"A Visit With Valentina" by AnonymousFluffery


The happiest time for Valentina, the happiest time ever, was when she was first let out of the boxie, the dark place where she had been frightened she might spend the rest of her life. Released from the dark and confinement, and into the new home she’d been promised so many times.

Well, that was the happiest time up to that point, anyway. Things got even better when she was led from the dark garage into her new family’s real house, a place more comfortable than any she had ever been before. These, then, were the parts of the great brightly-lit building where Valentina’s new family of humans lived. Some of them gave her headpats, and different nummies than she’d ever eaten before. That was when she felt truly warm for the first time in as far back as she could remember.

Warm, warm, warm. It was just wonderful to feel this way. Had she ever felt like this before, aside from when she was actually sleeping in a fluffpile with her friends? If so, it had been so long ago that now it felt like a dream.

Valentina had come from Fairy Love Land, of course, and Fairy Love Land was wonderful. She even knew a song about it. It was titled ‘Faiwy Wuv Wand am’ Wunnafuww!’ and the teevee-fluffies who lived on the walls had been singing it to her every day since she could remember. It was part of what she had been taught to be a good fluffy, and Valentina was a VERY good fluffy. So Fairy Love Land had been wonderful, clearly.

But here, the surroundings were comfy, and people gave her attention. And while she missed the other Fairy Love Land mares, who were her oldest friends, and who she’d grown up among for so many forevers… well, they had been assured that they were all going to live with wonderful families, too. That was what they had been promised before they’d all finally been put in their boxies to leave. So they must be just as happy as Valentina now was, all of them happy fluffies with human families.

Well, they couldn’t be quite as happy as Valentina, the mare thought privately. Because they hadn’t joined a family quite as bestest and quite as loving as the one Valentina had found herself a part of.

Valentina’s new family had Nestor in it. And Nestor, of course, was just about the nicest, friendliest, handsomest fluffy stallion that Valentina had ever met. Well, all right, he was the first fluffy stallion that Valentina had ever met, too. That was because in Fairy Love Land there were only mares, a problem that had upset Valentina and friends considerably during certain parts of their journey to marehood. She’d understood it, however – she even knew a song about it, “Faiwy Wuv Wand am Fow Mawes.” It had the same tune as all the other songs she knew and loved, although the message was different.

But she had also been indoctrinated to understand the concept of stallions, and that Nestor was a particularly good one in so many ways. Before she even spoke to him, Valentina had seen that his coat was extra-specially pretty. Not because Valentina disliked any colors, like a bad fluffy might, but she found beauty in the way it steadily phased from a pale yellow at Nestor’s nose to a vivid jungle green at the tip of his tail. His tail, which their human owner, Mommy, kept brushed and shiny. He was just so pretty.

And then upon meeting her, Nestor – so thoughtful! – had asked “Nyu fwiend? Wan pway?”

It had been love at first sight, of course. How could Valentina have resisted his charms?

They spent the day playing with Nestor’s blockies, meeting his stuffy friends, playing huggie-tag and chasing each other around the house. They were so exhausted by the afternoon that they nearly napped through dinner! And the dinner was real, soft food that Mommy warmed up in the microwave.

The humans in the family all ate dinner at their people-table together, while the fluffies got their nummies in dishes on the floor. But Valentina was delighted, thrilled to be included. Everyone getting their nummies at the same time and sharing had been taught to her by the talking feeding trough in Fairy Love Land, too. Her transition to life as a house fluffy was going splendidly!

“Fwiend wike nummes?” Nestor asked. So thoughtful of him to check on Valentina’s happiness! Although Valentina supposed that Nestor, being such a good fluffy in the bestest family, must enjoy meals like this every day.

“Bawentina wuv wawmie-nummies!” she found time to say between delighted bites of the high-quality fluffy dinner mix.

“They named it something that started with a ‘V’ huh?” Daddy observed, glancing up from his plate to the fluffies eating. Daddy must be very smart, thought Valentina. She’d never been taught the alphabet, herself. It seemed complicated “Something that could actually get pronounced right wouldn’t have been bad…”

“Oh hush, he adores her, Nestor is walking on air,” said Mommy. It made Valentina happy to hear it. And Nestor, too. He gave her a hug and they snuggled together, on the dining room floor. The humans in the family went on discussing other things Valentina didn’t understand over their own dinner. Valentina wasn’t sleepy anymore, but it was nice just to be around them. To belong.

“So, same food and everything for one of those, huh?” Cyndi asked. Cyndi was Mommy’s daughter, newly a teenager.

Mommy scoffed. “You know it’s the only way he’d be satisfied. Making sure other fluffies are happy is what good fluffies like him do!”

“It’s just an odd thing, that’s all,” said Cyndi, “Doing it the same for one of those. I mean… what if Asher wants to play with it?”

“Then he’ll be gentle, won’t he?” Mommy asked her younger child in a singsong voice. Asher was only a toddler, but good at quietly listening and giving right answers. He nodded enthusiastically, and waved at the fluffies fondly from his booster seat. Valentina waved back. She adored the human baby. She found his cooing, giggles, and sudden playful squeals a delight.

“Well, as long as it makes him happy,” Cyndi said, and went back to paying attention to her phone. “God knows nobody wants to be dateless this month…”

When it was getting to be late at night, Nestor and Valentina were settled into his saferoom. The door was left just slightly ajar, but otherwise they had privacy. Nestor showed her the night light, a special toy that made sure that even in the deepest dark-time, there would be nothing bad or scary approaching.

They made their fluffpile of two partly covered by Nestor’s very own blanket, which he was happy to share. Valentina had never had access to one before. It was very comfortable. Valentina stayed up a little while after Nestor, though, eyes unable to close as she stared in awe of the view out of the saferoom window. Falling snow glowed in the reflected porch light like magic dust. Even the floor in this room had fluff, a thick shag carpeting designed to feel like a hug to a fluffy pony. It was perfect.

Valentina could hear her new Mommy and Daddy discussing something in the hall. It was hard to pay attention. She felt her eyelids getting heavy.

“I’m surprised they just conked out,” Daddy observed from outside the door to the saferoom. “Shouldn’t the little guy be all over her if he’s got steam to blow off?”

“The internet said they might ‘wun an’ pway’ for a day or two first,” said Mommy, “He isn’t coercive. It means the world to him to have this time, you know. It’s how they’re supposed to do these things.”

“Whatever you say, dear. Let’s get to bed ourselves.”


There were even more happy surprises on the next day of Valentina’s new life in the family’s big house. She was fed different food for breakfast, food that was still just as tasty. She and Nestor had two litterboxes, one at either end of the house, so they could play wherever they wanted and never have to feel afraid they might make bad peepees or poopies. And Baby Asher was indeed allowed to play with them while in his mother’s arms, enjoying rolling a ball back and forth with Valentina and Nestor for a while until it was his lunchtime

Valentina and Nestor rolled the ball back and forth themselves and talked about it. “Vawentina wuv Babbeh Ashew,” Valentina enthused. “Wan’ gif wots huggies!”

“Ashew am onwy widdwe babbeh,” Nestor explained, “Am gud babbeh, buh gif pinchy huggies by assy-dent. Widdwe babbehs nee’ stay wif mummahs.”

Of course, Valentina realized. It was so simple! Little babies did need to stay with their mothers to be happy. And mothers, for their part, obviously couldn’t be happy without their offspring. The idea was fascinating, provocative. Mommy, especially, was a mommy to humans and fluffies alike. She must make her so happy, all the time. Even happier than Valentina was, having become a part of that family!

Valentina shared this suspicion with her friend. “Am babbehs bestest fing… ebah?”

Nestor agreed. “Babbehs make evy’fing bettah. Am gwad Mommy-Mummah haf babbeh. Nestow wan’ haf babbehs befowe, fow haf biggest happies tuu, buh… buh…” The stallion looked sad. “Nestow speciaw fwiend wun ‘way wongest fowebah ago. Wost. Nu come backsies. Nestow nu haf babbehs wif speciaw fwiend.”

“Nuuu!” Valentina cried, overtaken by boundless fluffy pony sympathy for a friend. She administered hugs.

Nestor recovered quickly though. He was already taking heart as he said “Am otay. Nestow nu haf fwuffy fwiend fowebah, afta speciaw fwiend go ‘way. Buh nao Bawentina am fwiend, an’ Nestow wuv Bawentina suu muchies! Haf bigges’ heawt-happies!”

Valentina shared his feelings. They played together. They ate together. They slept together. She told him about Fairy Love Land and how it was wonderful, like in the song she knew. How there had been rainbows everywhere, all the time. They’d been rainbows painted onto corrugated metal or cinderblocks, but Valentina had always considered them beautiful, for their color.

Still, she also told Nestor that she was still more pleased to be here, with him. Things took their appointed course.

Nestor was indeed a gentleman. He made his intentions known one evening after having his fancy tail combed by Mommy, because he had not enjoyed being apart from Valentina for even a short time. With nuzzles and hugs, he urged Valentina, the “most pwettiest pwetty mawe, an’ bestest fwuffy fwiend” to accept him as her special friend. “Wan’ haf babbehs wif Bawentina an’ be gud daddeh. Nestow wuv Bawentina.”

It had been her hope since the beginning, but feeling it come true like this made Valentina so happy she got dizzy. Her eyes widened and her heart skipped. The two fluffies hugged so intensely and so tightly that after some instinctive, frantic rubbing, it felt only natural to fit themselves together in a certain way. Although there was a moment of surprising pain during the process, that passed, and Valentina knew that she was going to be almost as happy as Mommy soon. Nestor was going to give her babies as well. Make her a mother.

He set himself to the task vigorously and repeatedly that first night, and Valentina was glad for it.

“Enf! Enf! Enf!”

“Unf! Unf! Unf!”

“Gud feews… gud feews… guuud feeews!”


Nestor and Valentina kept at their attempts to breed. They weren’t shy about it, at first.

“Ew! Disgusting!” said Cyndi when she found them next to the coffee table before she left for school. Nestor, having already eaten breakfast, was humping away for all he was worth. He was so enraptured that his tongue was lolling out. “Nestor, you should only do that in your saferoom from now on, okay?! Okay?! Yuck! It’s private!”

“Enf!” Sowwy! Enf! Widdwe! Enf! Mummah!” Nestor assured Cyndi, though he could hardly stop his hips. She looked irritated with him, but not angry.

“Bawentina gun haf Nestow babbehs, Widdwe Mummah!” Valentina explained, beaming with innocence and motherly pride even as she was proneboned on the rug.

“Ugh,” Cyndi said with a roll of her eyes, “Don’t call me that.”

Had she not been focused on having her pussy blasted, Valentina might have been more curious about why Cyndi wouldn’t want Valentina to address her in the same way Nestor did. But…

“Enf! Enf! Enf! Nestow haf bestest pokey-ting happies! Wuv speciaw fwiend! Guuud feews!”

“Yay! Unf! Unf! Unf! Bawentina wan’ AWW Nestow’s babbehs!”

“I swear to god, I’m not cleaning the rug up,” Cyndi muttered. “What a joke.”


Days passed. Time is very relative to a fluffy pony, but there was one thing Valentina was sure of; she and Nestor had shared special hugs many times soon, confining themselves to the saferoom to rut over and over for the better part of every single day.

But she still didn’t have the funny tummy feeling she wanted. Nestor had heard it explained it on Fluff-TV in the past, and Valentina thought she knew what he was describing. The first thing that would happen once Nestor’s babies were hiding inside of their mother was that they would want to give her huggies from inside. Naturally. So she should be able to feel them in there, hugging away… somehow.

But there was nothing. Well, not nothing, since they both greatly enjoyed the act of special hugs. But it was starting to chafe both of them a bit, to do it all the time, with Valentina’s back also protesting at spending so much time with an entire stallion’s weight on it.

“Bawentina sowwy, speciaw fwiend,” she groaned. How could she be failing to be a mommy for her wonderful mate? It was the thing they both wanted most! “Bawentina twy haf babbehs, buh nu feew babbehs in tummy!”

“Nu am speciaw fwiend fauwt,” Nestor assured her. “Speciaw fwiend am gud fwuffy, an’ Nestow gif speciaw huggies ‘tiw am mummah.”

The fluffies tried everything they could think of. They tried putting Valentina on top, in case they had been doing it backwards by accident, but that didn’t work. After other types of different special huggies failed too, the fluffies tried letting Valentina hold a stuffy friend while she slept. They understood this stuffy friend to be a mommy kangaroo, and had hope of coaxing some kind of sympathetic magic from its proximity. This was in vain.

Finally, when Nestor accidentally hurt Valentina by trying to make sure his baby-juice stayed inside her with the press of his hooves, they both despaired. It was Valentina who realized that they didn’t need to go it alone like this. They should ask for help.

Mommy was the only mother that either of them knew, so they went to her, full of questions.

“Mummah, how Bawentina get tummeh-babbehs?” Nestor asked Mommy.

“Fluffies get pregnant with special hugs, like you’ve been having, dear,” said Mommy, giving the fluffies both scritches. “Don’t you enjoy your special hugs? You hadn’t had any in so long.”

“Haf wots gud feews,” Nestor acknowledged. “Nu haf speciaw wump owwies nu mowe.”

“Buh nu haf funny feews in tummy,” added Valentina. “Wan’ haf babbehs-feew an’ be mummah, wike Mommy-Mummah, mummah!”

Mommy laughed at Valentina’s vocabulary. “Well, little fluffies, you can’t rush these things,” was all she said. “Go enjoy your special hugs, and I bet you will be happy.”

They were happy. Of course they were. Valentina had never been happier, not even when she had lived with all her fellow mares from Fairy Love Land. She was always warm now, could always play as she liked, had tasty nummies every day and more toys than she could count. But her longing for babies was so constant that it felt like an empty place inside her belly of a kind that couldn’t be filled by nummies.

Late at night, after Valentina thought Nestor was asleep and couldn’t hear Cyndi talking on the phone in the next room, she would pretend that the mummah-kangaroo stuffy friend she held between her hooves was her little fluffy baby.

The felt joey peeking out of its belly was just another, even smaller baby, because Valentina wanted to someday be a mummah of mummahs and daddies and part of the biggest, bestest family ever. But for whatever reason, she couldn’t have a single foal. “So sowwy fow nu make nyu bwuddahs an’ sissies, wittwe stuffy-babbehs,” Valentina whispered into her stuffy-friends-who-were-pretend-babies’ ears. “Bawentina twy, buh am dummy mawe…”

“Speciaw fwiend?” came Nestor’s voice in the semidarkness, “Nu… nu haf saddies, pwease… Bawentina am gud fwuffy. Nestow am bad at make babbehs. Nebah gif babbehs tu wast speciaw fwiend, nu can gif babbehs tu Bawentina, huu huu…”

“Nu, nu,” Valentina assured him, “Bawentina wuv Nestow, Nestow wuv Bawentina. Gunna be bestest speciaw fwiends fowebah… an’ haf wots babbehs!”

Valentina tried to calm Nestor with one of the songs she’d been taught to sing by the teevee-fluffies alongside her friends, in youth. It had always made her happy to sing it, and it was called ‘Aww Fluffies Haf Happies in Faiwy Wuv Wand.’

It didn’t quite work. Nestor took it the wrong way, his own desperate fantasies leading him down dark mental paths. “Pwease, nu go back to Faiwy Wuv Wand if nu can haf babbehs wif Nestow,” he whimpered. “Nestow wuv speciaw fwiend Bawentina, nu wan’ be wonewy ‘gain, huu huu…”

Valentina might have explained that she never wanted to return to Fairy Love Land again, even if she’d always been coached to say that it was lovely. That compared to here, home, with her family and special friend, it wasn’t really a very wonderful place at all, crowded and with chilly concrete floors, and only the rarest attention from a few humans.

But Valentina had been well-trained never to say anything bad about Fairy Love Land, because good fluffies didn’t complain. And wasn’t she so lucky, besides? Fairy Love Land had brought her here. Instead she just cried too, and comforted him with assurances that she would have babies soon, until they slept and both dreamed of being parents.


“Today is a special day,” Mommy said, giving the fluffies treats after a breakfast they’d already enjoyed. Although the funny tummy-feel still hadn’t come, it was hard for the fluffies to be sad in the daytime. They could play and have fun during all the bright-times, regardless. And Mommy always took the time to make sure they were having a fun time, whether that meant they were using their ball or having special hugs or watching Fluff-TV. “Today is a very lucky day called Saint Valentine’s Day!” Mommy cheered.

“Bawwen-times?” said Valentina, of course not quite able to get her mouth around it. It was close to her own name, though. She liked that.

“Yes, it’s a very nice day for people and fluffies who are in love. You’ll get a special treat today of fluffy-safe chocolate cake, once I take a few pictures of you in nice-looking costumes I picked out. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

Valentina did have fun, though taking the pictures was a long and involved process. Her pretty costume was a braided mane and lacy red lady’s hat, while Nestor donned a patterned collar that doubled as a bow tie. Valentina thought her special friend had never looked more dapper.

After she had taken the pictures, Mommy showed them to the fluffies, whose hearts almost filled to bursting. What a special day, indeed, to get to see themselves dressed to the nines! Valentina had never seen herself look so pretty before. It wasn’t as though she owned a mirror.

“These are going to do numbers,” Mommy said to herself while patting Nestor and admiring the shots on her phone. “I’ve got to post them before I go out for my romantic Valentine’s dinner… but first…”

Mommy had to ‘set up for video’ before Valentina and Nestor got to enjoy their chocolate cake. It was heart-shaped and had words in pink frosting on it. Valentina and Nestor tucked into it with gusto, earning Mommy some fantastic footage where the couple licked it off of each other’s snouts as though they were kissing.

A short time after Mommy had left, and after Valentina and Nestor had eaten every last crumb of their lunch, the mare was considering matters with excitement. Giddy with sugar and exercising what little imagination a fluffy pony can, Valentina explained her insight to Nestor.

“If Bawwen-times am speciaw bwight-time fow wuv,” she reasoned, “An’ Bawentina an’ Nestow haf speciaw nummies in tummies, an’ am speciaw fwiends, an’ wan’ haf speciaw babbehs, an’ wan’ wuv speciaw babbehs…”

“Den fwuffies nee’ haf speciaw huggies fow Bawwen-times!” Nestor was in awe of this deftly-reached conclusion. Both fluffies seemed to think that this homespun folklore was guaranteed to work, and set to their task at once.

“Unf, unf, unf!” squeaked Valentina as ever, though with a little more depth than usual. As it turned out, Nestor could really pound when he was full of calories and in an extra-good mood. Well, he could pound by fluffy pony standards, anyway. “Unf! Speciaw pwace am happies! Vawentina wuv speciaw fwiend!”

“Enf! Enf! Enf! Bestest feew! Wuv costume… wuv pwetty maw… wuv speciaw fwiend! Enf! Enf! ENF!”

“Oh, GROSS!” a cry came from the door.

Valentina and Nestor looked to see who’d made the noise, though they didn’t stop their fast-paced coupling. A young man they didn’t know was in the doorway of their private saferoom, a young man with messy yellow fluff on his head. Cyndi was right behind him.

“Your mom lets these things, like, do it in the house?” said the teenage boy with a laugh. “God, they’re wearing accessories! It’s like they’re roleplaying, or something!”

Cyndi shrugged. “I don’t know, whatever. Nestor’s her pet. Let’s leave them alone.”

“Oh god, there’s brown stuff around their mouths. Do they really eat shit like they say at school?”

Despite her preoccupation, Valentina felt the urge to correct the intruder’s misapprehension “Unf! Unf! Fwuffies nu num poopies! Nu am dummies! Haf bestest cake nummies fow make bestest tummy-babbehs! Unf!”

“That one’s the Valentine fluffy, huh? It’s not as ugly as you said, almost looks like a regular one to me. Stupid hat, though.” Without asking the boy leaned down and pulled on Valentina’s pretty hat, the elastic band under her chin stretching painfully. Then he let it go, and the hat smacked her in the forehead. “Owwies! Why huwt Bawentina?!”

“Really mature,” Cyndi grumbled from the doorway.

But the boy couldn’t hear it, he was too amused by Nestor. The stallion had exercised immense willpower to extract himself from Valentina. This abandonment of sex was so that he could adorably puff up his cheeks, square his fluffy little shoulders, and challenge the invader. “Nu gif huwties tu speciaw fwiend, meanie mistah! Nu be meanie!”

The boy ignored all that and pointed at Nestor’s still-engorged member. It was small, but visibly stiff and unbelievably pink. “Ho shit, look at him, it’s like he wants to swordfight! I think I can take him, though, babe. I mean you’ve never complained about the equipment, after all.”

“Nu can gif huwties tu speciaw fwiend OW widdwe mummah!” Nestor announced, his big dumb fluffy pony eyes ablaze with anger. Nestor would not brook this kind of assault on his family. Although frightened, and aware that it wasn’t good for fluffies to challenge humans, Valentina thought he had never seemed more magnificent. “Nestow pwo’tect famiwy!”

The boy’s hand lashed out so fast that Valentina barely saw it. Had she ever seen a human move so fast, or so violently? No. Not ever.

After he’d delivered the slap to Nestor Nestor the boy hissed like a monster, “Don’t you ever threaten me. You’re just a biotoy.”

The blow barely hurt Nestor, of course, because it was barely more than a flick with the palm. Mostly it just poofed the air in his cheek out of his mouth, and made his lip smart. But Nestor yowled the standard “Owwies!” that was meant to let a fluffy pony’s owner know it was in pain, and the ‘safety feature’ worked.

“Get the fuck out of here!” Cyndi yelled.

“Babe, what do you mean?” stammered the boy.

“If you get the fuck out of here right now, you can leave… and after a few days I might forget that you came over to my house when my parents were out on Valentine’s day, on my invite, and instead of taking the chance to do anything romantic you hit my mom’s pet.”

“Hey, I didn’t mean to…” the boy glanced at Nestor, who was trying to put on a brave face but sniffling badly. The fluffy pony was unused to physical punishments. He was very well-behaved. The choked sobs he was making were not helping the boy’s case. “Uh, well. I guess I didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Go. Home. I’ll call you when I’ve figured out how you’re going to apologize.”

There was a tense moment when the teenage boy seemed like he was going to argue, press his case, even get angry. But as a weeping Valentina hugged her mate and Cyndi brushed firmly past him to check on Nestor’s wellbeing too, he realized that would be a bad idea. She wasn’t interested in putting up with him right now. “… sorry. I’ll, uh, I’ll go.”

Between his beloved special friend and his beloved owner giving him affection, Nestor perked up quickly. “Fankyoo fow hewp Nestow wif saddies, widdwe mummah,” he squeaked hoarsely. “Nestow wuv widdwe mummah Sindee.”

“You’re a good boy, Nestor,” said Cyndi, giving an affectionate series of strokes to his well-coiffed multicolor mane. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

As Cyndi stood up to take her leave, Valentina was overcome by affection for Nestor’s savior, too. She threw her forehooves around the girl’s shin in the biggest hug her small body could muster. “Bawentina wuv Sindee tuu!”

To Valentina’s surprise, Cyndi shook off the hug unconcernedly, and left the room.

Regardless, Valentina was so pleased that things had resolved safely that she cooed and nuzzled with Nestor all the way until dinnertime. Then they had special huggies again and again, this time going to sleep feeling persuaded, based on the wonderful promise of this special and romantic day, a day full of adventure, that the tummy-baby feel would soon be on its way.

It was a deep and satisfying slumber.


Sleeping deeply turned out to be a problem for Valentina. She did it a little too well.

By the time the cold air penetrated her fluff and woke her, the mare had already been taken far from the saferoom, unbeknownst to her slumbering special friend.

Cyndi had Valentina under the crook of her arm, snugly pinned there. The night was dark. The night light wasn’t here, and even the always-on porch light from outside of the fluffies’ saferoom was far away, and getting farther as Cyndi walked up the snow-covered path behind the house.

“Whewe Bawentina?” Valentina asked with some urgency, trying to look around but not able to move in Cyndi’s grasp. “Why weave housie?!” She hadn’t left the house in so many dark times and bright times. Not since first arriving. It hadn’t really occurred to Valentina to ever leave. It was happy and safe inside, especially compared to this colorless winter world outside. It was home!

“Shut up,” was all Cyndi said. The teen clucked her tongue in disappointment as she saw that snow was beginning to fall. Even on a short errand, she felt foolish for not bringing a hat.

Valentina was a good fluffy, and knew that her family would take care of her because of it. Humans loved good fluffies. But there was some kind of mistake going on, clearly. Cyndi shouldn’t take her away from home. Home was where she belonged!

“Cyndi, Bawentina wan’ go backsies to safewoom, pwease. Am cowdies!”

“You’re never going back to the saferoom. You’re just a holiday fluffy. Don’t even ask.”

Valentina was too shocked to speak for a moment, but when she did, words burst forth. All the best begging she knew how to do.

“Nu! Pwease! Bawentina am gud fwuffy! Wuv famiwy! Wuv speciaw fwiend!” Why would any of them reject her like this? Had she really failed them so completely that they would send her back to her life before? The cold? “Bawentina nu be bad fwuffy! Be soon-mummah soon! Pwomise! Nu mean be dummy nu-babbehs fwuffy… nu wan gu back to Faiwy Wuv Wand!”

For a moment, when Cyndi stopped walking, Valentina thought she’d persuaded her abductor. But then the teenager dropped the fluffy on her ass in the crunchy snow. Right at the edge of the path overlooking the aspen woods, where big shadows fell from skinny branches.

“Owwies!” Valentina put herself upright, but it hardly remedied her pain. “Bawentina nu wike cowdies! Meanie snowies gif cowdy-huwties!” It was even colder than the bare concrete floors she’d been raised on. At least those had been dry. Snow was so cold it stung her soft hoof pads.

Cyndi laughed, but somehow she didn’t sound happy at all to Valentina. “Wait, you think I’m going to take you back to specialty mill where they churn out you holiday fluffies? They don’t want you. They offered a free ‘Goodbye Bag’ to help put you out with the trash when Nestor was done with you. But mom’s a soft touch. She thinks that’s cruel. So I promised to come out here and brain you with the ‘sorry-shovel’ without telling you ahead of time.” Cyndi brandished the short metal-headed spade in her hand at Valentina. “Make it quick, you see? Like I did for Nestor’s last fucktoy.”

Valentina only understood all this in vague ways, but she understood that for whatever reason, Cyndi seemed to want to leave her here! In the cold! And this had happened to another fluffy in the past? Or just a toy? Surely Cyndi had never been so cruel… “P-pwease, Sindee! Bawentina hoofsies an’ tummy haf c-c-owdie-huwties! Jus’ wan’ be wawmies wif speciaw fwiend! Wuv–”

Cindy whomped the shovel into the snow. It scared Valentina, which made the girl grin. “I said shut up! Yeah I’m going to explain this to you because you fucked up my date – not that you can really understand. You’re never seeing Nestor again. Nestor is our fluffy, that’s why he lives with us. Mom bought you to be his fucktoy for Valentine’s, to work out his boner, but that’s it. You’re trash now.”

It was so cold that the falling snow got in Valentina’s eyes. Or maybe her tears were freezing. “Bawentina nu am twashies! A-am fwuffy! Am fow huggies an’ wuv!”

“You’re a Valentine’s Day holiday fluffy. Stallions can fix their blue balls with you, middle-aged women take some cute pictures of their pet with his ‘date,’ and then people get rid of you. It’s what you’re for.”

“Bawentina h-haf famiwy,” the fluffy protested weakly, reaching out to hug Cyndi, to make her understand. To make her feel love again. “W-wuv Sindee…”

But Cyndi pushed her away with the shovel. Valentina struggled to right herself in the snow. “I promised Mom I’d do it fast, and bury you. Like I said, she’s soft. But because I volunteered, and you’re the worst… I’m not going to be nice about it. Brady didn’t understand the difference between you and Nestor. He didn’t get it. Nestor’s a pet, and you’re an accessory. So personally, I hope the foxes or coyotes get you. They have hard winters, they could use the meal.”

Valentina didn’t understand. She felt the frosty face of the shovel settle against her side, flattening her fluff. But what could she do to resist except try to hold it with the affection she couldn’t offer Cyndi directly? “P-pwease… jus’ wan’ haf Nestow babbehs…”

“You’re fixed, you stupid bitch. Nestor’s uncut, Mom probably thinks she’ll breed him someday… but you can’t have his babies, ever. You never could. You’re just a cheap biotoy to be used for amusement for maybe a couple weeks. And you sure as hell don’t amuse me.”

Most of this went unheard, however. No babies. Valentina couldn’t have her babies, the ones she’d hoped for all this time, and loved with all her heart even though they’d never had the chance to exist.

She needed to tell Nestor. Tell him that it had never been his fault, that she’d failed him in some way, and how the last thing he should feel was guilty. Nestor cared about that sort of thing. Nestor cared so much about her.

The shovel began pressing back against Valentina, scooting her sideways through the snow. She didn’t fight back, just used what few words she could muster in this hour of confusion and horror.

“P-pwease… pwease wuv Bawentina… Bawentina w-wuv Sind–”

But she didn’t get to finish. Cyndi unceremoniously tipped her downhill with the shovel, and Valentina rolled. She tried to scream, but it was cut off by snow that got in her mouth, and then by the wind being knocked out of her as she tumbled end-over-end onto her abdomen. The snow on the hill was loose-packed and soft, and Valentina survived slipping to the very bottom.

But by the time she righted herself and looked up the slope, Cyndi had left Valentina in the cold and dark February night. A foregone conclusion.

Valentina couldn’t stop crying. Not as she tried and failed to make her way back uphill, which would always have been impossible for her, even if the snow hadn’t just slid her back down every time she began making process. Not as she attempted to find a way around the hill, either. She only managed to get turned around at the base of the next hill, which she couldn’t climb either.

The snow that had started earlier came faster and faster. It started to get into Valentina’s fluff. She acouldn’t feel her hoofsies anymore, even though just minutes ago they had been so cold they constantly burned.

“Mummah!” she cried ineffectually, not sure which direction home was in anymore. Which hill had she even fallen down? It was too dark. Too much snow. “Mummah! Daddeh! Speciaw fwiend! P-pwease hewp Bawentine!”

Valentina tried to think warm thoughts. Playing ball with baby Asher. Snuggling with Nestor. Warm oatmeal nummies, steaming in the dish.

But there weren’t warm oats on her muzzle. Only snow.

“Bawentina… nee’ nummies… nee’ huggies… p-pwease hewp Bawentina, speciaw fwiend…”

No one came, no matter who she called out to. Not the family she thought had valued her, or the mares she’d been raised with, or anyone else. She had to shut her eyes against the snow, and plod continuously onward as the wind picked up just to avoid being buried by it.

When Valentina finally found herself under tree cover, wandering into the woods, the wind wracked her less. The snow at least didn’t fill her face and blind her. She could see… though only far enough to realize that she was lost for good, that she had found her way into the darkest place at the darkest time. There seemed to be no guarantee that bright time would ever come again.

And she was still colder by the minute. Colder than the warehouse pens in Fairy Love Land had been, even at their coldest, when it had been determined that saving on heating costs in winter was optimal for the future of the Fairy Love Land Holiday Fluffies brand.

Colder by the minute turned to colder by the moment moment, until Valentina stopped being able to even feel anything but the cold at all.


“Huu huu… why speciaw fwiend go ‘way, mummah?” Nestor asked, though he’d already been told the same answer several times by now. He’d been inconsolable since early this morning, when he’d woken up and Valentina had not been at his side.

Mommy had known he’d be this way when the time for separation came, but it was still disheartening to see her little fellow so very upset. No matter how many times she explained it to her pet, he didn’t seem able to accept it just yet.

“Well, I think she knew that your babies needed to be born in Fairy Love Land, where she came from,” Mommy said, using more patience than she sometimes showed her husband and children. “Your special friend was always one very special fluffy, wasn’t she? Like I said, she was from a wonderful place. She told you that, didn’t she?” Mommy had paid quite a bit for a holiday fluffy of the kind conditioned to believe its own line of bullshit. It made spinning a fantasy easier.

Nestor nodded weakly against Mommy’s thigh, unwilling to stop hugging her for any reason. As if she might go away forever too, if he let go for an instant. “Y-yus, mummah…”

“Well, fluffies from Fairy Love Land are so special they need to have their babies there. I’m surprised your friend didn’t tell you that. Maybe she didn’t know? Anyway, it’s a special place, for mares and their babies only. That was why she knew… I mean, she KNOWS so many pretty mummah-songs from there. You liked them, didn’t you? Now your special friend and all her foals can live and frolic in the place from those nice mummah-songs together! No wonder she decided to go back.”

All of this made sense to Nestor. Or, the fluffy pony supposed it MUST make sense. Mommy was saying it, and who knew more about how good mothers and foals have do things than Mommy? Mommy had given him the most love of anyone in the world, ever since he was just a little foal himself. The rest of the family was affectionate too, but Mommy had always, always been the center of his universe.

Until his first special friend had come along, of course. They had loved each other wholly and purely, like he thought special friends ought to do. But unfortunately, that hadn’t lasted. Mommy had supported Nestor’s love, as she always supported him, because she was the bestest.

But his first special friend had gone away a long time ago. Nestor had looked and looked around the house, but never found a trace of her. Mommy said she must have done the thing bad fluffies on Fluff-TV did and run away from home, only to become lost.

That completely unexpected pain had been the worst and scariest time of Nestor’s life. He’d been so afraid of that sudden sense of loss coming to him again. He’d even begged Valentina, his second chance at love and babies, not to go away. Just the other night, when they’d been saddest, before the euphoria and fright of the events of Valentine’s Day… wasn’t that right?

“Huu huu, Bawentina gu ‘way… why Bawentina huwt speciaw fwiend heawtie?”

Yes, he’d pleaded with her then. Valentina had responded, said she didn’t want to go away. And hadn’t she cheerfully babbled at length, many times, about how she would be the bestest mommy, and he the bestest daddy, and they would raise their babies together…?

Nestor had loved to hear that babble. How had things gone so far off course?

But… she must not have known it wouldn’t work out, as Mommy had told Nestor. So sad. What a bad misunderstanding! If only Valentina had told him before deciding to leave… couldn’t they have worked something out? “If… if haf babbehs mean speciaw fwiend go ‘way… Nestow nu wan’ haf babbehs! Nu wan’! Jus’ wan’ speciaw fwiend Bawentina back! Nu wan’ be wonewy nu mowe!” Nothing could be worth this separation from Valentina. Nothing!

Mommy only continued to steadily stroke Nestor’s back and hush him. “It’s all right, Nestor. You’re not alone at all. Your mommy’s right here. Baby Asher is here, you’re always so good with him. Daddy’s still here, he loves when you sit with him by the fireplace. And Cyndi’s here, too. The whole family is here, and everything is going to be all right.”

“Huu, huu… Nestow wan’ go find speciaw fwiend!” Nestor wailed, quavering in place. “Babbehs nee’ daddeh! Pwease, mummah, hewp Nestow get speciaw fwiend back…”

“Oh, I’m afraid I don’t know where Fairy Love Land is, Nestor,” Mommy sighed. “But I’m sure they’ll be very happy there. You belong here, with us, don’t you? Our family wouldn’t be complete without our good little designer fluffy pony.”

As soothing as Mommy’s voice was, the sadness was so deep in Nestor that he buried his head in his own hooves. He hoped he could hide from the world and all the loss that filled it.

Nestor’s only consolation was another hope, that his special friend’s journey back to the wonderful, rainbow-filled place called Fairy Love Land wasn’t too cold. It was snowy out, and she had never been comfortable with the cold.


Cyndi truly hated to hear Nestor cry. But she knew she would. It was going to be possible to hear his little voice rising and falling over the long hours that reached towards morning on Valentine’s day. A whiny sound recognizable even two rooms away, eerily reminiscent of her beloved little brother’s cries.

Nestor, the poor little bastard, was devastated. For some reason, Cyndi’s mom had decided that this eventual separation would be easier on Nestor if he got to make-believe that his sex doll would actually get to live and be a mother. Somewhere. Without him. It made Cyndi want to spit.

Mom was like that. Sometimes she thought lies made things better. It wasn’t one of her more endearing qualities… but Cyndi couldn’t totally disagree with the principle. After all, she lied to her mom about plenty of things that would have upset her, too. Like how she’d spent the allowance she’d been given to order pizza last week (it had instead purchased a hefty plastic bottle of Skol vodka), or whether or not she was dating anyone (she was, alas, not going to be spending Valentine’s Day sharing her ill-gotten booze with her fling Brady).

She’d been stupid to do anything other than enact a quick disposal of Nestor’s sex-biotoy. Her mother might feed it the same food, and it might have used the same words, but it was wrong to acknowledge it like it was anything but a product.

A biotoy’s biotoy. It didn’t mean anything to anyone. It was bought to be used and then disposed of. Not loved. Not really.

But that explanation didn’t really cover her little buddy’s Nestor’s endless waves of blubbering knowing that Valentina was gone, now did it?

Cyndi put in her headphones to get some peace.


Went a little nuts and wrote this one night. Personally I think it’s a little much ado, but let’s consider it an entry into Wubey-Dubey Event 2022. Because even though you’re objectively trash monsters, Fluffy Pony Community, I’d rather have you around than not.


I really liked this take. Fluffies even more worthless than regular fluffies.


A fantastic story, both in adorable hugbox, and the cold cruelty of buying a living being as a disposable seasonal accessory. The romance between two humping fluffies was hilariously in-character to their naive little mentality, and their attempts at making babies incredibly creative! :rofl:


Holy crap I wanna bitch slap this family! Just let the little fluff keep his girlfriend! Breaking his heart has become a tradition! Great story!

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Thanks. I guess I was thinking about how easy it is for some people to value obviously equivalent things (like a ‘designer,’ fertile, approved-colors fluffy stallion and a ‘cheap,’ infertile, holiday-colors fluffy mare) differently. It’s such a ridiculous form of prejudice in a world where something as profound as love exists, right?

Anyway, love as you can, while you can, readers!

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