Back with a Wenge (by Angry Giant)

This happens. The first time I fired a pistol the slide caught my thumb and left a bad cut.


Owie. Did you need stitches?

A swing and a miss. You’ll get them next time

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That slide-bite is a real problem on certain models

Damn glad to see you again, @AngryGiant !


Slide-Bite can be a real bitch if you grip too high.

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Slide-Bite, it’s called. Shit’s why I stick to revolvers.

Well, part of the reason, anyhow.


Nah, just bandaged it up and kept shooting.

I have sliced that knuckle up so much with what I have to do at work and around the home it looks like Abdullah the Butcher’s forehead.

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Sounds like my knees. :+1: Not for that reason. I’m just clumsy.