Bad mummah (by: spongebob)

(The main fluffy is “……” and the other main one is -“……”-) it was a warm fall morning, where a soon mummah and her special friend were chirping and cooing for their tummeh babies, a song echoed from that alleyway* “mummah wuvs babbehs! Babbehs wuv mummah! Make good poopies on da floor! Dwink all mummah milkies!” -“an wuv daddeh too!”- “shushsies! Only mummah sing to babbehs, you am bad special freind! Now am gonna gib you sowwy poopies” the mare slowly turned around -“soon mummah, pwease nuuu!”- the mare violently sprayed poop all over her special friend -“ ha’chu special friend ha’chu!”- “soon mummah nu care, onwy babbehs am important” the stallion walks off, never to be seen by the soon mummah or her tummeh babies ever again, meanwhile, the mare continues singing her mummah song to her tummeh babbehs “mummah wuvs babbehs! Babbehs wuv mummah!” her stomach grows “special fwiend! Nee skett- oh special fwend gone, am gon get twashie nummies then” the mare stands up and tries pushing down a trashcan, after a while she succeeds, the nearly empty can has a small trash bag in it. “wuv surprise!” the mare rips open the bag and finds trashie sketties in it “OOOOOHHH! SKETTIES! Yummy nummies! shhhlurrpp shhhlurrpp “wuv suuu much!” shhhlurrpp the mare is engorged with the trashie sketties she found, a few minutes later she goes into labor “SCREEEE BIGGES’ POOPIES!!” 4 foals are born, 1 is a Pegasus, 1 is an alicorn, the rest are regular earthies, she looks at her tiny purple Pegasus and yellow alicorn, she gives them “bestest wickie cleanies for bestest babbehs first” she discards her brown earthie out onto the sidewalk and cleans his pink earthie brethren “mummah wuvs babbehs! Babbehs wuv mummah!” she feeds her favorites first, leaving little to no milk for the pink earthie, the hungry chirps and peeps of the earthie are Heard all day and night “SHUSHIES BABBEH! MUNSTAH AM COMING” PEEP, PEEP footsteps come closer CHIRP, PEEP the “meanie munstah” finds them -what? A fluffy with a starving foal, feed that foal right now!- “nu, milkies are for bestest! Hate pink babbeh!” the mare jumps up and lands on the pink foal, it’s crushed under the mares weight “now fluffy nu have to feed pink babbeh, and bestest babbehs get awww da milkies” -not on my watch!- the alicorn and Pegasus are snatched from the mare “NUUU! BABBEHS! GIB BESTEST BABBEHS BACK!” the mare runs in front of the man who took her babbehs, he trips over the mare CRACK the man stands up, blood stained on his shirt -stupid fluffies- the smushed corpses of the mares babbehs are sticked onto the concrete “huuu huuu huu, babbehs! Pwease wake up! Make chirpies fo’ mummah!” the end


Yep, this definitely is a wall of text that exists on the internet, alright.

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Weird formating. Keep practicing. The idea was ok, but the excecution was sorta confusing


Hey we all have our little weird ways of telling stories i mean you gotta start somewhere yk

Good stuff :slight_smile: ive always found stories harder to execute then making imagine content

youre doing great!, just try spacing out the story somwehat couple spaces in between key moments and you will be good to go :glee:

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Alright! Thanks for telling me, I stared two days ago