A Trip to the Doctor by:Foxhoarder

Your are a green pegasus fluffy named Whooshball.
You have the bestest daddy. He has taken care of you since you were a little baby, and taught you how to be a good fluffy. Although daddy is busy with school, he feeds you and plays with you almost every single day!
Your daddy has a sister, and although she doesn’t play with you much, she’s still a nice lady. When daddy isn’t home she gives you nummies, and although she doesn’t remember to say you’re a good fluffy it’s okay because your daddy still says so.
Whenever you tell her about your good poopies she just sighs and rolls her eyes. At first you were worried that she had heart hurties and offered her huggies, but then she said that she just doesn’t want to hear about your poopies. She didn’t really call them poopies, but a naughty word that means poopies.

You were playing with your blockies when you heard the sister talking to your daddy in the other room. “He’s growing up, he’s bound to start asking for ‘special huggies’ anytime soon!” she said. Your daddy stammered a little but didn’t find anything to say - you really were growing big and strong! “You should have gotten him fixed when you got him, you NEED to take him to the vet before he reaches puberty.” she continued.
You don’t like the vet. It was a bright room with cold tables, and the last time you were there the doctor gave you pointy hurties near your poopie place. You cried a lot, but your daddy said that this was so you didn’t get sickies. Then he gave you a cookie so everything was okay again.
Your daddy and sister argued a lot about things like time and money, and you don’t really understand those things so you went back to playing with your blockies. After a lot of fun time, your dad came in the room and looked sad. You ran to offer him huggies, and he lifted you up to hug you against his chest. “Whooshball, I have some bad news for you.” he said. “You’ll have to go to the vet with my sister. I’d really want to be there with you, but I have to go away for the weekend and your… operation is going to cost a lot more if we don’t do it today.” You cry, and although your dad is sad too he gives you to his sister who puts you in the fluffy box. As the sister carries you out to the vroom vroom box, your daddy waves you goodbye and tells that you’re a good strong fluffy and that everything is going to be fine and that there will be sketties when you come back.
The vroom vroom box started making noises and you bounced around in your little traveling box until the noises stopped and you could stand still again. Usually you don’t get out of the fluffy box while the fluffy box is in the vroom vroom box, but this time the sister takes you out in her hands. “Wha happen?” you ask. The sister spreads a big paper on her lap and pulls out a small piece of black cloth from her purse. “We’re almost at the doctors office, but he’s a shy doctor so you’ll need to wear a little hood so he wont get scared.” she tells you. You’re confused. What is a hood? Why would anyone be afraid of a fluffy? If he’s shy, doesn’t he need huggies to make it better?
Your thinking is interrupted as the sister wraps the black cloth over your head. Everything goes dark and scary, and you’re lowered onto your back. “Wha happen? Wat sissy do? Whewe Whoosbaww?” you ask around, but your sister doesn’t answer. Instead, you hear another, lower voice in the darkness! “Hello fluffy, I am the doctor! I am here to take off your no-no’s!” he says. “Nuu! Nu take no-no’s! Sissy! Hewp!” you scream, flailing your little leggies around in an attempt to get up. You thought the pointy hurties were the worst thing a doctor could do, but no one told that he would take your no-noes! You hear some rustling of objects in a purse, and suddenly feel something cold and pointy brush against your special lumps! “Nuu! Hewp! Nu wan pointy huwties! Nu huwt no-no’s!” you cry, the black cloth against your face growing moist from your tears. You try to wiggle from side to side, but only manage to impale your left lump on a cold pointy thing!
“Shit!” you hear someone say. It sounded like the sister! “Sissy! Sabe Whoosbaww fwom doctah!” you plead to the only person who can help you now. “There’s no one here but you and me, just… stay still and this will be over soon!” you hear the doctor say. You have no idea what’s going on anymore, how can this be happening? You cry hopelessly. You’re out of breath, smothered by a suffocating black fabric and flailing and squirming for your life as sharp metal thingies graze against your precious little lumps. Eventually you make a wrong move and one of your lumps gets caught in the wedge between two pieces of metal, and with an audible SNIP all it feels is replaced by unimaginable pain! “Nuuhuuhuu! Wy take no-no’s? Wy giv Whoosbaww biggest huwties?! Huu!” you scream and double your struggles with renewed vigor. “Just stay still you little fuck!” a voice yells, but you are too hysteric to make out who it is. Your lungs are full of stifling air, your throat is coarse, your face is constantly mushed against wet, snotty fabric, and you’re about to lose your lastest no-no! You struggle for your dear life, but eventually you feel the inescapable wedge of cold metal jaws trap your remaining lump and you know all is lost. “NUU!” you yell as the jaws close with a SNIP, your no-no place now just an empty hole of pain where the special lumps were supposed to be. Having lost everything, you stop struggling and just lay on your back crying helplessly.

You have barely registered that the doctor has stopped hurting you when the sister pulls the black cloth off your head. As the fresh air hits your face, you breathe it like you hadn’t breathed in forever. As the burn in your lungs and haze in your head ebb, the agony in your no-no place once again fills your mind completely. You finally manage to open your eyes, and look down. You are lying on your side on a bloody black and white paper, and behind your peepee-place there’s nothing but shredded fluff and a small bandage where your lumps once were. With watery eyes you look around, and realize that you’re on the sisters lap! She looks tired and disheveled, and reaches out to pet your fluff. “Don’t worry Whooshball, the doctor is gone and we can go home now.” she says. You try to sit up to ask for huggies, but your no-no place hurts too much and you flop back on your side, where you try to reach out towards her. She lifts you up for a hug, looks down at your messy, bloody body, and instead just puts you back in the fluffy box. “I’ll just clean you up when we get home.” she says, starting the wroom wroom sounds and making the box shake all around. As you try to find the least painful position in the bouncing box, the sister takes a look at a handful of paper monies and says to herself: “A penny saved is a penny earned…”


Oh god, she did it herself, didn’t she. He’s probably gonna have an infection and will need an expensive surgery. And I’m not even mentioning the mental trauma


oooh I really dislike this lady!


Poor Wooshball! (more like woosh-no-ball amirite?)
Good story! Any plans for a follow up, or is this a one and done?


It’s a one off. No matter how much you’d like to, you can’t castrate a fluffy more than once. :smile:
But if anyone wants to continue it, feel free to do so. I love all fanart and spinoffs whether they’re pictures, stories, or even shit_edits. :blush: