A Yard Attack and a Truth Revealed Chapter Three: Consequences (by blibber3)

(POV Neighbor)

You just got a call from your friend next door and he sounds pissed. A herd got in his yard and attacked his fluffies and he wants them contained so clean up would be easier. You grab a piece of wood, a few screws, and a drill and look for an opening large enough for them to get in and you find it and drill the wood in blocking the hole. You check the area for any stragglers but nothing. The rest is up to him.

Hopefully he lets you go after that herd. You don’t care much for fluffies at all (even though his are quite well-behaved but you can do without the saccharine sweetness that his two adults have) but an attack like this would give you a reason to have some ‘fun’.

(POV Smarty)

You and a couple of your toughies are getting ready to punish Eggplant when you hear a strange noise coming from your entry hole. You run to it real quick and it’s blocked and won’t budge. You and your herd are blocked in and won’t be able to leave before the human comes back so now your entire herd could be given forever sleepies and it’s all Eggplant’s fault.

You showed mercy and let him in because he’s family and look where that got you now…For the first time since you took over you got scared but not of any monster this time but scared of what’s going to happen to you and your herd…

You’re even scared for your special friend and your babies that are in her. Your legacy, your love, your herd. It’s all going to end when the human gets back. At the very least you can take Eggplant with you.

You head back to the toughies and order them to break and REMOVE his legs. You even tell one of them to rip off his lumps after the legs are gone…Hopefully, the human might be satisfied with it to at least spare the mothers and the babies and if not then at least you KNOW that Eggplant won’t be able to hurt anymore fluffies.

(POV Myself at Fluffy Hospital)

My friend took me here due to better quality of care for fluffies, in fact the second they saw my face and saw Iron, Arabica, and Hershey in my arms they took the two adults away for immediate treatment and told me that they haven’t seen a herd attack this bad.

The doctors also took a look at Hershey but they couldn’t find anything wrong physically but she got traumatized from witnessing the attack. So they gave her back to me and had us both wait for any news of their condition. I’m cradling Hershey and humming songs to calm her down and eventually she falls asleep in my arms with tears still in her eyes. I just hope that those two are okay. I know this much though, that herd will PAY IN BLOOD.

(I know this chapter is shorter than normal but the next chapter will finally detail how Eggplant will pay.)


Glad eggplant got his legs and nut off, I only hope the owner would reconsider whose fault not the current smarty :pray:

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As much as I, shockingly sympathize with the good smarty leader, they’re fucked. But if the owner sees Eggplant and his goons as “offering” he might be inclined to talk to them.


Unfortunately, Eggplant attacked Iron so it’s not that simple…


Welp, the good smarty and the rest of his herd is doomed then, poor fluff just wanted to punish the idiot who now endangered their herd, now they’re all gonna die.