Bad Blood (ThatWelc)

After being denied huggies and wub one too many times, a young, entrepreneurial fluffy brings his 'daddeh’s company to its knees, forcing him onto the street like a common feral.

Bitter and suicidal, the man gazes back on the meaning of his life and finds it empty.

It’s a long way down, a lot further than it looked from the bottom. He doesn’t know if he has the nerve.

The choice is taken from him. The man is disgusted at himself; He didn’t have the guts to jump anyway.

But it’s all ok now, there’s a long life of huggies an wub in front of him now.


Cause babbeh, nao we’be got bad bwuud, ou know it used to be mad wub, su take wook what ‘ou’be done, cause babbeh, nao we’be got bad bwuud, hewwo!
Nao we’be got pwobwems, an’ fwuffy nu think we can sowbe ‘em, ou made weawwy deep cut, an’ babbeh, nao we’be got bad bwuud, hewwo!


This scares me on a difference level


Well, that table has turned for the worse, yikes.

Remember to get your humans spayed or neutered!