anxious [by: fluffymeat]

social anxiety in fluffies. unlikely by design - but i wonder if its possible to go against their programming and create a fear of all other fluffies. sort of like ultimate social isolation - the fluffy still desires love and play like normal, but has a mostly unreasonable fear of interacting with them due to past trauma.

so, like humans, i guess.

this one took a tiny bit of perspective. thank god for the gaussian blur effect.


I think it is. How many movies/books/whatever are there about artificially created beings defying their programming?

I like the concept you’ve done here.

In most headcanons, a brown fluffy would have many reasons to have social anxiety. Alicorns would too.

Fluffies that don’t fit into those categories would be less likely to have social anxiety.

So a brown alicorn would be very likely to have social anxiety issues.


The perspective on this looks very nice. Poor, traumatized bugger.

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Really? Well then this page is gonna need some trimming.


You don’t have to be so cruel tho.

Also i love TvTropes too much for my own good.

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Also wait. Fluffies have a goddamn dedicated page on TV Tropes???

I randomly browsed it and boom.

Also also someone out there understand my pain.


Fridge Logic: It’s accepted among the community that feral fluffies are an invasive species wherever they are present. Animals and plants that are considered invasive have traits that allow them to thrive in an environment they’re not native to. Fluffies, however, are constantly depicted as being fragile, clumsy, and prone to death. They have no useful survival traits because they weren’t engineered to live outside of human care. Their high breeding rate wouldn’t do them any good if they have no means of ensuring their continued survival. This should logically prevent them from having any presence in the wild to begin with, invasive or otherwise.



I’m secretly hoping the NLU gets a page one day. I’m not writing for fame or fortune, but a TVTropes page would be nice.

And before you say that’ll never happen, even dumber shit than my headcanon has gotten a TVTropes page. The bar clearly isn’t set very high, and I think my headcanon can just about reach it. Maybe. If it’s wearing platform shoes.

I’d write it myself, but I fear that might be a gigantic dick move.

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Neurotic is a fluffy’s default state in my opinion, second only to being happy.
But to get one to have social phobias against other fluffies would require some sort of inciting incident(s) that made them distrustful of them.


Well, I personally have been toying with the idea of an “introverted fluffy” as a deviation from the “standard” behaviour fluffies as a species tend to gravitate towards naturally, which is “huggies and love, herd is good, family is good ALL THE TIME”.

I would think that a fluffy could reasonably be born with social anxiety, that would flare up when exposed to other fluffies beside his immediate family (because otherwise, I am not sure how a fluffy mother would react to a foal that tries to shy away from her. It might even lead to a “my own baby doesn’t love me, but the others do. That must be a bad baby” realization, ending with resentment, abandonment or even violence towards the offending foal).

However, I would think such a fluffy would be a rare “anomaly”, in a sense. More commonly, I would side with @Karn here, in that it would usually require previous traumas to have fluffies act that way.

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Cute! And seems entirely possible too. I’ve long had an idea for a story about a place that teaches/manipulates show-accurate fluffies into acting like their pony counterparts, which includes repeatedly embarrassing Fluttershy fluffies to make them shy and demure.

A brony’s basement?

Doesn’t have to be a gross thing. Maybe the brony is just salty that FIM ended and this is the next best thing.

I was thinking more like a high-class facility, because show-accurate fluffies are already expensive by themselves. The facility would, for example, teach Rarifluffs to be afraid of filth by treating any time they get dirty as a serious medical emergency, and promoting fashion sense by praising them for wearing fabulous hats and other accessories.


No wait.


Chris-Chan gets a bunch of show accurate fluffies and forces them to act out the five more seasons of FIM he wanted Hasbro to do instead of G5.


And it’s so completely stupid that the fluffies go “otay, fwuff dis” and leave.


Right, because we all know that a diehard fan of something wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on their obsession.

Not like that happens all the time in real life, right?


Something along the line of Newb_ronswek`s cosplay fluffies?

Instead of being lonely being the common cause of death, it’s being with more fluffies than they are able to bond with and not fear. With the high anxiety, they’re going to bond with there parents, one sibling, one special friend, and one other Fluffy. Anything more, the Fluffy will experience the same mental break down that a lone Fluffy would.

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So in this sense of social anxiety they wouldn’t have a problem with say other pets, children or people then?

I think they could get by depending on the setting…

me irl
I started riding inline skates last days, but I’m too anxious to ride them around other ppl if I’m not with a friend xD

Even tho I’m a TeAcHeR