A tale of Paprika (father_dan_the_man) written for: Gal-with-pastels

”Buh speshuw fwend wawa bad fo’ fwuff-“ you cut off Mustard before he can finish that generic fluffy dialogue.

You’re both standing at the edge of very small pond, but to the two of you it’s as huge as the ocean.

“Buh Papwika can!!!” you shout and boy do you shout it at him with all the might you have in your tiny fluffy body.

But that’s what happens when you find a babbeh in danger and you’re a mummeh yourself. This was just a week after you had given birth to babbehs of your own.

“PEEP! PEEP!” screams the babbeh barely floating at the service of the water. It’s got a rich brown coat that’s soaking up more water the longer you take to argue with your special friend.

You have to act now or that babbeh was gonna be taken under and be lost to fowebah sweepies.


With a short dash of speed you boldly jump straight into the pond even with all of its algae and slimy little frogs.

“PAPWIKA!!!” Mustard shrieks from the edge of the water where you left him absolutely dumbfounded by the actions you’ve taken.

“Aww babbehs am gud babbehs, Aww babbehs am gud babbehs…” you chant to yourself as you adjust to the temperature of the water. It’s pretty cold and that’s not a very good sign either.

“PEEP!” the babbeh cries out from what seems like only a short distance to you but would seem like forever to something so small.

Immediately you start to kick your little legs in the right motions to get you moving through the water. Getting closer and closer to the helpless babbeh you want to save so desperately.

Surprisingly you swim with an elegance that most normal fluffies don’t have. You even manage not to disturb most of those frogs you thought were slimy earlier. Instead they sing their little frog songs and watch as you finally reach the babbeh.

“PEEp-“ with one swift motion you’ve snatched that little babbeh right out of the water with your mouth. Making sure to be as gentle as possible with what looks like an only hours old babbeh.

“-speshuw fwend!!!” Mustard shouts with tears in his eyes and snot on his nose as you come swimming up to the edge of the water. He clearly thought you and that babbeh would lose to the water.

“Fwuffy towd 'ou fwuffy couwd swim!” You say rather proudly once you and the babbeh have made it safely out of the water. Where you almost immediately clean it of its poopies and tears.

“Dewe dewe babbeh, mummah pwomise aww babbehs am gud babbehs.” You say in a sing song like voice as Mustard sniffs and checks on the babbeh who’s currently guzzling away at your teat.

“Aww babbehs and good babbehs.”

(I’m gonna admit to writing this in one day and rather quickly but I wanted to write it down before I forgot it. It’s clearly about @Gal-with-pastels characters Paprika and Mustard who I don’t own but love. So here’s a story even though I haven’t written in forever.)


you did a marvelous job


Thanks! And thank you for making Paprika and Mustard cause they inspires me to write something again!

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aww shucks