About my last post

I should have worded it better. But I was just asking an honest question. I didn’t expect that I would have gotten a lot of negative feedback. So, I’m sorry if I asked my previous question, alright? I just wanted to know since I am still sort of new to the Fluffy Community, that is all. t


just avoid @Reddit-Word_H83r in the future hes bouncing on his boys dick for hours to these posts


or ripoffMcgee

I think it was the wording, as for me myself it wasn’t clear if it was a genuine question or a bitter opinion. I highly recommend using paragraphs and quoting
Hate is just something you have to accept with controversial all communities :shrug:


I wouldn’t sweat it. Tone is hard to convey via text and some people might have simply misunderstood and jumped the gun as it were.


You tag me, just to push me away.

I tire of these mixed messages, Jimmy.

Go ride this rocketship 8===D~~


I mean, I would be lying if I said I never suspected anyone here jacked off to fluffy abuse.

No way to know for sure, luckily, but I get the feeling of thinking “is this just a vent story, or someone out there is bordering the sociopath level?”

That being said, don’t feel too bad about it and ignore some obvious suspects who are just trying to get a rise out of you. They aren’t worth your time.

In conclusion I think all fluffy abuse is fair game, however vile and guts-churning you make it.


bounced on my boys rocketship for hours


Word of advice my friend; LURK MORE. I don’t mean this in a bad or unwelcoming way but a lot of your posts were hyper defensive and felt like someone concern trolling.
Before commenting get a feel of the place and the culture, read some stories and look at some art, find what you like. Also use tags because you don’t seem like someone who wants to interact with abuse or the more controversial content


i really really really hope this isnt the case

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So do I friend, so do I.

But there’s a lotta people on this big planet and not all of them are exactly “a-ok up there”.

And reading, writing or drawing stuff about childlike animals getting disemboweled already places us all way ahead of the curve I reckon


An apology is a nice gesture of good will, but I wouldn’t sweat it too much in the first place.

I’d also take the negative reaction you received with a pinch of salt.

This is a community where individuals routinely get into vicious arguments over bits of head-canon, and where the community as a whole periodically threatens to implode dramatically.

It’s honestly more bark than bite, at least in my experience.

Fwiw, if you decide to stick around in spite of all this, then welcome to FC!


bruh i think you’re making the most community posts out of anyone ive seen so far so tis getting a lot of attention

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A true proud American🇱🇷


Come on dude it’s the internet and this community came out of the Brony fandom I’m sure somebody’s jacking it to this shit.

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As a wise man always said, hope for the best, prepare for the worst.


Well, some of the other Brony groups think the gruesomeness in this subfandom goes a bit too far. As I said, my friend from DA, mortalshinobi who draws fatality art, he’s also a brony and has read the Cupcakes creepypasta and has mad a fan art piece of it once, and even he thinks fluffy pony abuse is too much. That is why I originally asked if there was line that could not be crossed because when people who can handle most of the grimdark in the ordinary part of the MLP fandom get creeped out by Fluffy Pony Abuse, you know that things gotten a tad too far for even the harden ones such as that

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I didn’t mean to sound like that. I just don’t understand why most of the artwork is these cute creatures being horrible tortured and mistreated, and not as much of them act like pets, which they were originally written as. And I was being honest about comparing Abuse characters to Vogons from Hitchiker’s Guide To The Galaxy with the crabs they keep stepping on, because when I first came across the abuse images, I started remembering the Martin Freeman film and how both the Vogons and the Abuse characters started acting towards both creatures, which was killing them because they thought it was funny, even though the film was trying to show that the Vogons were boorish. And I didn’t mean to sound like I was trolling, but I was pointing out that some people on other websites really don’t like the abuse of the Fluffy Ponies, due to the fact that there are people like that out in the world that are seriously fucked up in the head, such as Peluchin Entertainment on Youtube who kills his cats for views

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Okay then, I just did not expect that many negative comments. I should have worded it better


Well, nobody can really blame you for thinking some artists go a bit overboard when depicting abuse.

Beyond that, you cannot quite create a story (unless you go for pure, unadulterated hugbox, where the worst that can happen is a fluffy bopping their nose on a wall) without some strife for the adorable/disgusting fuzzballs. Of course, Abuse mostly focuses on the formula “sociopath/psychopath destroys helpless critters, walks away scott-free for x amount of reasons”.

Sadly, that is indeed true. Animal abusers DO exist, murderers and rapists aswell. I can obviously understand someone not deriving pleasure (or straight up wondering what’s wrong with the artist) from reading a story/looking at a drawing where childlike talking animals get regarded as focken soap, ground into paste, raped by humans, eaten alive, yadda yadda.

Though I would say, unless someone has problems with violence in general (media and literature included), they may be offput by the inane gratuitousness of most abuse pieces, where the artist just goes “fluffy gets horribly killed or worse, somehow” without much context or motivation.

That, I figure may lead some people (myself included, from time to time) to wonder why someone just enjoys basking into the sheer fictional carnage.

But alas, people like different things. As long as they stay in someone’s fantasy, we should be a-ok. And if someone has issues with this kind of ultraviolence but still likes fluffy “safe” art, only looking up Hugbox should suffice.

Where did the soap thing come from anyway? The Biotoy thing I can somewhat understand, but soap?

The artist who made me hate abuse was Gingerfig. I think he took things way too far, and like I said in a previous comment, if you replaced the word “fluffy” with an actual ethnic group in his rants, he would sound like someone on Stormfront talking about Jews, or Native Americans, or Hispanics, or African-descended people, etc., and made me believe that he was insane and almost genocidal, even though the thing he was ranting about was fictional.

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