Babbehs Ch. 2 (by fluffysomething)

AN: Since @BFM101’s comment on Babbehs Ch. 1 was the most liked, I’ll be doing their idea. Enjoy!

You are Dr. Harriet Rosemqn, and you have a idea. If Angel wants babies, you’ll get her babies.

“FV-0446 and FV-7410, I’m leaving to go find Angel some babies.” You say, kneeling down to face both Bestest Sickie Friends as they give each other a look.

“We gib hew bay-bees.” FV-0446 smiles as you frown at it, picking both of them up.

“No, no replication-huggies. Since you two have a… track record of being left alone with Fluffies, I’ll have to put you two into a cryogenic sleep until Angel’s babies get big enough to eat solids, if they make it that long.” You explain, carrying them and bringing them into the car with you.

“Wai am at mom-mee wowk?” FV-7410 whines as you walk into another room.

“If you get really cold by being in here, you’ll go latent and mommy will be able to get Angel’s babies without the risk of you getting them sick.” You explain, opening a large freezer and shivering at the feeling before placing them in the freezer, waiting until both of them close their eyes after about ten minutes of confusion.

“Now, I’ll just need to find some foals for Angel.” You mutter to yourself, walking out of the building and starting the car again.

“Hello! Are those little babies I see?” You ask a fluffy you found in an alleyway, staring at its very young chirpie-babies. Perfect.

“Yeh, Fwuffy jus hab babbehs wun bwight-time befo’ dis bwight-time.” The fluffy squeals with happiness as you pick it up.

“Good for you.” You whisper to the fluffy, placing your hands around its neck and snapping it.

“Peeep! Chirp, chirp!” One of the babies chirps, sensing that its mother is no longer feeding it.

“Don’t worry, I already got you a new mommy. A hopefully better one.” You whisper, picking up the chirpies and placing them in a bag you brought with you.

You are Angel, and you are so happy! Your mummah got you babies! You finally have babies, after asking her for a few bright-times!

“Peeeep! Chirp, chirp!” One of the babies peeps and chirps, coming towards you.

“Awwwh, babbehs nee miwkies! Wait, babbehs nee miwkies.”


If Angel admits her mistake and asks Harriet for help then maybe the Dr. can give her a drug that lets Angel make milk for the foals.

If Angel doesn’t then the Dr can give her a drug that turns Angel into milk and the foals drink her while she’s still alive and conscious.


She noticed.
Always liked the idea that standard fluffy foals could be put into hibernation ( chemically, that is, so that one could still have babbehs nee miwkies drama, as per above ). It would be the kind of practical feature an artificial abomination could have.

Perhaps get her started on the dark path of miwkie theft?