(Almost) All my fluffies (swiftbitches)

I haven’t included any of the side characters or foals and intend to do a drawing for all of them, including Brute and Axel’s foals, Fluffy’s herd, Red and Purple, Valentine, Pinecone, Beetle, Emma’s foals and Shark and Cherry’s foals.


I remember Shark.
He likes pets but wont admit it.

And everybody knows who Brute is >.>


Yes, Shark was one of my first fluffies!

One of your first one I saw too.
Did you ever explain why is missing a leg ?
I don’t remember.

( Rambo is my second fluffy I created a green one winged pegasus foal in a can named Pepsi)

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He was part of a fluffy/dog fighting ring and lost his leg to a dog

I’m starting to remember that now.
I’ts been a while.

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They’re all so adorable

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“We dont talk about Bruno!”
Its nice to see all your Fluffys at ones

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I will miss your beautiful fluffys

Uh miss ?
Are you leaving us ?

Don’t know maybe.

That be a shame if you are.
But if you do you are always welcome to come back.

And if you plan to stay then we are glad to stil have you around.

Cuteness proximity violated. Cuteness Proximity - TV Tropes

Cuteness overload commencing. Cuteness Overload - TV Tropes


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