An itch that doesn't want to go away. A story by fluffehlover

Now, I’ve never considered myself an abuser by any stretch of the imagination. Infact, I’d quite proudly say I love fluffies. They are adorable. Although they can be pests, those can be easily dealt with simple tactics. I used to have one, you see. He was one of those “munstah babbies” they so often cry about. He was a pink alicorn, named Prince.
Loved him to bits. But, one day as he was minding his own buisness, playing in the yard, a herd of fluffies got in. They were lead by one of those smarties, and quickly overran poor Prince, raping him, and shitting all over him. Then to end it all, the smarty crushed his head in. When I saw the scene left in the yard, I was left without words. I can still remember the feeling bubbling inside me. It was hot, yet cold. It grasped my lungs so hard I could hardly breathe. The smarty told me to get him and his heard some “sketties”, which every fluffy, no matter where they may be from, all long for. He threatend me with some “sowwy hoofies” which always made me laugh as I saw it on videos. But right now, I felt only a pale feeling. I wanted revenge. Thus, I invited the smarty and his heard inside. There was about 2 mares, with around 3-4 babies each, and 2 toughies. I lead them all to my basement, and then… Well, to the tell the truth, I’d rather not think about what I did that day. Luckily I live alone, which the closest house being about 3 minutes away by walking. No one heard what I caused that day.

That was all 2 years ago, now. I have yet to get a new fluffy. For why would I? No one could fill the spot that Prince left in me. Though, the itch came up every now and then. Especially on those fatefull days, of Prince’s birthday and deathday. I never really eat it otherwise, but on those days, I always eat the precious sketties we used to share. It fills some sort of hole left in me, though I am not really clear with myself if it’s healthy or not.

But, alas, nowdays I work in a small café, in a medium sized town. It’s owned by a former homeless guy, that managed to gain quite the fortune after being lucky with 2 fluffies, that birthed the most rare colourations you’d ever seen. He was a real good guy, having an hour before closing every night where the homeless folk of the area can come get some coffee and something small to eat. His 2 fluffies were still with him, always being right next to him at the counter, greeting every new customer. It was always pleasent to come in to their small waves. It always scratched that itch of getting a new fluffy.

But it could never bury the itch that tormented me every day and every night. The itch to hurt fluffies. It wasn’t uncommon to see some poor fluffy being half crushed in the middle of the road. Such was life nowdays. Justa cross the café is a small alleyway, where a mare and her special friend moved into just a week ago. I walked passed them a couple of times, and noticed the babies; a blue one that was rather fat, that was always dancing, trying to attract some loving “daddeh” or “mommeh” for the little babies. Then there was a smaller white one, that loved to sing with its mother, usually out of tune as they do. It was a bit shy, never really being in the front when people came up to them. Then there was a minty green one, that was there “splorah” baby. It was always off on some sort of adventure, looking in every little nook adn craney of the alleyway. Those are the three one always see, but I swear that I once saw something wriggling next to their makeshift nest of cardboard. It was something in a pile of feeces, wriggling and peeping, chirping for its mother. Surely a dedicated “poopie babbeh” which are usually the brown coloured ones. Poor thing. The mother herself was a very pleasent red colour, with a green mane. Well, pleasent in feral terms. Just gotta remove all the shit and dirt from the furr. Her mate, however, I hadn’t seen in a while, until last night. It was late, and I was going out next to our café, to our own little alleyway, to throw away the trash. That’s when I saw him; wriggling in a pile of maggots that had been eating his right out of its socket. He wasn’t moving, so natrually I thought he was dead, the poor thing. That’s when he chirped, and his left eye slowly turned to me. He had no hindlegs, for they had been torn off by some dog, or teen. We shared a glance for a moment, and that’s when it gasped out a silent “wan… die…”. Even if I had no attechments to this fluffy, I felt sad for it. So, I nodded to it, and crushed its head with the weight of the garbage. Poor thing. And poor family. But, that’d mean they’d be hungry now, and in need of aid. The itch gnawed at me. That night when I came home, I sighed, taking a sip of whiskey. I hated drinking, but I always took a glass when I felt anxious. Something I learned from my dear father. But even with the warm feeling inside of my chest and stomach, the itch became more and more unbearable. No one would miss them, right? She had no collar, after all. Maybe… just maybe… I went to bed early that night, but I didn’t get much sleep.

The next day rolled around, and I arrived at the café. It was already some customers, this early in the morning. I was greeted like always by the boss and his fluffies, and made my way back to get changed. When I came back out, I looked out, and saw the mare with her babies. They were crying, no doubt hungry for milk. It was a good night, too, as the boss had to leave early to grab his wife off the airport, so it’d only be me to close. It was quiet, if you ignore the rambling of the homeless folks. But even during that time, I couldn’t turn away from the family.

Midnight rolled around, and the last person left, thanking for the coffee and snacks. I wished them a nice evening, and they just mumbled a “Whatever…” in response. But now was the time. I wouldn’t be able to do this again. If anyone saw me do this, it’d ruin me. No one could know what I was about to do. I quickly walked to my car, and drove up next to the alleyway. As I stepped out and walked around, the fluffy family was asleep. I lit up a flashlight from my pocket, first lighting up the area of filth. I knew it. There was a brown little baby in the pile. But not only that, it was a alicorn! My heart jumped a bit, thinking of Prince. But that could wait, for the blue one had awoken. It blinked a bit, before starting to realise what was standing before him. He chirped and peeped to his mother. “Mummah! Nice mistuh be here!” he called out, waddling over to me. “Nice mistuh bring bestesh babbeh an bwudda an sistah an mummah to nice homesies? Gib toysies, warmsies, safe woom, an sketties?” My God, this one was so demanding. Bestest baby, indeed. The mother soon woke up, and smiled as she waddled over. “Mice mistuh be new daddeh fo mammah an babbehs?” she asked, titling her head to the side, in an act to act cute. I nodded to her. “Yes, infact, I am. My home feels so empty without a fluffy, so getting a fluffy with babies is a great idea!” I lied through my teeth. The green and white one had begun hugging each other, while the blue one was dancing. I could see they were all ready to go, ready to leave the one in the pile behind.

“But!” I call out, catching their attention. “For me to do this, we need to enter a deal. Each and everyone of you need to partake in it. Do you agree?” The mare looked confused at me, then giggled. “Siwwy daddeh, fwuffeh an babbehs ams fo wuv an huggins, no dweals!” she exclaimed, as the blue one continued to dance. “Well, that’s a shame. For you see, those things do not keep the lights on to keep the darkness away from you and your babies…” I said, notcing the small horror in her eyes. The blue one had stopped dancing from it, mumbling “scaweh” before pissing itself. “Nor does it bring in yummy sketties.” I added. This perked the mother up quite a lot. “I-If mummah an babbehs do dis dweal, wivv daddeh gib sketties an wuv?” she asked, her babies looking a bit scared now. “Of course! And more! So, shall we get started with the first deal?” I asked, a grin growing without my own knowledge.

“First off, I’m gonna have to make a deal with you, dear mother.” I tell the mother, as she calms her babies. “W-Wha does mummah haf to gib?” she asks, shuffing her front hooves. I simply chuckle at the respone. “Oho, no no. You do not need to give me anything. That’s what your babies will do. No, I need to you do something for me, instead.” I explain, the grin just growing and growing. She perks up, getting ready for whatever task it may be. “Mummah weadeh, daddeh!” she calls out with pride. Her babies all chirp and peep for her. “Bestest mummah!” they cheer out. I can’t help but to chuckle a bit again. “Excellent! So, what I need you do do is very simply. I need you to clean up your foal that lies in the pile of filth behind your home. Do this, and ALL of you will come home with me.” I explain. And the mother had a look of confusion and horror on her. “S-Siwwy daddeh, dat be ugleh poopie munstah babbeh. Onwy good fo nummin poopies an wicky cleanies.” she tries to explain. The blue one began to wander over to the pile, and began to stand on his hindlegs. “Bestest babbeh fix dis! Nu need to num poopies if poopie munstah be fowevah sweepies.” he says with pride, but before he can stomp down, I jump in. “Hold it! If you kill your sibling, I will not take home any of you.”

The blue one a bit startled, vegan to fall backwards, falling over. It started crying and chirping and peping for his mother, whom ran over quickly to help her baby. She turns to me, with a look of sadness. “Pwease new daddeh, nu make mummah num poopies. Nu make gud miwkies fow babbehs.” she tries to explain, but I simply shake my head. “Either you clean it up, lick the baby clean, AND give it milk right now, or none of you come home with me. It’s simple.”

Her face falls, as she looks over to the pile of filth. The baby under all of it is still alive, chirping and peeping now that it’s awake. At last, the mother walks over, tears in her face, she bagan to eat the shit that held the baby down. The remaining babies all cried and hugged each other, while she coughed and gasped. “Nu taste pwetty…” she complained. After allt he shit was gone, she turns to me. “M-Mummah num poopies…” she said, disgust being the only emotion on her face. “You forgot to clean it, and give it milk.” I retort. She clenches her jaw, and licks the baby clean, and then sits down, pushing it to her. “P-Poopie mun-… Uh, mummah mean, babbeh come hewe fow milkies.”

The little alicorn was so weak and malnourished, but managed to crawl over to her. The blue one, be it from instinct or smarty syndrome showing already, ran over and kicked hsi own sibbling away from his mother. “Nu! Bestest babbeh nu cawe! Munstah be poopie munstah an desweve onwy fowevba sweepies!” he cries out, but his mother picked him up, horror all over her face now. “B-Bestest babbeh, nu! M-Mummah mus feed m-munstah babbeh, so dat babbehs an mummah get homesies…” she tries to explain, but lil blue here only talks back.

I sigh, loud enough for the mother to react. “Guess I’ll have to be alone forever, I gues…” I mutter, again, loud enough for her to hear, adding on a fake sadness to it all. She panics, and in her panic, funnily enough throws her blue babbeh to the side, pushing the alicorn to her. The blue one lands in a pile of old newspapers in the nest, crying out. “Huu huu… why mummah huwt bestest babbeh? Mummah nu wuv bestes babbeh nu mowe? Huu huu…” he cries, and while the mother cries from her action. I can’t help but to smile at all this. And I hate myself for it. “Well done! Let me grab the box so that you can all ride home safetly.” I wander back to my car, and in my trunk take out an old box, which I place down next to them all. I help the mother first, and hand her the white and green babies first. When I hand her the blue one, she hugs it tightly, sobbing into it. “Mummah sowweh! Mummah haf wowstes heawt huwties fwom huwtin bestes babbeh! Huu hu…” she cries, ignoring when I hand her the alicorn, so I place it next to her, but away from its siblings.

The drive home was rather silent, knowing fluffies, but as we enter the home, the light being harsh against their eyes for a moment. I carry them all the way to the saferoom, of which I still haven’t cleaned out. As I put down the box, they all scatter, the babies grabbing toys, while the alicorn waddles, like it had been drinking a 12 pack on its own. The mother looks around in amazement. “Wow! Safewoom so pwetty!” and it was indeed pretty. It was brigh pink, much like Prince. It had a bunch of different toys, like blocks, stuffed animals, balls of different sizes and colours, and with a big TV hanging on one of the walls, having a neat little sitting place for them all to sit and watch it together. “Welcome home, you guys! I guess I better give you all names now, huh.” I chuckle, the babies now looking at me with their mother.

“Let’s see… mama will be named Apple.”. She gleamed at the name. “Appwe wuvs nyu namesies!”
“The blue one will be Blueberry, white one Snowball, and green one is Minty.” The babies all chirp in excitement, hugging each other, as Blueberry dances in joy.
I then look over to the alicorn, noticing it’s a mare. “And your name will be… Princess.”. The alicorn smiles at me, giving me a weak chirp. I smile back to it. “Now! It is late, and you all, and me, should sleep! So, off to bed!” I call out, and they don’t hesitate. They all stumble to their mother, and cuddle up close to her. Even the alicorn does so, albeit very slowly. Apple shows some disgust, but looks up to me, and simple snuggles up to it. “Good night, you lot. Tomorrow, the deals will be dealt.”

A few days go by, leaving us on a quiet saturday morning. The babies had all been doing well, aswell as Apple. Some misshaps here and there, but I was never too strict towards Prince with such things, so I left them all the hook. However, today would be different. I sat at my computer, checking in on them with the hidden camera in the top corner of the room. Aha! Blueberry, the bestest babbeh, was shitting on the floor, while Apple, his mother, was simply giggling. “Daddeh wivv cwean it.” she says, as Blueberry nuzzles closely. But little does she know; that she’ll be the one to clean it up.

As I enter the room, the babies all cheer. “Daddeh! Pway wid us! Sketties, tuu!” they cried out, jumping and dancing. But instead of a pleasent good morning they usually got, today was different. I looked down on the small pile of shit and piss. “What’s the meaning of this?” I ask, my tone being lower than normal. Apple simply chuckles. “Bwubewwy made siwy poopies. Bu deaw daddeh picks it up fow babbeh!” she exclaims like it was a writen law. Blueberry simple dances. This seems like a perfect oppertunity to start the fun. “Oh is it? Well, you see, I won’t. Infact, today was supposed to be skettie day, but with this? Oh no, there’ll be no sketties for you.” I proclaim, the horror setting in already. Apple cries out, “Nuh! Dis nuh faiw! Appwe an babbehs be gud!” she protests, stomping her hoof. Blueberry copies her, puffing his cheeks. “Das wight!” he adds. Oh boy, here we go. “Good mummahs and babbehs don’t do bad poopies on the floor. I looked the other way the other times it happend, because you are new in here. But not more. Clean it.” I demand. Apple looks at me with horror. “N-Nuh num poopies again, pwease daddeh…” she pleads, but alas, it is too late. “Do you wish to be thrown out? Cause I can do that.” I threaten her with, and she begins to waddle over to the pile, eating it up. “Huu huu… nu taste pwetty… Daddeh gib sketties naow?” she ask, as her babies give her a hug. I smile.

“Of course, you have been good. But, there is the deal left to do with your babies. Blueberry, Snowball, and Minty. Please step forward, for I need something from you each.”. They look scared, but they walk over to me, Blueberry still with puffed cheek. “W-Wha does babbehs nee to do?” asks Minty with Snowball behind him. “You three will need to give me something, so do not worry. Unless, you decide not to do it, then you’re all out of here.” This seems to have scared them, but also calmed them a bit. Good.

“From each of you, I need your essence, your soul. In other words; I need Blueberries legs, Snowball’s tongue, and Minty’s eyes. Those are the terms.”. Silence followed a bit, before they cried out in protest. Well, I call it protest, but it’s more of a cry of “nuuuh!” and “babbehs be gud, huu huu”. Apple seems to be just as scared as them.

“D-Daddeh pwease, babbehs nee dose fow gibin lovins, an hugs, an-” before she could finish, I interrupt her with the threat of being thrown out, again. The babies all run to her, crying, and begging for her to make me go away. But she knows better. She peeps, and nods her head. “… Do it…” she says, her babies all looking at her with horror. Meanwhile, I can’t help but smile. “Wonderful. Let’s get to it, then!”. I do not waste any time, and grab the 3 babies. They cry and shit and piss into my hand, but I do not care. I place them on the table of the room, and take out a pincer. With it, I begin the first 2, Snowball and Minty. Snowball, whom was always so shy, goes first. I pry her mouth open, quite easily, and catch the tongue with the pincer. With a small wet sound, I pull the tongue off, letting it down on the floor, Apple crying more and more. Minty is next, and his eyes comes out quickly. He cries and cries for his mother, as his seeing places are removed, and darkness envelops him in its cold embrace. I put them both down to their mother, who hugs them. Then, it is Blueberries turn.

He’s still puffing his cheeks, but is visably shaking, even making a small piss pool under him. “B-Bwuebewwy wiww no wet munstah dummeh daddeh t-take weggies!” he proclaims, tears going down his cheeks. I can’t help but to smile even more, now. I gentely grab him, even if he treats it as if I grabbed him with the wrath of a thousand Gods. I place him on his back, and with a snip snip of the scissor, I begin the treatment. With each snip of the legs, Blueberry’s cries get louder and louder. When the legs are all gone, I turn on my light, and gentley and quickly cauterize the wounds, making him now a pillow fluffy. The small legs, I put down infront of Apple. “Be a good mother and eat them.” I tell her, placing Blueberry down on the floor next to them. She looks like she wants to protest, but her eyes meet mine, and she stops herself. She leans her head down, and licks them up, all the while Blueberry stares in horror. “Nuu! Dummeh mummah nu num weggies! Bwubewwy hatchoo! hatchoo!!” he screams as she eats her legs, his siblings all crying more and more.

“You’ve all done well, so I think sketties are in order!” I leave the room with a smile, but the cries of the mother and her children behind me, making me smile more. After a while, I return, and with a big plate of sketties. Apple sees this, and it is almost as if all the things I had done were forgotten, but she quickly remembers, shuffling on the spot. Snowball is hugging Blueberry, both of them gentley weeping. Minty, now with no eyes, wants to join, but hugs Princess instead. Princess seems to like it, though. And that made Blueberry perk up. “W-Whai did munstah dummeh daddeh t-take weggies, seein pwaces, an tawky pwace from babbehs, bu no from dummeh munstah babbeh?” he questions, Apple and the others looking up at me. “Well, her deal has yet to come. It’ll come soon, though.” I explain, although Blueberry seemed to only get angrier. Perfect.

The day goes on, and they all deal with it their own way. Snowball is still trying to talk and sing, but only lets out gross sounds. Minty tries to play with the ball, but keeps walking into blocks. Blueberry is laying next to Apple, weeping into her. Princess, in the meantime, is having the time of her life. Seeing her enjoying herself fills me with a warmth I thought I’d lost. I say goodnight to them, and wander off to bed, dreaming of ways how to hurt them. And I wouldn’t have to wait long for it.

The very next morning, I decide to give them a treat. I make a fresh batch of sketties, and place it on the floor infront of Apple, while she’s still sleeping. “Wake up, sleepyhead. Breakfast.”. She sniffs in her sleep, and wakes up instantly, knocking off Blueberry off her back. He cries out, but she doesn’t bother. She devours the food as if she hadn’t had anything to eat for days. Blueberry is laying on his back, behind the bed, chirping, peeping, and crying for his mother. But she doesn’t hear her. But she does notice something. Inside the food, I mixed some spices into it. Mild ones, mind you. But they’re like ghost peppers to a common fluffy. She began to breathe heavily, panting and screaming for water. “Mouth has wowstest buwnie huwties!” she cries out, tripping backwards. Unbeknownst to her, Snowball is still waking up behind her, and sees her coming. She tries to cry out, but she cannot make any sound for her to hear. Then the sound came. That wet crunch and squish. Apple turns around, crying out from the pain, and what she had just caused. “Babbeh! Mummah sowwy! Mummah nee wawwah!” she pleads and cries, slumping down to hug her dead foal. She hugs it tightly, almost squeezing the corpse more than what she had already done. “Nu take foweva sweepies pweeease! Mummah sowwy!” she continues. Minty, is distressed from all the noise, and begins to run. Right into a tower of blocks that had been there since earlier. The tower crumbles, falling down on other toys, causing a giant mess. But the biggest one is the ball, coming rappidly towards him. He peeps and chirps for his mama and milk, and as he peeps his last peep, the ball runs him over, crushing his body. That last peep turned into a horrible gurgle and scream mid-way. What lovely chaos. Princess, this whole time, has been hiding with her favourite toy, next to the bed. Blueberry was still crying, calling out to her. “Dummeh munstah poopie babbeh hewp Bwubweey wight naow! Huu huu, haf biggest heawt huwties… Bestest babbeh nee miwkies! CHirp… chirp…” he continues on and on, and I’ve finally had it. I grab him and Princess, and leave the room. Apple, still crying, begins to run after, crushing the still alive Minty under her hoof.

I step down the creaky stairs, down to the dark and cold basement, Apple panting after me. “Pwease… mummah need wawwah!” she pleads more, but I do not listen. Downstairs, I turn the lights on, and place down the 2 foals on the worktable, an old one my grandfather used to do some woodcrafting. Princess is crying, holding onto my thumb, and I can feel my heart melt. On the other hand, literally, Blueberry is hysterical, trying to bite me, shitting on my hand, and all that. Time for the deal. Overhead a string hangs, in which I tie Blueberry to. It’s attached to a wheel, which slowly turns and lets him fall very slowly down. Under him, I place a bowl, with boiling water. I turn to Princess, while Apple still tries to get my attention. “Well, it is time for your part of the deal, Princess. You have a decision to make. Do you wish for your brother, whom has done nothing but berating and being mean to you, even going out of his way to almost kill you, to be save or to die?” I ask her. Princess looks at me and Blueberry, distressed and anxious. “P-Pwincess nu kno…”. She sucks on her hoof, while Blueberry screams for help, his shit and piss falling into the bowl. Apple, whom has started to calm down from the spice, only a bit, pleads to me to let her up. So, I let her do so. I place her on a barrel next to the table. The gap between isn’t that wide, but for a fluffy, it might as well be the Grand Canyon. She sees her bestest baby, and tries to reach him with her short hooves. I turn back to Princess. “Well?” I ask again. She cries abit, but before she can speak, Blueberry and Apple speak up. “Stoopid poopie munstah babbeh save bestets babbeh wight naow ow get woestest hoofies, wowstest poopies, an foweva sweepies!” cries Apple out first. “Das wight! Ou am onwy poopie munstah, nu bestest babbeh! Save bestest babbeh WIGHT NAOW!” he demands. Princess, begins to cry. “Bu Pwincess wuvs bwuddah an mummah… huu huu” she cries, and Apple stomps her hooves. “Nu cawe! Save bestets babbeh naow!” she growls. Princess then turns to me, and without having to say anything, I know that look. The smarty back in the day gave me the same look. It was the look that said; Do it.

And so I cut the string. Blueberry falls into the bowl with a big splash, trying his hardest to stay above water, but the boiling water makes it harder. Apple screams, and takes a leap of faith, hitting her chin on the tables corner, and falling down on some old garden tools, impaling herself. They both scream and scream, both screaming for their mothers. Princess, sobs, and hugs my thumb again, and we return upstairs.

A month has passed since then, and Princess and I are living great. She has a special friend, and they are waiting for their first litter. I can even take them with me to work. It does well for her to have 2 older fluffies helping her. And the itch? It’s gone. I feel whole again, and I can finally relax.

But as I look outside the window, I see a new fluffy family outside, and the itch returns…


Haven’t done a story, nor been poart of the community in a while now, but the itch came back. This was just a story I had in my head, and it was annoying to just leavbe it be, so here it is. Enjoy it or not, I feel well.


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Villain character opening line

Loved it. Only Fluffies are stupid enough to start threatening the being making a decision whether they live or die. Poopie babbeh supremacy.

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Excellent. There’s always an itch to say or do something to fluffies.

Just for the future, when a new character speaks, start a new paragraph.

“Not an abuser”.



people like this irk me. If you’re mad about not getting the last positive remark, just get good and keep wishing good things upon the person trying to bid you good things until they realize you wont leave until you win.

Didn’t think anyone would comment on that, but I agree-

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Sadly too many people just dont have a drive so they’re spiteful when they cant do hollow one way virtue. It’s like they think them reciprocating takes away from them.

Just to clarify, you irk yourself with the homeless guy, right? Or the MC?

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Homeless guy.

I actually did not put it together that the rambling homeless was a customer. I just thought it was background noise from around the cafe. But it makes sense with the ‘get cheap items to avoid loitering and enjoy inside for half the night.’ behavior.

Yeah yeah

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