Annihilation (Prologue) :: by BFM101 - art adaptation :: CuddilyBloodily

oh dear…looks like there is more to come to this story! If you haven’t read @BFM101’s Annihilation, this covers some of the prologue. Still working on it but I got too excited to share it. I’m not one of the super-artists on FC, but I adore the characters that BFM101 creates and could not help myself!


That was a lot more explicit than I expected, but it sets up the family love very well and will just bring out the heartbreak all the more.

Excellent work, love seeing what you’ve done with the characters


Jesus Christ he fucked the life out of her.


Don’t sell yourself short


I’d recommend reading The original story and not just cause I wrote it.

The truth is far more depressing


I’ll sucky yo peepee for five dollarama

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If only she bought a guard dog…

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You have a wonderful and unique style of drawing fluffies.


Oh thanks guys. Can’t wait to show what happened to poor orchid! Hopefully I’ll have a lot of time coming up because I bet we’re going to see part two any moment and I still have part one to cover!

I would just point out as a rule that whenever you see a comic that you like you should read the source material to it…because often the picture can never do it justice… Same as when they say "the book was better "

artists always take their…ahem…liberties…
Chip is a sweet sweet fluffy and we didn’t need to see his Veiny Member but, they were each other’s intro to carnal knowledge…


I dunno what has happened and I’m scared to ask about it at this point kek
The artstyle it’s on point dude!


Indeed horror the last page :scream: shows what the aftermath has happen

Read the story and you will know why. And it adds the boiling anger of any reader what had happen.

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I always look forward to your posts, your fluffies are really well stylized and disgusting in the best way possible. You don’t need hyper realistic art or daily posts to be a great fluffy artist; you just gotta make your audience feel something, and your art always does!

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I did not expect that ending, I want to know what happened.

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Wow that last panel was a gut punch - I liked the panel with the mare pointing at the other fluffy’s junk, it looked funny and oddly innocent.

The story is BRUTAL - I’m working on the next chapters

Well thank you….as effed up as we all must certainly be to love this site/subject…I’m glad to be here among fellow nuts!

Well looks like she doesn’t had a lucky day. Or she deserves to die.