one of the baggie-nummies and tore it open… Albeit after a few failed tries.

As Peach and Smarty dug into the candies they felt the winds turn cold and harsh. “Why hooman weabe aww dis gud nummies awound?” Peach said to Smarty, chewing onto a Candy Orange Slice. “Weww… gulp Smawty think that hoomans weft nummies behind ‘cos maybe dey got scawedy an’ weft.” Smarty said, mashing another Candy slice into his mouth.

Before Peach could say something, she felt a horrible twinge of pain in her gut. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-” Smarty got up scared of his mates sudden outburst. “Wha? Wha’ wong Peach? Wha’ happenin?” Smarty asked. “B-B-BIGGESHT POOPIES!”

Smarty at once got behind the mare and began to rip off her special Place fluff. “WHY SPESHUW FWEND NUM PEACH?! NU AM NUMM-SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Peach said, being interrupted by another twinge of pain from her gut and another chunk of Fluff being ripped off. “It am fow Babbehs! Nu wan get huwties fwom pwetty fwuff!” Smarty said.

Peach didn’t care at that moment, she just had to push ou-wait… “BABBEHS?! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE-WUV BABBEHS CUM OUT OF MUMMAH BABBEHS!” Peach said, pushing slightly more happily than before.

Smarty saw the first foals crown, falling onto the dirty rag that humans used to clean their hands off, licking it off. He did this four more times as he looked over all his beautiful kids.

The first was a Sparkling Magenta Unicorn. As Smarty cleaned the foal, he saw it was a Filly! Handing her to Peach she licked it and hugged it, rolling over to let her first foal suckle milk.

The second was a Coal Black Pegasus, Just like Smarty! Smarty noticed the Fluffy was a Colt, and had the unique pattering like his Mummah! As Smarty handed The Pegasus over to Peach she noticed the Colt’s Coat blend a Coal Black Color, and a Bright Orange, like her own Primary Color. Peach hugged and kissed the Pegasus and rotated the Unicorn off of her teat and onto the towel to sleep.

The third was a Pure White Earthie. Smarty looked and saw it was a Colt, and after cleaning it off, Smarty passed the Earthie to Peach. Again the Mare would hug and kiss the foal, but instead of switching off on the one teat where the Pegasus was, Peach placed him on her free teat.

The finaly foal threw Smarty for a loop. The final Baby was just like Peach, It had a Orange coat that blended into a Jet Black Color, like their Pegasus babbeh, but… It had a Pointy thing… And some Wingie things… But could fluffies have both? As Smarty cleaned it off, he noticed that it was a filly. “Speshuw Fwend? Du babbehs habe boff pointie and wingie tings?” He asked the tired mother.

“Oh! Dat am just Wingie-Pointie Babbeh, dey gud babbehs!” She said semi-asleep. As Smarty passed their final foal over to the mare, she swapped the earthie with the alicorn babbeh, the three others who had eaten their fills were sleeping in a small pile curled up by their mother. Smarty looked on and smiled.

His Family was safe, with plenty of food and a nice view of the sky… Oh! It was getting dark… Wait… Was it?

Smarty stepped out of the stall for a moment, looking around the sky, his face turned to absolute horror as he turned towards the Ocean and saw it.

A Tidal Wave…

It was massive… That’s why he hadn’t heard any cars or hoomins near by… They left… THEY NEEDED TO LEAVE.


“SPESHUW FWEND! FWUFFIES NEE’ TU WEABE, NAO!” Smarty yelled, scaring the foals and Peach. “Wha? why?” Smarty didn’t answer, simply grabing the foals and placing two on his back and two on Peach’s.

Peach didn’t understand why they needed to run, but she didn’t give it a second thought. with two of her foals in toe, she ran. As the two Fluffies made their way of of the stall and onto the beach, the wave had gained momentum and was closer now. “WUN PEACH! WUN!” Smarty said, looking back seeing Peach struggle. The mix of sand and the exhaustion of labor was taking it’s tole on the mare. Peach was tired, and wouldn’t make it.

haff haff SPESHUW FWEND! T-… TAKE BABBEHS AN WUN!” Peach said. Smarty stopped dead in his tracks. He turned to try and encourage his special freind. But as he turned he saw that the wave was only moments away now… They wouldn’t make it…

Smarty looked at Peach as she finally made it up to him, confused as to why he stopped, she looked back, her face now turned from fear and worry into sadness…

“Smawty… Wawa am comin tuu fast… W-wha’ du? W-waw-wawa b-bad fow Fwuffies…” Peach said, tears slowly forming around her eyes…

“T-tink… B-babbehs… Babbehs nee’ n-namesies…” Smarty said sporting a smile as he sat down and hugged the two foals he carried, crying bullets. Peach looked and saw the wave… Then she understood…

“Otay… W-wets gibe namesies…” Peach hugged the two she carried, the Pegasus and the Earthie…

“Wingie babbeh am- a-am… S-Shadow… A-an White B-babbeh a-am… S-Snowwy…” Peach said, hugging the two foals, both cheeping happily, blissfully unaware at the impending doom that befell them. “D-dose am g-gud namesies! W-wub S-Shad-dow a-an Sn-Snowwy…” Smarty said, scooching closer to Peach.

“Smawty w-wan w-wingie p-p-pointie babbeh t-t-tu, tu be Owange! A-an P-pointie Babbeh am V-Viowet!” Smarty said hugging his two girls… Tears still raining down his muzzle…

Smarty and Peach looked back at the wave, now practically splashing the the family.

Smarty scooches over to Peach, Violet and Orange in his arms… Shadow and Snowy in Peach’s…

"Wuv 'ou Peach… W-wuv 'ou Babbehs…"Smarty says, hugging Peach and his foals in the biggest hug he can muster.

“W-wuv 'ou t-tuu Smawty… Wuv 'ou B-Babbehs…” Peach says, turning her head away from the wave, holding tightly to Smarty and her Babbehs.

“We interrupt this broadcast to bring you breaking news, Tom”

“Hey Frank! We are here now with a bird’s eye view of the now partially submerged Beach, it seems that while the property damage is high, no significant loss of life or damage has been noticed! So while the damages have been made, they can be repaired, and- hopefully, we can soon hit the beach this coming Summer! Back to you Frank!”

“Thanks Tom! We here at ____ will keep you posted on the flooding and also some handy tips to keep you, and your loved ones safe from this terrible weather! Stay tuned!”


Good old Mummah Nature. What else can one do in the face of an impending, cataclysmic natural disaster other than hug your loved ones, tuck your head between your legs, and kiss your tail goodbye?


yeah… felt like a little natural disaster would be good for the fingers, typing wise… im sad now


I liked it.


Take heart. If this were a Hollywood action film, at least one of them would survive and wash up somewhere. Life would be hard in the aftermath, but after too many life affirmations, the fluffy would win in the end. International box office smash hit.


Great… now I want to write a weird-ass screenplay fluffy mashup of 2012 and AI, complete with Jude Law playing the part of a gigolo fluffy. Why does my brain hate me?


Dude was an idiot, Fluffies shit out like 40 kids a year, taking a short break to check out the first batch still would’ve netted him a profit. Plus the punishment in taking them away from Peach immediately would send a strong message.

Now he gets nothing and a good mummah dies. What a waste


Imagine kicking your gold mine away because of one unexpected batch, there’s internet to sell them quick until you get a proper pairing, no profit, he’s now the shame amongst breeders


The owner should have just let her gave birth to her youngs to earn few bucks before kicking her out.


“Peach had wanted to make her Daddeh happy, so when she remembered how he was looking for her ‘Speshuw Fwend’ she wanted to help.”

And that went down hill from there nice work Peach :man_facepalming:

Sad though she bore good quality foals and both end up like what happen to Deep Impact.

Reminds me of a part of the movie San Andreas where an old couple sees stuff coming at them (the tsunami, debris…) and hig cause they know they’re not gonna make it


I almost expected them to double back into the cart and close the door and end up cast away in the ocean (basically a boat with limited supplies.)

Potentially washing ashore somewhere else.

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