Badger's Daycare Adventures! Chapter 4 by SnakevsFluffy

Badger the fluffy art by the wonderful and talented @PeppermintParchment thank you so so so much for the art!

The rest of the day at daycare was the opposite of fun. It was not fun!

Blaze was bossing every other fluffy around. You saw a good bunch of fluffies join him but also a good bunch of other fluffies not wanna join him. They called him a meanie like you did and they all got sorry hoofsies like you did! They cried and ran away, Blaze laughing at them. It was the worstest thing to see! Why was Blaze allowed to act like such a meanie poopie fluffy? It wasn’t fair!

Daddeh had always told you that all fluffies were eqa-equ-ekwe-the same! That all fluffies were the same, none were better then others and that fluffies that acted like they were better were bad fluffies. You had only encountered a bad fluffy once. It was when you were younger and you were a bad fluffy who never listened to daddeh. One day you escaped outside even though daddeh had told you not to, because it could get very scary and bad outside.

But you were a bad fluffy who called daddeh a dummeh poopie poop when he wasn’t listening, you thought you were smarter then him! You were wrong though, after only a little bit outside, another fluffy attacked you and gave you bad hurties. He hit you with his hoofsies and gave your hearing places owwies with his teefies. Thankfully daddy heard what was happening and saved you. He kicked that bad fluffy so high that you were sure he flew into the bright sky ball!

You stopped being bad after that.

Blaze was acting a lot like that bad fluffy you had met that day. He was big and mean and called all the fluffies poopieheads! What a wrong thing to call a fluffy! Poopies didn’t go in heads, they went in the litterbox, obviously.

Sadly, one of the fluffies that joined up with Blaze was your new friend Flower. He had come up to her and asked her to be his speshul fwiend or else he’d give her sowwy hoofsies. He was so mean that you thought she would reject him, but she actually accepted it! You were shocked!

After Blaze waddled away to go eat, you went up to Flower to ask her why she did that.

“Fwiend Fwowew? Wha yuu becum speshul fwiend tu meanie Bwaze? He gib Badgew sowwy hoofsies and odda fwuffies sowwy hoofsies……he awmost gib YUU sowwy hoofsies! Wha yu wanna be speshul fwiend wit Bwaze?” You ask, tilting your fuzzy head to the side in confusion.

Flower rolled her eyes at you before glancing at her babbehs. Purple and Red were back to playing with eachother, while Broken was still greedily drinking way too much miwkies from her miwkie place, not to mention still making those awful and stinky sounds from her poopie place as she suckled.

“Dummeh Badgew, Bwaze a smawty, an smawty’s aww da bestest ob awww fwuffies. Dey biggew, stwongew, an smawtew cuz dey smawties. Dat meansies dat Fwowew am a bestest fwuffy tuu if speshul fwiend tuu smawty! Babbehs bestest tuu! Fwowew am nao bestest mummuh ob aww da fwuffies!” She grinned widely and flapped her tiny wingsies with excitement, happy with how clever she was. “Yuu a dummeh fwuffy fo nut joinin Bwaze’s hewd.”

Red looked up at her mummuh. “Buh mummuh, Badgew nu a dummeh fwuffy. Badgew pway wit Wed an Puwpwe, hab suuuuuu much funsies wit nyu fwiend Badgew!” Purple nodded in agreement, making you smile and have heart happies!

What Flower did next made your smile vanish however. With a scowl and a growl, she quickly gave sowwy hoofsies to Red and Purple’s tails!


Lifting her hoofsies off of their tails, she glared at them harshly as they huddled together for comfort, crying under the gaze of thier meanie mummuh.

“Stupi babbehs nu tawk tu dummeh fwuffy Badgew anymo! Neba say dey mummuh wong eba agin awso! Mummuh nao bestest mummuh in da howe wowdsies, su mummuh neba eba be wong EBA.”

Broken broke off from suckling her mummuh’s miwkie place for a moment and began to peep and chirp and cry. She wiggled and jiggled, her fat obese body wobbling like those yummy things daddeh made for you sometimes, Jewwo.

“Wook wat stupi babbehs du nao! Wake up bestest bestest sensitibe babbeh Bwoken! No miwkies fo yu dummeh fo west ob daysies an nex daysies, hmmph!!” The meanie mare huffed with puffed up cheeks.

Both began to sob even harder at being told they wouldn’t be fed for the rest of today OR tomorrow. That was so mean! They didn’t do anything wrong! This wasn’t right to your fluffy mind, mummuh’s loved babbehs!

“Nao cum on, bestest sensitibe babbeh Bwoken, les gu pwaysies wit smawty Bwaze! Mummuh wub yuu!”

And with that she trotted away, Broken on her back and Red and Purple sadly following behind, still crying and having worstest heart hurties.

This…….that wasn’t right! Mummuh’s were supposed to love their babbehs, all of them! Mummuhs were supposed to NEVER hurt their babbehs, no matter what! Flower seemed so nicesies before but now……now she seemed like a meanie fluffy mummuh!

Like a smarty.

Crying as you waddled elsewhere, you eventually found a corner to lie down in, hoping that when you woke up, daddeh would be there to rescue you.


When Max picked up Badger later that day, he could instantly tell that something was wrong. Badger practically charged him and latched onto his leg, nuzzling and cooing for him in a frenzy.

“Badgew miss yu suuuuuuuuuu muchsies todeh, daddeh! Su muchsies!!!”

Raising an eyebrow, Max paid the lady at the counter and took Badger out to the car. “Badger……how was daycare today?”

The black and white fluffy looked nervous, looking around as if scared someone would hear him in the confines of his car, before gulping and beginning to softly cry. “B-Badgew hab wowstest daysies eba daddeh! Fiwst Fwappeh and Mosseh nu dewe, su nu kin pway wit dem. Su Badgew suuuuuuu wonwy at dehcawe! Buh buh buh buh buh buh buh den dewe a meanie wed fwuffy who caww himsewf a smawty an he da MEANEST FWUFFY EBA! Caww Badgew and odda fwuffies dummies! He g-gib Badgew sowwy hoofsies on smeww pwace an den he maek nyu fwiend dat Badgew maek todeh a meanie tuu! Nyu fwiend Fwowew gu fwom nice fwuffy mummuh tu meanie mummuh fwuffy afta talkin tu smawty! Huuuu huuu huuuuuuu, nu wanna gu bak daddeh! Nu wanna gu bak!!!”

Max just stared at Badger for a moment. During his whole tirade he felt his heart begin to shatter and crumble seeing the little guy so distraught like this. It really did sound like a rough day. “Well, did you tell any of the nice humans there that this fluffy was picking on you and being mean to everyone?”

“Badgew tawk to nice wady….buh she say dat smawty Bwaze awwowed tu be aww meansies wike dat and den she gu away! It no fairsies!!!”

Max’s grip on the steering wheel tightened in white hot rage. “No, no its not fair Badger. That’s not fair at all.” Turning back to his distraught fluffy, he patted him on the head. “I’m going back inside to have a talk with that lady and I’ll see if I can get this all sorted out, buddy. Just stay in here and don’t talk to strangers.”

Badger sniffed and cried some more. “O-otay daddeh….wub yuu….”

“Love you too Badger. More then you possibly realize.”

Marching back into the daycare with a fury that was usually not part of his character, Max made a beeline towards the counter and began to ring the bell obnoxiously. He was pissed. More then pissed. He wanted to grab that bully of a fluffy and shove him up that useless employee’s-

“Yes! I can hear you!” The Lady stepped out, annoyance plastered on her face.

“Caught me by surprise. According to my fluffy, you didn’t hear a goddamn word he said to you!” Max barked at the woman. “What exactly are you even DOING here?!”

“Wha-dude, what are you talking about?!”

“According to my fluffy, he was bullied and smacked around by a smarty that was in your daycare today! And when he came to you for help, you ignored him and told him that the smarty was allowed to do that!” He slammed his fist on the counter, making the lady jump. “I want answers, now!”

The lady’s eyes widened before her expression became more solemn as she realized what Max was screaming at her about. With a sigh and a shake of her head, she attempted to whisper her answer to the angry man in front of her. “Sir I….I’m afraid I can’t answer that here……”

Max furrowed his brow angrily. “Well, you’re gonna unless you want me to cause a scene here and scare off customers, how about that?” He turned his head towards a woman in the parking lot approaching the daycare, clearly intending to inquire for services. “She looks pretty rich and well off, it would be a shame if you lost all her money……”

Biting her lip and making a groaning noise, the Lady spoke even softer, glancing around as if she were being watched. “Just……lemme deal with this lady and then I’ll tell you everything, alright? We got a deal?” Max nodded slowly, trying his best to look intimidating.

After the Lady had dealt with the customer and sent her on her way, she began to whisper to Max again, albeit while smiling forcefully to keep up appearances. “Ok, that smarty in there? Blaze? I fucking hate him. Hate hate hate hate him. I wanna sorry stick his ass til he can’t shit right. But we can’t. He’s owned by the lady who is currently keeping this place afloat, Mrs. Parker. Dirty old crone.”

Max was heavily confused, but kept listening.

“Basically this place was gonna be shut down, until she decided to be a main donator in exchange for a percent of the profits. She thinks with some work we could really turn this place into a super high end daycare. Typical rich people shit. But yeah, Blaze now runs the daycare more or less. He is allowed to do anything, short of murder and rape, and get away with it. If we DO discipline him, this place will go outta business quicker then you can get a fluffy to drown in a bowl of water.” She frowned before looking at Max square in the eye. “Listen, I’m really really sorry about what happened to Badger, but we simply can’t do anything about it.”

Max wanted to scream. These fucking cowards were letting one rich old bag push them around like this!? Over fluffies??? “Alright……then I’m pulling Badger out. I’m canceling my subscription. You’ll never get another penny from me.”

“No can do.”

“Excuse me?”

The Lady sighed and braced for the inevitable tongue lashing she was about to receive. “You signed on for a month of daycare. You gotta fulfill that month or else we can fine you heavily, and I MEAN heavily. Listen……don’t shoot the messenger. I hate it too, its fucked. But you got no other options here.”

Max wanted to punch a wall he was so goddamn furious right now. This was some class A capitalist bullshit.

“If it’s……any consolation, I’ll keep a very close eye on Badger and keep Blaze away from him the best I can. Its honestly the best I can do.”

Plopping his head down on the counter, Max groaned before picking himself up. “Fuck. FUCK. It’s……man this is fucked. I’m not angry at you I’m just……angry at the situation.”

The lady popped a piece of gum in her mouth and began to chew loudly. “I hear ya loud and clear buddy.”

Entering the car, Max turned to Badger once again. Thankfully the little guy wasn’t crying anymore, though he still seemed very sad. “Badger?”

“Yus daddeh?”

“Daddy’s about to say some words that you will NEVER repeat, ok?”

“Otay daddeh!”


Fuck the consequences, someone oughta rob that rich bitch blind then fuck up Blaze and his followers in every worst way possible.


Even in the world of fluffies rich people suck


The smarty looked and saw death, he rode on a black fluffy

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There actually is a reason for them ignoring the little dictator, one is mildly surprised.

Meanwhile, his shenanigans are warping the social bonds of all the fluffs subjected to him - nice touch illustrating that, @SnakevsFluffy


Actually, I think taking this to small claims court would also solve the problem. I seriously doubt a judge that wasn’t somehow corrupt and owned by the lady in question would find in favor of this place, especially if the contract was that bad and one-sided. There are also usually cancellation periods where the consumer protection laws allow you to walk away from this sort of contract without penalty that usually runs a few days and in some places a week after signing. Given how hated fluffies are in most worlds, the place could also be shut down by the authorities too, if it’s that toxic of an environment.

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Thank you very much! I always felt that the temperment of a lot of fluffies depended on their leader, be it another fluffy or a human. So a bad smarty can possibly produce bratty fluffies, wheras most herds with a good smarty, rare as they are, are very polite and sweet.

Also, I wanted to make it clear that while he’s a smarty, there are a lot of fluffs like badger who just don’t buy into that shit. They know a bully when they see one.

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Oh yeah in real life this would probably be shut down real quick if the judge wasn’t a corrupt shithead. But this is the world of fluffies, so logic need not apply here.

I was liking the story until this chapter. A rich woman “donates” money to a business in exchange for profits? You have to pay out the month (and it’s implied he has to bring the fluffy there) or else they’ll fine him?

Sorry that’s too contrived and unrealistic in a world with talking horse creatures.

Perhaps just say the rich woman bought the company (which is what she did effectively) to save it from going under. Maybe have her business management be what is saving the company rather than strictly her money. That’s a more compelling reason why her fluffy can get away with shit.

As for the reason that badger must stay at the daycare, you could have it be related to the productivity that the mc described. Maybe he’s taken on aore demanding project at work since his fluffy is at daycare, so now he is forced to leave badger there otherwise he can’t meet his deadlines.

You can still have a bit of your “fuck capitalism” angle, but it would be more palatable and believable.

I mean, yeah I know its unrealistic. But its fucking fluffies. None of this shit is.