Aww Staw Supah Fwuff - Coda (Artist: Wetfluff) (Based off the story by Oculus)


Original Non-horned variants:


Aww Staw Supah Fwuff - Coda

By Oculus

Continued from Chapter 7

You are Supah Fwuff.
In a previous life, you were Clark, the friend and household pet of the loyal Mark Connors
In another life, you were Quark, of the House of Tha, and the last survivor of the Skettiwand Empire
you have the memory of both individuals and their lives
you also have the memory of millions of people, stored within the halls of your thinking place

but one thing remains the same
you will always do your best

an evil, terrible monster had, in his attempt to kill you, damaged the Sun
but now, you are working towards fixing it.
doing so means that you cannot return back to Earth. Not in this form at least
but you’ll work at it

as a domestic fluffy, the concept of forever was used to describe any quantity of time that was more then just ten seconds
but now, you truly know what it is like to work forever
you have no idea how long you have been working on the machines to fix the Sun

you miss home
you miss your friends
and you miss Mark, your family
but you know why you do what you have to

one day, you will finally and properly fix the Sun
and you will find a way to prevent your body from dissipating due to being pure energy

but not yet

from the distance, you can see the Blue Marble, the world of your creation. It was the same in any life
here, its inhabitants call it Earth
but in time it will become known as the Hopeworld
and that thought gives you repose


The final image of Aww Staw Supah Fwuff, used as the final image for the Epilogue. I decided to add on a Coda, as a sort of exploration of Clark/Quark’s thought processes as a super-powered being living within the Sun.

This image was based off one of the final images of All-Star Superman by Grant Morrisson and Frank Quitely. I had the privilege of working with @WetFluff , who is a big fan of the original Superman story, and I was greatly pleased with how this final image turned out.

This image is a bit of a spoiler as to the ending of Aww Staw Supah Fwuff, but its been out for over a year now.