Accident in the Dark (By:Carpdime) (FBID:26034)


A friend bred turtles (tortoises?) and they used to roam freely, I was always in panic of stepping on one.

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Hahahahaha kill her foals for fun, so she wondered where they are.

How big where they?

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Bigger than the extended palm of a hand, a bit more.

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That’s what the vermin thief deserves.


This is satisfying

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OK yeah that’s not that big.

I’m so clumsy, that sounds like my nightmare. I worry about stepping on peoples cats, much less a turtle.

Comics are inherently hard to execute and I think there is generally a tendency to underestimate the planning required. These shorter one pagers are an excellent way to convey a narrative without needing the commitment of multi-pagers. In the past I found these floating one page panel comics very effective and efficient so you can find quite a few of these in the archives.

This specific story I don’t think is particularly notable, it’s definitely more a product of it’s time. It has references to specific comics done by Quickhorn dealing with similar topics which fascinated me to no end at the time. The most memorable comment of this comic when it was posted on Fluffy Booru was that the food scrap (it was meant to be a bit of pie) looked more like a broken off piece of a shoe. Think that says enough about this particular piece! :rofl:

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