All my Fluffy Characters (swiftbitches)


Brute’s family consists of his owner Bonnie Ferrin father Bruno, mother Mary, step-mother Valentine, “special friend” Axel and their three foals Butcher, Meredith and Bear. Bonnie runs an extermination buisness that mainly deals with fluffies and uses Brute, Bruno and Valentine to slaughter invading herds.


Shark’s family consists of his owner Warren Faust, his special friend Cherry, brother Scotty, and two foals held back to be bred, Sand dollar and Vixen. He’s tolerant of the other fluffy families at “Maple valley Fluffies”, owned by Warren. He’s very cautious around Len and Vixen being special friends because he knows how horrible stallion’s can be. Brute and Shark are cousins.

Warren is not human but an eldritch being that looks like a writhing black mass of tentacles but does have a third form

Emma -

Emma’s family consists of her special friend Colt, her two daughters Fern and Pine, her three foals with Colt, Pebble, Rose, and Clover, and Beetle. Emma gets irritated with Beetle occassionaly because he believes he’s a monster and often compares himself with her and her daughters.

Martin -

Martin’s family consists of his “adopted son” Red, his “special friend” Purple and their 5 foals. Martin was abandoned and neglected by his mother and bounced from herd to herd, always being kicked out for being a cannibal. He turned vengeful and jaded and has decided he wants to wipe out all grass eating fluffies.

Ivan and Minerva-

Ivan and Minerva’s family consists of their owner Kendall, their special friend Sweetie, and their two children Pine cone and Gem 'n Nye. Kendall is a narcissitic asshole who was the golden child in his family but was dumped when he didn’t get into medical school. Bonnie is trying to help him get better but she’s also a bit of a snarky asshole so they butt heads quite a bit.

Kendal is tall with dark hair, dark brown eyes and tan skin.

The misfit herd-

The misfit herd is a large collection of rejected fluffies cast out of their old herds, mostly alicorns, poopies, or crippled fluffies. There’s 37 fluffies in all and Dave, their unofficial official leader, tries to get them all fixed and adopted into good homes.


Fenwick and his owner Laura live alone in her nice fancy apartment. She believes he can do no wrong and “he’s just a fluffy he doesn’t really know what he’s doing!”. Fenwick has broken up 13 of Laura’s relationships because he doesn’t like other men being with his owner.

Fluffy love -
There’s no art for this story yet and I might draw Azul and Sunny but I want to leave what Matthew looks like up to the reader.

Cleansing the herd -


Fluffy’s herd consists of his special friend Dotty, his toughie Traffic cone and his fillies Grape and Lollipop, and the twins Bubble and Gum who are very interested in Traffic cone. They were from the same breeding mill as Axel.


Magpie is a three horned designer fluff who ran away cause her owner was overbearing and eventually met Geode. Two stories are being worked on for them.

Other unrelated fluffies -

Lust is the embodiment of lust who likes to take the form of a fluffy or anthro for shits and giggles. If you can think of it she’s into it.

Meadow (the red two horned alicorn) is made to represent me and I’ll use him when talking about something that happened to me or just talking to the community.

This is mostly for me so I can keep up with all my characters.


I loved Fenwick the moment I saw him and wanted to put a part where he breeds a Rainbow Dash non-alicorn in a story I was writing. Most of the foals would be killed though.


He is a breeding stud so that would fit

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Also he sees nothing wrong with foals dying. He would probably kill his own child and then shrug


not me drooling a bit seeing the Eldredge being- humina humina-
ahhh the way you draw fluffys is soooooo cute and adorable and i LOVE their dynamics!! ahhh!!


Holy granoli, I love your artwork so much! Fangirls

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Aw, thank you!!

Thank you! I’m super proud of my art :3

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