Bad Noises (Wittewfawt)

And this is my last comic made whit mouse, after that I got my first tablet


It’s not that bad for a mouse-drawn comic, man. I like to think that the owner is still the horrible gamer kid.


Love over the top owner, the swearing is hilarious. The epic gamer bro has a point, (beneath that wall of swears) after the novelty of fluffies runs out, all that you’re left with is a rat that has a passing resemblance to horses that piss and shits every and is annoying with its “cutesy baby talk” and high pitched lisped voices.


Pretty damn good for a mouse drawn comic.
I tried coloring with a mouse once and gave up after second.

My sympathies lie with the fluffy though.


I used a tool in Paint Tool SAI that made easy work whit the mouse, but after a while this start to be painfull


Yeah a tablet is always easier.
I got a Wacom One a fairly basic tablet but it works, and thats what matters.
Better then as mouse.

Now if you can do this with a mouse what can you do with a tablet I wonder.


Great comic, and very understandable from both perspectives: A fluffy coming to you pissing and shitting all the way would be a terrible thing to see, but from the fluffies perspective, he came to his daddy in his direst moment of need and got kicked and yelled at in return. Excellent tragedy, and the kind of heat-of-a-moment abuse I’d expect many fluffies to receive from angry and less-understanding owners. :blush:

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