Abusalina Teaser: One-Way Ticket To Skettiland! 💀 (by EpicSubterfuge)

On more teaser before the comic is a-go! :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

Also, I’m starting to get my fluffies figured out. Been on a struggle to find my own way of drawing the shitrats. I think it’s just easier to draw a pile of gore, because…

:musical_note: Fluffies are for hurties and gooooooore! :musical_note:


Yaaawn. Wake me up when there’s a comic.

It’s not exactly easy to find the time for a full-fledged comic when one does art full-time, though. I do things not as I want, but the way I can.

Try doing full-fledged comics when you have a corporate job, and a house and a family. It’s fun!

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IKR? Then you must understand how it is.

All I understand is that there’s a lot of rough breakdowns coming my way but no comic. I was lead to believe there would be a comic. I love comics.

I am doing character studies, practicing and such. I want the thing to look good, hence the teasers, to test the waters on whether I’m doing okay in that department. I see a lot of not-so-pretty art around, don’t wanna be in that bunch.


As a general rule you will improve faster if you run entire production cycles. I.e. make a 4 panel comic, post it, figure out what you can do better next time. I see you posting the same kind of thing over and over - a rough “pencil” breakdown of a single panel, with dialogue. That is a very slow way to improve, or to test the waters. You don’t get feedback on your coloring, your embellishing (inking), your flow/legibility, etc.

Besides, you clearly have the basics down and are in no risk of falling in with the “no skill” or “low effort” art categories you worry about.

Ikr? One thing I know: I’ll aim for B&W, with the blood in red. Key pages in colors. You’d be baffled by the number of Abusalina sketches I discarded. I want her hair to look a bit better, still not 100% happy with it and I feel it can improve. Maybe I’ll make it simpler, while keeping the general shape.

You might be surprised at how little around producing media baffles me.

Please post a comic. I am looking forward to it.

It won’t be long until it drops, don’t fret.

Show. Don’t tell.

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Soon enough these things will meet their end either way. And not just when sorry sticks hit or penetrate them.

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Huh yeah I wonder why the human is holding the sorry stick. Probably just to hold it and feel how much it weighs or something.

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Pretty much!

Yes. Totally not to crack that fluffy’s skull or anything! :crazy_face:

Try not being such an arrogant cunt.

Go find a Discord to join.

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This mare looks like she’s sniffed poppers.


It would not be a surprise if Abusalina shoved dope into the shitrat’s asshole just to see if it has a bad trip. XD