Babbeh review (Underbear)

Daddeh is impressed by his beautiful foals and in the absence of mammuh gives them licky cleans placing them on mummahs crotchtits to get their firs milk.


Death tag? Oh no…


Wait how did it die? It was moving just before

If I remember the previous posts correctly, the pink one died because it was too far from the mother and it got too cold or something. Newborns are, unfortunately, very delicate so I’m not surprised something so small killed it.


im curious what color the parents are

I’m partly sure the mother is probably dead, too. Most would wake up soon after given birth (from passing out) to care for her kids by her nature. So, what happened to the mother?


What a pretty much of babbehs! you must be a good mummah to have such prett… IS THAT A PINK BABBEH?! THOSE ARE SO SPECIAL you are sooo lucky, oh im gonna have to adopt you all what a special fluffy you are litte lady making a pink babbeh! you get eveyone together ill be back in 5, make sure pink babbeh is all ready and good to go now, awww im gonna love you guys so much!

we do a little gaslighting round here. :hehehe:


Unfortunately he wiggled too far from mummahs blacked and got too cold on the cement of their nest


The fluids probably amplified the cold feeling and they were somehow upside-down… they must’ve slided on their back like one of those wet slides for gardens

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