Answering Some Common Questions

I tend to get a lot of messages that pile up so I’m just going to answer a few common questions I get.

Q: Can I draw your character[s]?
A: Yes! I love seeing fan art, so as long as you credit me for the characters you can feel free to draw them.

Q: Do you take commissions?
A: Sorry, but no. I like to keep my fluffy art as separated from my other work as possible.

Q: When is the next Smarty Party coming out?
A: There is no schedule. I work on Smarty Party when I have enough free time to do it, so…it’s out when it’s out.

Q: Are you okay? Have you abandoned us? Are you dead?
A: I’m not dead and I will come back. I just disappear a lot and I’m not usually online. Please don’t panic.

Q: Please include [X] in Smarty Party.
A: I already have Smarty Party planned out ahead of time, so most suggestions don’t really fit in with what I already have.

Hopefully that helps some folks! :heart:


Cool, good to know.


Awesome, thanks for being so precise about it!


Thanks! I appreciate the answers!

I apologize for not asking permission first when I adopted your style… I’m noticing it’s a big faux pas… I am learning tho… Still kinda new to this!


I shall wait patiently for your next work.


Thanks for the answer we will wait patiently. :blush:

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I saw your stuff floating around in /b/, somebody was saying things like “yeah, if you wanna know what this whole fandom is about you can just read Magenta”. Good to know you’re still around.