Alternate universe stories.

Hello, I am new to the community and having already read quite a few fluffy stories ,I am interested in starting to write.
I have seen that there are multiple diffrent worlds and timelines, that various contributers use.
Are there any established timelines where Hasbio sucessfully launced fluffies without them being prematurily let out by PETA?
Also are there any popular fluffy cyberpunk/steampunk/dieselpunk universes?
Would stories taking place in either of these timelines be of interest to you?

  1. Not that I know of. That would just kind of be the early concept, which was Littlest Petshop mixed with MLP:FIM.

  2. I recall a Steampunk one I didn’t read. I think @Carpdime did fan art of it. Cyberpunk as an aesthetic or story theme? As has been said a lot in literary discourse lately, Cyberpunk has kind of become reality except more mundane plus Fluffy settings kind of rely on technology being a bit higher anyway. Though I recall something with soldiers using cyborg Fluffies as hunting dogs, and plenty of comics used robots. Plus some with Hugbox comics with hologram toys. I don’t recall Dieselpunk beyond some awkward Nazi stuff common to furry fans.

  3. The general rule is your headcanon is king.

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The joy of fluffies is that they were never perfected. That’s what makes them so easy to hate! And also so easy to feel sorry for! And then so easy to hate again! But they’re so cute! And stompable!


It was always established as 20??, so the timeline is free to play with :stuck_out_tongue: