An introductory post, by Dragex.


“Ugghh, is it time already?” Dragex said groggily as he lazily turned off his alarm clock.
“I was hoping I wouldn’t make an introductory post for like, ever…”

Dragex sighed as he got out of bed and got dressed.

“Time to show the people what I’m all about.” he said, with the edgiest fucking grin he could muster. He hummed to himself as he headed to his basement, opening the door with glee. “Hmm, let’s see… Should I be edgy or should I keep the violence… ‘mild’” He said as he flipped a coin. “Heads! Edgy it is…”

As he walked into his basement he banged his fast against his wall as hard and loudly as he could. “HEY SHITRATS, WAKE UP, IT’S GO TIME!” he shouted as he turned on the lights. The once peacefully sleeping Fluffies were now scurrying and releasing their vile waste in fear. “Pwease munstah, nu huwt Fwuffies nu mowe!” a cyan Fluffy pleaded.

“Sorry fucker, but I gotta make a good impression!” Dragex said as he grabbed the Fluffy by the throat. “Hmm, what to do… What to do…” he pondered. “OH YEAH! I got an idea!” Dragex said as he slammed the Fluffy’s back onto his knee, causing a sickening CRACK! The creature barely had time to let out a “SCREE-” before it died.

“Alright. How about you next?” Dragex said, pointing at a pink foal “NU PWEASE! NU HUWT BABBEH! AM ONWY BAB-” the Fluffy was cut off by Dragex roughly pinning the creature with his heel. “Yeah yeah, I’ve heard it already.” Dragex said in an annoyed tone. “Say, how hard do you think I’d have to press down my foot until your organs popped out both ends?” Dragex continued, his tone now murderously edgy.

The foal, realizing her end was near began hopelessly squirming underneath his heel. “NU WAN FOWEVAH-SWEEPIES! NU WAN!” the creature pleaded. “Well, problem is, I really don’t give a shit.” Dragex replied, slowly pressing down harder. The foal began gasping and coughing, desperately trying to breathe as its body was being crushed.

“Hmm. That’s surprising, I thought at this point you’d at least have broken a ri-” Dragex was cut off as he heard a sickening (yet satisfying) crunch followed by a deafening “SCREEEEEEEEE!!!”. “There we go! Now to see how long until those organs burst out.”

At this point the foal was desperately flailing her legs while crying and wheezing. Dragex applied more pressure, causing the foal’s intestines to burst out of her mouth and ass at speeds previously thought impossible causing a hearty SPLAT! as the collided with the walls. “HOLY SHIT, DID YOU SEE THAT?” Dragex said to the foals mother, who was sobbing while hugging the deflated corpse. “Huu huu… Pwease wakies babbeh… Nu am time fo’ fowevah-sweepies yet…” she muttered.

“Ugh, way to kill the mood. I was gonna kill you but now you ruined it.” Dragex said as he headed up the basement stairs. “Whoops! Almost forgot to turn off the lights.” he said grinning at the grieving mother as he turned off the lights. “Huu huu… Wan die…” she muttered as Dragex closed the door.


(Welp, that was an interesting first post, I thought that I’d shake off my rust by making a short introductory post, if you couldn’t tell, I’m shit at writing, but I try to make it entertaining. If you have any criticisms with any of my posts ((Meaning past, future or present posts.)), please let me know in the comments, I really wanna improve and provide some neat stories for you guys.)


And so it begins…


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