"Ad Laun Dyz" by NobodyAtAll

Warning: spoilers for the Adam Omega Saga.

Fourteen thousand years into a past that now never was, far above the thick clouds covering the entire surface of the planet, there is a vast floating continent, held aloft by technology and magic far more advanced than anything seen on modern day Earth.

This land is known by many names.

The Land of Truth.

The Magic Kingdom of Zeal.

The Enlightened Country.

The Garden of Eden.

Ad Laun Dyz.

All but one of these names have been all but forgotten today.

Those who call it home call themselves the Enlightened Ones. They live lives of luxury, basking in the sun’s warm rays every single day.

In the present, they’d be known by a different name:


Only those who possess the gifts of superhuman power are allowed to live in Ad Laun Dyz.

Everyone else is forced to live down on the surface, an endless hell of ice and snow. They are derisively called the Earthbound Ones. They live short, brutal, miserable lives, and suffer through everything the ice age can throw at them.

In the present, they’d also be known by a different name:


Of course, should an Earthbound One achieve Enlightenment, as crossing Threshold X is called in this era, the people of Ad Laun Dyz will quickly change their opinion on the Earthbound One, and welcome them into their land.

Whether the Earthbound One wants it or not.

There are many cities on this skybound continent, but the biggest one, the capital, stands at the heart of Ad Laun Dyz.

Omega City.

It was named for the dynasty that has ruled Ad Laun Dyz, and by extension the surface world, since the first Enlightened Ones emerged.

The Omega Dynasty has always possessed greater power than the rest of their kind, which is why they rule, but the last of their line possesses power that surpasses even that.

Power that is, theoretically, infinite.

Those X-Positives in the present day fortunate enough, or perhaps unfortunate enough to possess that same theoretically limitless power are known as Omega Class X-Positives.

They were named after him.

Emperor Adam Omega, tall, muscular, and ethnically ambiguous by modern standards, strolls through the streets of Omega City.

He wears a opulent robe, and is followed by two other individuals.

The first is Kushim, his scaly.

Scalies are biotoys, and they’re abundant in Ad Laun Dyz. Fluffies weren’t a new idea. There are others walking their scalies, chatting to their scalies, and playing with their scalies.

While fluffies will be created using DNA from various mammalian species, and including some avian DNA too, scalies were created using reptilian and insectoid DNA, along with DNA extracted from the bones of various monstrous extinct species.

At least, extinct on this Earth.

The other individual is a beautiful woman, as ethnically ambiguous as Adam and all other humans of this time.

She’s also wearing an opulent robe.

Adam turns to the woman, and speaks to her in a language that does not exist in the modern day. A language that, from the perspective of modern humans, never existed.

For the sake of convenience, their language will be translated into English.

“It’s beautiful, is it not? The Earthbound Ones often ask us what makes us better than them. This. This makes us better than them, Eve. While they struggle to survive down below, we found a better way. That proves we’re smarter than them.”

Eve nods happily.

“When they create a floating land, I’ll be happy to call them equals. Until then, they’re nothing but scum.”

Kushim looks up at Eve.

“Dunt howd yu bwef, mummah. Dem dummeh Uwf-bownd Wunssss cud neba buiwd ssssumfin wike dissss.

Eve laughs pleasantly.

“It was a joke, dear Kushim. I’d never consider those disgusting Earthbound Ones my equals. I hope the ice and snow kills them all.”

Adam beams at his wife.

“When the age of ice down below finally ends, we’ll have an entire world to ourselves.”

Then he looks up at the cloudless sky. The clouds, of course, are below them.

“And then… then we’ll move on to the other worlds up above.”

A few months later, Adam decides to be more proactive.

He knows that the Earthbound Ones breed as much as they can, to ensure that at least some of them survive the endless winter.

Simply waiting for the Earthbound Ones to go extinct on their own might not work.

So Adam decides to make some room, and Ad Laun Dyz prepares for…

Well, war wouldn’t be the right word.

The right word would be…


In the throne room of his palace, Adam sits on his throne, his wife seated on a second throne next to him, Kushim sitting in his daddeh’s lap.

The three of them watch on a large screen, as their forces, having descended to the surface, carry out the exterminaton of the Earthbound Ones, with their powers, highly advanced technology and magic.

As the trio watches a horde of scalies devour one unfortunate Earthbound One, including the bones, Adam smiles in satisfaction.

“The Earthbound Ones aren’t even worth keeping around to enslave. We can build machines that do the work of hundreds of slaves, and the machines don’t give us any lip.”

“Ssssu wut am daddeh gunna du when dey am aww gon?”

Adam strokes Kushim’s iridescent scales.

“Move on to the next conquest, Kushim. One by one, every planet will fall, until all worlds are under our rule. We are destined to rule.”

Eve smiles at her husband.

“Then our child will inherit the greatest empire that will ever exist.”

Adam cannot hide his glee.

“You’re with child! I have an heir!

A few months later, more than 90% of the Earthbound Ones have been killed. The clouds covering the planet have been dispelled, and the Earth is a scorched wasteland.

When the Intergalactic Patrol attempts to intervene, Adam kills the Patrolmen dispatched to deal with his empire, and discourages any further attempts to intervene by destroying several other planets himself, using teleportation technology stolen from the dead Patrolmen to get there.

Ultimately, the Intergalactic Federation comes to the conclusion that there is only one way to save the entire universe from falling under Adam’s rule.

An extremely dangerous, one-of-a-kind weapon.

The Reset Bomb.

As Adam and Eve are preparing the nursery for their imminent child, with Kushim watching them work, a solder clad in highly advanced armor runs in, looking very worried.

“Sire! A massive spacecraft just appeared over the city!”

Adam scowls.

“Prepare my armor. Kushim, it’s time to show those space-faring bastards who runs shit in this universe.”

Adam, clad in his armor, and Kushim, having sprouted a pair of wings, hover above the city, looking up, their jaws unable to drop any lower without falling off.

Adam’s armor bears a symbol that, today, would be known as an omega symbol.

It’s his symbol.

“It’s… it’s bigger than the entire continent…”

“Can we win dissss, daddeh?”

Adam grits his teeth.

“If we can’t, I’m taking those bastards down with me. The universe is ours or it’s nobody’s at all.”

As the duo flies up towards the spaceship, one of the many cannons on the ship fires a city-sized bomb at them.

They’re fast enough to dodge it.

So the bomb keeps going.

And strikes Ad Laun Dyz.


The entire floating continent is sealed inside an immense bubble.


Which vanishes, taking Ad Laun Dyz with it.

Adam and Kushim gasp in horror and grief.

“NO!!! EVE!!! MY BOY!!!”


They look down, seeing the scorched surface of the Earth revert to its former frozen state, before the thick clouds return to cover the world.

“It’s like… like…”

“Wike nuffin we did eba happund.

They turn back up to the spaceship, baring their teeth in fury.

Adam snaps.


He bursts into white-hot flames, and charges at the spaceship.

Two smaller cannons fire a pair of silver balls, about the size of baseballs, at Adam and Kushim.

They make the mistake of not dodging those, assuming those balls could not harm the duo.

When the silver balls strike them, they turn out to be made of nanomachines.

The nanomachines spread across their bodies, ensnaring them in silver ropes.

And then Adam’s flames are extinguished. Both he and Kushim start feeling weak.

“Daddeh… wut am dissss…”

“It’s… power dampening tech…”

Both of them are sucked into the ship by a tractor beam.

Later, several Intergalactic Patrolmen, including some of those who had been killed by Adam, teleport down to the Earth’s frozen surface, bringing a large stone coffin-like object with them. The coffin has an omega symbol on it.

One of the Patrolmen looks around at the endless ice and snow, watching several of the natives chase a prehistoric beast in the distance. He’s a Silicoid, a race of large rocky creatures who have yet to settle on Earth.

The Intergalactic Patrol possesses translation technology, so their languages will also be translated into English.

“Well, it ain’t much better than scorched wastes, but it’ll have to do for now.”

Another Patrolman, a female fishlike alien, chimes in, sounding hopeful.

“This age of ice won’t last forever. The natives will probably pull through.”

A third patrolman, tall and green, raps on the coffin.

“Especially without this asshole firebombing the place. I hope there’s never another native with power like that. We don’t have any more Reset Bombs.”

The fishlike Patrolman turns to the green Patrolman.

“Maybe the next one will be nicer than Adam.”

The green Patrolman laughs.

“I wouldn’t bet on that. Alright, let’s move this thing somewhere nobody will find it.”

The fishlike Patrolman seems hesitant.

“Is leaving it on S1-P3-M1 really wise?”

“He can’t breathe in space, neither can his pet. If they break free, they’ll be stuck here. And they’ll be alone. An Emperor without subjects is just a man.”

“I hope that genetic aberration doesn’t happen again. It turned the natives against each other.”

“Technically, it didn’t happen at all. Soon, nobody will even remember it happened. I can’t even remember what it was like to die anymore.”

“Then let’s hide this thing before we forget what we’re doing here.”

And like that, the age of Ad Laun Dyz came to an end.

Or rather, never started in the first place.

The empire and its people were all but forgotten. Only small pieces survived, albeit misremembered.

The omega symbol.

The story of Adam and Eve.

The legendary sunken continent of Atlantis.

All of these are the result of people trying to remember what never was.

Even fluffies are the result of this.

They weren’t a new idea, after all.

As for Adam and Kushim?


1950 AD.

A secret laboratory in the Himalayas.

A man who appears to be bearded and Norwegian studies a stone coffin, with a omega symbol on it.

“This is fascinating. Whatever’s inside possesses incredible power. Possibly even infinite power. There must be a way to harness it.”

He turns to a creature.

It looks like a fluffy.

Red fluff and eyes, white mane and tail.

And a swastika on both sides of his body, along with a black patch on his upper lip that looks like a toothbrush mustache.

This “nazi fluffy” is the sole survivor of a failed project. A failed attempt by the Axis to annoy the Allies into submission.

“What do you think, HG-420?”

The nazi fluffy replies.

𝕴𝖈𝖍 𝖜𝖊𝖗𝖉𝖊 𝖆𝖚𝖋 𝖉𝖊𝖎𝖓𝖊 𝖇𝖊𝖘𝖎𝖙𝖟𝖙𝖚𝖒𝖊𝖗 𝖐𝖆𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖓!

Dr. Hans Stahlberg, currently occupying his Stahlkörper, sighs.

“I knew Projekt Höllengremlin was a bad idea.”

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