Angel's Legs (Art trade) (Artist: SqueakyFriend)

angel for mexi

I checked through your gallery for someone to draw and got this idea. Be happy, Angel! You aren’t “legless” anymore! Now if only your new legs were usable…

My half of an art trade with @Mexi! Mexi’s half is over here.


Fluffies are so damn ungrateful.


fluffy are so stupid :derp: but they are still cute :heart:

Love that you even did the speech bubble colours.


Ingrate. She lets see how she complains when her tongue is taken.

I dunno man, those aren’t real legs though. I think any disabled fluffy would want to be able to move about freely, which is why they’d like “real” legs.

(They are her real legs, she’s not actually disabled just going through a “can’t move her legs so she thinks they’re gone” punishment. And now they got socks on 'em!)

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Oh that’s actually pretty damn cute!! I like it! I guess the comments were rather misleading…

Nicely done, Squeaky!

Sooooo adorable

Every time I see it I think her name is anger