Anything to stop the pain (by recreationalsadist)

A wealthy housewife was begging the only vet she trusted with her fluffy’s health.

“Please, Doctor Guerra! Is there anything you can do for him?”

“I’m very sorry, but when a fluffy has the kind of chronic pain you’re describing euthanasia is the only humane option.”

“I…alright. Do I need to stay and watch, I don’t think I could bear to.”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to watch. I can handle the disposal of the body as well as you want.”

“Yes, please. I don’t think I could handle the reminder.”

The client exited and Dr. Guerra looked down at his ‘patient.’

“Diamond’s speciew wumps huwt su much. Pwease hewp Diamond, nice mistah.”

“Well, Diamond I’ve got good news and bad news.”


“The good news is that your testicles are hurting because you’ve reached puberty and are horny. So all it would take is getting you an enfie toy, ‘special friend,’ or castrating you and the pain would go away.”

“Wan speciew fwiend! Wiww gib aww da wub an huggies an hab da bestest babbehs an aww da gud feews!”

“Well the bad news is your owner’s an idiot who didn’t know that so I convinced her to have you put down. You’re going to fucking die, shitrat.”

“Wha?! Nu wan gu fowebah sweepies! Wai du dis tu gud fwuffy?!”

“Sadism! Prepare to die!”

Diamond tried to run, but his lumps were hurting too bad. Doctor Guerra picked him up, carried him to a metal chute built into the wall, and dumped him down it.

Diamond fell for what fell like forever (about 2 seconds) before landing on something soft. It was shadowy, but there was enough light to see.

Was this a sorry box? What did he ever do to deserve this?

Wait, Diamond could smell something that made his lumps hurt even more. He peered into the gloom and saw her.

“Hewwo, pwetty mawe!”

She was so bright and sparkly! And she had no legs, which meant she couldn’t run away from him! He could have special huggies even if she didn’t want to give them to him! This was the best day ever and nothing could spoil it!

Standing outside the incinerator he’d thrown Diamond into, Doctor Ricardo Guerra waited. You had to have patience to get the most out of abusing fluffies.

Like how he’d saved the fluffy who’d eaten spaghetti made entirely out of parsley instead of burning her immediately when she was brought in. It had been easy to convince her owner that she needed to be put down, and pillowing her kept her from getting in trouble until he needed her.

Now he just needed to wait until Diamond started going-

“Enf enf enf enf”

-and he’d let the horny idiot have his way with the pillowfluff right up until-

“Gud f-”

-Ricky turned on the incinerator right before Diamond hit his peak.


Ricky turned off the incinerator and waited.

“Huuu…huuuuu…huuuu…hewp, hab su many huwties. Nee huggies. Nee nu mawe fow gud feews.”

“No, nobody will ever love you or hug you again. And you’ll never get ‘good feels.’”

“Wha? Wai?”


Ricky turned the incinerator back on and kept it on until Diamond, the pillowfluff, and the rest of the trash was completely burned to ash.

As he walked back to his office, Ricky remembered something. Hadn’t that SOB friend of his mentioned something about trying out a new recipe?

Realization struck.

Pulling out his phone he went to his contacts and called a number.

“Hey, Izzy! How’d you like to, what did you call it…‘achieve synergy?’”

Author’s Note: Dedicated to @BFM101 for coming up with Ricky’s name. I decided to make Ricky a different character than the one who made the parsley spaghetti (who I’ve named Izzy), but I think a fluffy vet dedicated to abusing them whenever he can works as a character idea as well.

Plus me having two separate abuser characters lets me write scenes of them having meals together. Maybe with guest stars depending on if I can get permission.


Josef: “Ricky, you son of a bitch.”

The two doctors go for the Predator high-five, only both of them have a chirpy foal hidden in their palms


It’d be funny if Ricky was the only vet Josef trusted with Crimson since Ricky didn’t care about Crimson’s psychopathy (and in fact enjoyed it) and only abused fluffies brought to him when he could get away with it (which he couldn’t with Josef).

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I may do a quick little meet-up chapter between the two, show two similar egos butting heads

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Ricky’s the type of professional who tries to milk every last cent he can out of his clients because he knows they don’t know anything about his profession.
He plays the bleeding heart hugboxer when in public, but goes full bond villain henchman (think Dario from License to Kill) the moment he can get away with it.
An easy way to piss him off is if someone can’t tell the difference between Spanish and Portuguese.

I’m still figuring out Izzy’s personality, but he’s an endless font of abuse ideas and loves posting them on abuser forums. He does abuse both for the sadistic thrill and the positive feedback from other abusers. It’s the same with his cooking.
He also really hates messes and tends to leave the actual butchering of the fluffies he cooks to Ricky.

I dont know why this made me remember, but I started recalling an old story about a foal with huge lumps that were pretty much constantly growing when he couldn’t get release.

I’ll have to try and find that and see if the author continued it.

Well, that IS egregious