Alicorn foal Adopts. CLOSED. ( Gal-With-Pastels)

Dran in @NekuChan ’s artstyle because Full of milky babies are so round and rotund .

•Adopt rules •

  • you must atleast have 2 works in your gallery in order to adopt from me.

  • Must use the adopt.

A feral herd left behind what they consider “ Munstah babbehs ” to rot, When i found them , They were skin and bones! but Luckily I was able to get them Heathly and full and ready to be adopted.

TAKEN Soufflé : the runt out of the group, Her mom discarded for being a poopie fluffy as well as being born with one wing.

TAKEN Ivory : The biggest boy out of the group , The tip of his horn was stomped off by his mom after realizing he was a munstah .

TAKEN Sunset : the twin sister of Pascal , Sunset was the only babbeh to go wound free from they’re mummah.

TAKEN Pascal : the twin brother of Sunset, Pascal wasn’t in the best condition when i found him. His and sunsets mummah stomped off his back legs . making him rely on His two front legs.


Aww, Ivory is so cute.

I’d have a few ideas for him already…

happy puffs are round puffs


would you like him?

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Yes happy full fluffy’s

Your adoptables are so cute, I love your art style.


Ugh. I love Sunset so much. I’m such a sucker for purple.

I suppose I could try to give him a new home…

he is yours :3

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so you want her?

…yes very much.

Too chonk~

~restrains se1f~

okie dokie

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Awew! Too bad I only have one post in my gallery :sweat_smile:
These are cute, if you make more adopts in the future I’ll try to grab one someday!

I make adopts once in awhile , So your good

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Soufflé is an adorable little bean. You might have just inspired me to do some artwork. Gotta wait until tomorrow though since I’m at work rn.

she is yours!

I’ll take Pascal if he’s still available. Something about his nubby roundness speaks to me.

Does the adoption come with certain stipulations for use?

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