Badger Time! by SnakevsFluffy

You are Badger, the black and white earthy fluffy!

Your mummuh was killed by awful long eared munstuhs, which was very sad, but then Daddeh Max saved you! He’s a VERY good daddeh and has taught you lots of things. He taught you to be a good fluffy, first and foremost. When you arrived at daddeh’s house you were…well, kind of a bratty bad babbeh who threw tantrums and caused trouble around the house. You would often beg for skettis on days when it wasn’t sketti day, demand more toys, and even once bit daddeh on the hand!

You used to get a lot of sowwy sticks and sowwy boxes in those days. You felt bad remembering how bad you used to be, but then you feel happy because you know you’re better now. Daddeh always said that nobody’s perfect, but that learning from your mistakes and being better was really really good.

Now you’re a good fluffy!

…Even if last week when the sky wawa was coming down, a big meanie sound also from the sky made you run around the house in a blind panic, giving bad poopies everywhere. You spent the night in the sowwy box for that.

Daddeh Max calls him self an enviro-eviu-en-eviromen-a nature man! Yeah, a nature man! He says he wants to stop the world from getting sick from all the icky stuff hoomans put into the air and to help save all the animal fwiends. Your daddeh is so brave for doing that.

Animal fwiends are very cool! Though daddeh has told you that not all are friendly to fluffies. Some are dangerous and could give you worstest owwies! That’s why when you are allowed to go outside, daddeh is always with you. You’ve been told a lot to never go outside on your own, it could be dangerous.

One time you did go outside on your own, when you were still a bad fluffy, and another fluffy gave you bad owwies! It really hurt until daddeh saved you. You had no idea a fluffy could fly that far from a kick from a hooman.

Daddeh was angry with you, but also very sad and cried a little. He was really really worried about you and didn’t want to see you get hurt like that ever again. You felt awful making daddeh have heart hurties like that, so you’ve never gone out alone again.

One time though, you saved daddeh! He was out in his leafy place making homes for all the animal fwiends and you noticed that he was about to step on a scaly wormy friend!

“Daddeh, wook ouwt!” You shouted at the top of your fluffy lungs. “Dun step on scawy wowmy fwiend! Yuu gonna huwt him!”

Your daddeh looked down and yelped before falling backwards. It was funny seeing daddy act all silly like that. He then got up, and scooped up the wormy fwiend with his metal diggy stick, and carried it safely away.

“Badger, buddy. You saved me!” Daddeh said, a big grin on his face. “That was a type of snake that could have REALLY hurt daddy if it bit him on the ankle. You’ve got a great eye for seeing that Copperhead!”

That night, daddeh gave you extra helpings of skettis and a little bit of sweet cold milkies for helping him so much. While the food was great, you felt even better that you had saved the wormy fwiend from being hurt AND daddeh from being hurt!

Tomorrow, you and daddeh will keep working on his leafy place for all the animal fwiends to live! Daddeh will watch out for you and you will watch out for daddeh!


Sorta sequel/backstory to I will NEVER hurt you…

I’m really enjoying writing Badger. He’s a fun little dude!


I came into this thinking for some reason that this was going to be a hungry clan of badgers eating ferals lol. Turned out much more wholesome in nature.


That COULD make a funny story, lol

Badger is such a cute name for a fluffy! What a sweet,wholesome story :slight_smile:

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