a sweet little gift ( Gal-With-Pastel)

a gift foal for @LostDauphin , a little female filly named Parfait. with a tuff of hair that looks like cream.


poor unpainted candy corn horn.

God i hope i one day get a gift foal, literally thr best fucking types of fluffies, cus they are all cute as fuck

Nice mane.

tried to make it parfait like

I’m getting foam squishy toy vibes for some reason??? She’s beautiful

Awww, the little thing is so cute

Look that little sweet girl, she literally looks like candy, she’s beautiful.

Thank you very much! She really impressed me, no one had ever given me a foal before :'0

It’s amazing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

aww i’m glad you like her, i used a lemon and strawberry Parfait as a reference fore her coloring .

You deserve one , for all the good work you’ve brought to the community.

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that’s a sweet design!


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