Bad Nummies 4, by Swindle

You’re keeping Applefluff locked in her safe room, as usual. She’s usually a very well-mannered, obedient fluffy, but she’s just too curious for her own good and keeps getting into things she shouldn’t while trying to explore.

She doesn’t mind too badly; you decorated the floor with colorful vinyl mats (which allow you to easily clean up any accidents she has; she often amuses herself by only walking on one specific color, hopping from mat to mat, without touching the other colors. You remember playing similar games as a child.), painted colorful outdoor scenes and lots of happy little trees (though sadly, you didn’t have a bitchin’ 'fro) on the walls, and she has plenty of pretty pillows and blankets and a little bed to sleep in. You stocked the safe room with stuffed animals, balls, blocks, a toy that flashes lights and plays simple tunes when touched (originally marketed for toddlers, then quickly repackaged for fluffies once the manufacturers saw a new market.), and whenever she’s feeling bored with her usual toys or you want to give her a special treat, you occupy her with crayons or a more complicated toy.

Today, she’s playing with her Play-Dough set. It has a dozen different colors, and the manufacturer brilliantly redesigned the play set to be operated by fluffies; she’s pressing down with one hoof, which extrudes yellow Play-Dough in long, skinny ropes, and turning a crank with her teeth, which is flattening out glops of red Play-Dough and dropping them on the yellow ropes. She steps back and looks at her creation, then looks up at you, beaming proudly.

“Wook, daddeh! Appuwfwuff made skettis!”

“Very clever, sweetie! Keep playing with your toys, daddy has to take care of some laundry.”

“Otay!” You’re immediately forgotten as she produces more “spaghetti” from the Play-Dough factory.

That was actually was pretty clever, by fluffy standards. She specifically asked you to load those colors into those parts of the toy for the sole purpose of making “spaghetti” to impress you with. Most fluffies never get beyond randomly smooshing and playing with the different colors.

You move the laundry from the washer to the drier, then put another load into the washer to get it started. Glancing at the clock, you see it’s nearly dinner time and head back to the safe room.

“Ok, baby, it’s almost dinner time! Put away your toys so we can have nummies!”

She’s looking down at her Play-Dough toy set, ears drooping, head hanging in shame and sadness.

“Applefluff? Baby? What’s wrong?”

“Appuw… Appuwfwuff nuh hungy.”

“Why not?”

“Appuwfwuff… nummed da play skettis.”

She ate the Play-Dough spaghetti she made?

“Why did you do that, sweetie?”

“Appuwfwuff hungy, cuz almos nummies time. An… an skettis wooked good, an, an, an Appuwfwuff nummed da play skettis.”

Well, that’s not too terrible. Play-Dough is edible, after all, and the dyes used are non-toxic specifically because small children (and fluffies) often eat the stuff.

“It’s ok, sweetie.”

“Daddeh nu mad at Appuwfwuff?”

“No, I’m not mad. But if you eat any more of your Play-Dough, then you won’t get to play with it. You can’t play with it if it’s all eaten, can you.”

“Nu, suw.”

“Well c’mon, clean up your toys and let’s get ready for dinner. Even if your tummy’s full, you can have all the kibble you want if you get hungry again.”

You know she’ll be hungry in five minutes or less. It’s simply the way fluffies are. She rolls her ball back to the toy box with her head and starts picking up her blocks, and you start putting Play-Dough back in its containers since she lacks the opposable thumbs to do so. Wait- there isn’t ANY red or yellow Play-Dough. She ate ALL of it? Wow. That’s… that’s a lot of Play-Dough. No wonder she isn’t hungry. It can’t have tasted very good, but since when have fluffies had discerning taste?

All the toys put away, you fill her kibble bowl, but true to her word, Applefluff isn’t hungry. She just follows you into the living room and lays across your feet while you eat your own dinner.

The next day, you’re getting ready for work when you hear a pathetic call coming from the safe room.

“Daddeh? Daaaaaddeh! Pwease hewp fwuffy. Appuwfwuff haf pwobwem. Daddeh? Daddeh? Daddeh?”

You sigh; did she piss her bed again in her sleep? She didn’t do it often, but she always cried until you replaced her blanket, and you didn’t want to leave it there all day and come home to a miserable fluffy. You open the door of the safe room to find her squatting over the litter box.

“What’s wrong, sweetie?”

“Daddeh… Appuwfwuff nee make poopies, but poopies nu cum! Appuwfwuff twy and twy and twy, bu nu can make poopies! Pwease hewp fwuffy!”

She strains and grunts, but nothing comes out. She starts sniffling and making huuhuu noises.

“Poopie pwace huwt. Why poopies mean to fwuffy? Why poopies nu cum?”

Oh dear. She’s constipated. She DID eat a lot of Play-Dough last night. She’s nibbled on it before, but last night she ate two whole colors worth of the stuff.

“Uh, I’m not sure I can really help, baby. Your… poopies, won’t come because you ate your Play-Dough last night. It’ll come out eventually, don’t worry.”

She’s shaking, she’s straining so hard over the litter box.

“Bu daddeh, poopie pwace huwt! NEE make poopies! Pwease hewp, daddeh!”

What is it with your fluffy’s gastrointestinal tract punishing her on your behalf? Well, do you still have some left…

“You want one of daddy’s chocolates to help make the poopies come?”

The look of terror on her face as she suddenly remembers the night of explosive shitting that resulted from her eating a bunch of laxatives she found under the sink instantly makes you regret saying anything. Her rear end shakes violently.



Wow, that is a HUGE turd. And definitely consists almost entirely of Play-Dough. A little bit of fluffy boo-boo juice. She literally just shit a brick. You consider that you may have given her scaredy poopies by mentioning the laxatives and shrug; well, one or the other, problem solved, right?


Great. You’re going to be late for work.

“C’mere baby, daddy will hug you and make it better.”


At least there’s not a mess.


Such a little foofy sweetie silly.


this bitch definitely has Pica


I live for these series. Pls keep it up


Absolutely adorable ^^

Can you imagine this dude constantly taking her to the vet with a hurt anus. That vet has to be pretty suspicious by now of what he’s doing with her.


She probably told the vet she ate something she shouldn’t have.


Yeah, but it seems to happen a lot is why I think he may start getting worried.


Applefluff is so precious, but so incredibly stupid for her own good… She’s never going to learn though, is she?

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fluffy has regular issues with shitting
must be a day ending y


Like humans in horror movies or Red Shirts in Star Trek: Probably not.

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She ate the whole Play-Doh :joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:sheez!!! The “thunk” sound was hilarious

Just keep anything looks edible away from her. :man_facepalming:


Almost everything is edible once.

Hey Man its my first comment under one of your storys and i Lofe your Fluffy and its owner but Dude, that ass is in Ruin now i mean Destroyt. Is there no other Place on your Fluffys Body that can be used for our and your entertainment?

Massive diarrhea once and massive constipation once do not a destroyed ass make. Especially since fluffies are known shitting machines. And the whole conceit of the Bad Nummies series is “Applefluff eats something she shouldn’t have, suffers as a direct consequence”. It does eventually branch off from there and find new things to do though.

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Aaah thanks for your Awnser. I just thought there were other Oportunitys. And after reading the next Part i saw that their was. Like i said i Love your story :grin:

If it was the Abusiv tone of my Previus comment im sorry, im first Abuser in this Comunity but Respect Hugbox then their two sides of the same Medail that are Fluffys :innocent: :wink:

Now rinse it off, get her to hoof print the top and sign the name before firing it.

Keepsake for the mantle when she’s gone. :slight_smile: