Bad memories and a happy now by swiftbitches

Shadows flickered past the bars of the cage, blocking out the blinding white light for just a brief second. Everything felt fuzzy and liquid as the stallion lay at the bottom of his cage. Almost unable to control his body he tried to move his legs underneath him, only succeeding in flopping around like a fish.

The bars of his cage began rattling and the metal clanging seemed to reverberate though his skull. Panic rose in his chest as inky hands clutched the bars and began to shake them, bending them back and forth in a cartoonish manner.

The orange stallion tried to scream and kick himself away but his body wouldn’t obey him. A dark shape moved down into his view, two white pin pricks for eyes and a large crescent shaped smile leered at him.

Gulping for air, the terrified fluffy shot up from his restless nightmare and whipped his head from side to side. He stumbled to his feet and quickly made his way outside, trying to find the none existant threat that had terrorized him in his sleep.

“Shawky, 'ou otay?” A red and cream alicorn mare stretched out of her peaceful slumber and trotted after her panicked mate. The stallion’s cheeks were wet with tears and his eyes were wide with fear.

“Oh Shawky,” She cooed, nuzzling up next to him, “ou hab bad sweepy pictuwes again.” Shark seemed to calm at her touch and started to remember where he was, turning to rest his chin on Cherry’s head.

“Sowwy fow wakin’ 'ou Chewwy.” She cooed away his apology and gave him a soft reassuring lick.

“Chewwy wub 'ou Shawky.” Cherry then wrapped her hooves and wings around him, she began to hum to help further soothe Shark. He sighed softly and began to hum with her, sitting down and wrapping his remaining wing around her in return.

The two sat like that and hummed till they fell asleep in the dew covered grass. Wings wrapped around each other in a loving embrace.

Realized I haven’t done much with Shark and the gang in a while and decided to write a small story about Shark and Cherry


Very touching and just the right amount of sad
poor Sharky :cry:


Poor Shark :heart:

I’ve got family who are married veterans who have PTSD. This kind of hits home in that regard.