An attempted at abuse (watcher)

This is the piece without the shading

With shading

This took me 2-3 hours to do

Also as a bonus, the prep/help page

Please let me know if the differences of my styles constantly switching are a little jarring, it’s difficult to make abuse/horror with the cutesi style I’ve been using


dont worry…
.its kinda hard to find a match style with what style you comfortable with…
yours is not that bad…

also does the mummah still alive? because the expression of worried is just…beautifull…


Indeed she is, I thought it might be a nice idea to add a psychological torture to both mother and child, as well as might have been a way use to make the mother survive longer

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That last image is really recognizable especially all the test colors.
Lost count how many times I did that.

All I can tell you though is to keep practicing on your gore and look at horror movies and horror comics to get a feel for the gore.

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