Because I like it. Chapter 6: Monster (by Dhylec)

Would it ever be possible for a human to fully understand the emotions that bubbled up inside a fluffy?

To be truly honest, no.

Humans are beings of reason and conscience. Yes, they are also carried by their emotions, some more than others, but in the back of their minds, their reason and conscience play a great part in everything that goes around. Humans LEARN, they REMEMBER, they EVOLVE AND ADAPT.

Fluffys on the other hand were products of human ingenuity. FAILED and FLAWED products. Had they been left alone with their creation, maybe the scientist of Hasbio would have achieved the perfect new pet. The Biotoy that would revolutionize everything humanity knew about science, gene splicing, neural coding, and last but not least, sales.

“Come one, come all! The perfect biotoy for your children! And also the perfect companion for YOU!” - They would announce all around the seven seas, and really mean it instead of the lie they were forced to sell after PETA fucked their plans.

“They can talk, they can dance, they learn, they even feel! And they will love you until the very end, your very own little perfect pet!”

Yes… that was the initial idea. The perfect pet. An unquestionable achievement for science, the proof that humanity could, would, AND SHOULD play GOD.

But reality… reality is a bitch.

The fluffys were not ready when the terrorists from PETA released them, sure, but problems were always bound to happen. To find the root of human emotions was simple, from a scientific point of view that is. Just a bunch of hormones and chemical reactions controlled by a brain, BAM! SCIENCE BITCH! But the road for failure was paved the moment the scientist at Hasbio decided to splice human genes with all the other different race’s genes they needed for the PERFECT biotoy.

Because at the end of the day humans are unpredictable.

And fluffys, being a crazy mashup of humans and every single race scientists could think about, were unpredictable on levels unimaginable.

Yes, they would respect the code that Hasbio scientists were working on. And yes, the animal instincts most of the time ruled over their tiny stupid brains, sure. But in the back of every single fluffy tiny peanut brain was the sparkle of humanity, that little thing that allowed humans to go above and beyond all other races that coexisted with them in the primordial years of the planet. Sure, fluffys would never get anything worth mentioning out of this sparkle, not by human standards at least, but it was there, and it was the defining factor on fluffies best, and worst traits.

It was for that reason that Asuna was unable to understand herself, the things she did.

Lying to her daddy was wrong, she knew that. Not only did she know, but she was also deeply saddened and hurt for betraying him like that.

Choosing one of her babies as “the best” was wrong, she knew that. But she couldn’t fight against it. Something just edged her on when her eyes landed on her tiny and precious white unicorn with his rainbow stripes, rainbow tail, and white mane, fresh out of her womb and still covered in her fluids while peeping. She just knew SHE KNEW, he was “THE BEST BABY” she had, she just knew it, she could feel it down to her bone marrow… so how could she fight against it?

Asuna, like any other fluffy mother, would never be able to explain the feeling. It was something they just knew. But if anyone asked a Hasbio scientist WHY that happened, the explanation would be simple.

Fluffys were, and still are, A PRODUCT. And at the end of the day, a product must be PROFITABLE. Hasbro had all the data they needed to know what would sell like hotcakes, and what would be left on the shelves until it was so cheap they would be losing money. So the solution was obvious: Hasbio scientists ingrained in the base code for fluffys the ranking of more profitable colors and patterns. The idea was to make sure mares would take EXTRA care to never hurt, or neglect, the most profitable foals amongst their litter. And no, there was nothing on the code that translated to “if the foal color is the least profitable one, kill it” but since the code was still in its early stages, and since fluffys brain was a mess created out of countless genes mashed together, things just got out of hand.

Could Hasbio had made it so every single fluffy was born from a specific color and pattern? Sure, sure they could. But would that be profitable? No, not in a million years. Anything that becomes common, loses its value, and Hasbro is all about value.

Asuna loved all her babies, sure, even the scary one. When her daddy presented her with her last baby there was something that just screamed inside her mind that the black baby in front of her, with wings and a horn, was just… WRONG. She loved the baby, yes, like she loved all her babies… but that one… that one pushed all the wrong buttons inside her.

She would never hurt the baby, no… she couldn’t, never! Even if it was a scary baby she would never hurt it… babies were to be loved, to be showered with kindness and affection, not to be hurt, NO, NEVER, NEVER HURT! So why… Why was she scared of her baby? Why was she unable to love it as much as she loved all the other ones? Why was that baby just… wrong?

The reason could be traced back to her programming. Not in a million years would Hasbio program fluffys to fear, or even hate, Alicorns. For Pete’s sake, anything related to their Alicorns characters was the most profitable among all the products they had, so they shoved Alicorns all the way up in the priority list on the code. The problem laid in what humans know as the “uncanny valley”.

Fluffys pea-sized brains were so overwhelmed by the phenomenon known as the uncanny valley that the moment they laid eyes upon an Alicorn they just bugged and acted with violence, or fear, to get rid of the source of the bug. The reason for this is because Alicorns are the perfect embodiment of all the different genes Hasbio used to create Fluffys. Everything, EVERY SINGLE THING coming into a perfect harmony that could only be seen in nature itself. And this perfect being just made every single gene that made a fluffy recognize it as an equal and at the same time, another species. And so what you had was all this information trying to be processed by a pea-sized brain while said brain fought to obey the rules of the code that was ingrained into it. In other words, madness.

Alicorns could be seen as the Eldritch Abominations among fluffies. A mere glimpse was able to drive others insane, literally.

But Asuna was a good fluffy, very well trained since birth by a breeder that didn’t put profit before everything else, and by an owner that was a huge figure amongst the hugboxing community. So she was able to overcome the insanity that tried to grasp her small useless brain as soon as she laid eyes on her baby. She was still unable to love it to the same extent loved all the others, true, but she did her best.

She would close her eyes when the scary baby latched on her teats after all her siblings had had their fill, she would let the scary baby sleep in the fluffy pile with her and her babies, even if she kept her distance from the others. She would sing to the scary baby, just as she sang for all her babies, it didn’t carry the same enthusiasm, happiness, and love it carried while she sang to the others… but she sang, didn’t she? She taught the bad baby everything she needed to know to be a GOOD fluffy, just like her other babies! And yes… sometimes she would punish the bad baby a llliiitttlllleeee harsher than she did with the others… but that was for her own good. She would EVEN punish her other babies when they were mean to the scary baby, EVEN her BEST BABY. There was one of two times she just pretended to not see her best baby being mean to the scary baby… but… that didn’t make her a BAD mother… did it? No… no, NO, NO! She knew what a BAD mother was, she could remember the bad mothers that existed in the first safe room she lived in. She was NOT a bad mother, she was a good mother, A GOOD FLUFFY. The scary baby was the problem… she was just… scary… wrong… she was a wrong baby, but Asuna loved her… or at least, liked her so much it could be called love.

Yes, Asuna loved her babies, all of them, sure. And she knew she was making some mistakes, yes, she was even lying to her daddy. But she did all that out of love. And at the end that was all fluffys were about, love. She loved her babies, she loved her daddy, she was driven by LOVE… and that was the reason why she was sneaking in the direction of the bathroom door while her daddy slept on the couch because she LOVED HER BEST BABY AND NEEDED TO SEE HIM AGAIN! TO HUG HIM, AND KISS HIM, AND PLAY WITH HIM, AND, AND… AND LOVE HER BESTEST BABBEH MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD! She needed to! SHE JUST NEEDED TO! She needed it as much as she needed air, as she needed sustenance to keep on living! SHE NEEDED TO LOVE HER BESTEST BABBEH!



But right now… right now none of that matters… no, nothing else matters. Asuna could smell her bestest babbeh, she had been tracking down his scent to the bathroom for many bright times now, and she just KNEW he was inside the bathroom.

Sure her daddeh said there was a munstah inside the bathroom, but she knew he was saying that just to be a MEANIE! Just to keep her BESTEST BABBEH away from her because he was a DUMMY that couldn’t understand how things worked.

And that was the reason why she was getting closer to the bathroom door. Little heart beating so fast and so strong it sounded like drums inside her ears as she fought against the fear of moving through the unlit house during the night. She was grateful the television provided some resemblance of illumination, but that was only true into the living room. On the corridor she was right now, that light was nothing more than a faint emanation coming from behind her, one that produced terrifying shadows that made her doubt her journey. Each step builds inside her more and more anxiety. She was not conscious of this, but a giant smile was plastered on Asuna’s lips, just like on the night she ran away from her old owner. Anyone that ever did something they weren’t supposed to could tell you exactly what was going inside Asuna’s mind right that moment. She was terrified, yes, but she was also extremely excited. There was even a pinch of pleasure in what she was doing.

She stopped in front of the bathroom door, heart leaping in joy as she could see the door was slightly ajar. Her dummeh daddeh forgot to close it! Lucky her! She would soon be showering her BESTESTH BABBEH with all the love he deserved for being THE BEST!

She sniffed the door, eyes widening and heart-pounding as she could pick up Gaylord scent, and a part of her miniscule brain made her look into her daddeh direction. What she was doing was WRONG! She was a BAD fluffy for doing that. There was still time, she could just obey her daddeh, go back to the living room, lay on the floor, and wait until he woke up. He did say Gaylord was in a very very far away place, didn’t he? And so far, he never lied to her. Not like her old daddeh that kept promising and promising to find her a special friend, but never did so.

Her old daddeh was a meanie, a dummy, he didn’t want Asuna to have babbehs. He would go on and on saying things like “keeping her pure until the right age”. Asuna had no idea what he meant by that, all she knew is that he kept promising to find her a special friend, and never did it. All he did was play with her. She liked to play, yes, but she didn’t want to play, she wanted babbehs! And she didn’t like to play with her daddeh sometimes. Yes, she loved her daddy, but he would always make her wear strange no fluff calling it “cosplay”, whatever the hell that was, and demanding that she call him “Kirito”. Saying that they needed to be together until she was a big fluffy so they could have a “Kuro…Kuroy… er… kuroyiime?” argh! She couldn’t remember, it was something dumb! Yes! Something dumb she couldn’t remember! Her old daddeh was a lying dummy that wouldn’t let her have babbehs because he was a dummy meanie! So she ran away! She ran away and found the bestest special friend with the prettiest fluff ever, and he gave her the bestest special huggies, and she found a new dummeh daddeh and then had the bestest babbehs evah! YES! SHE KNEW WHAT SHE WAS DOING! SHE WAS NU DUMMY! HER DADDEHS WHERE DUMMIES!

Asuna shook her head pushing aside her doubts. So what if her new owner had not lied yet? He eventually would, just like every single human she met so far. That’s what they did. They lied because they were dummies thinking SHE was a dummy. But Asuna was no dummy! She was intelligent and brave, and pretty, and the BESTEST FLUFFY EVAW! Her mommy always told her that, and it was true because mommy knew best. And right now, Asuna was a mommy! And she knew what was best for her, and for her BESTEST BABBEH! And that was to find her BESTEST BABBEH and give him EVERYTHING he deserves!

She pushed the door with her snout, the scent of Gaylord overwhelming her as she did so, and a thunder of fear ran through her body as she pushed the door a little more, and it creaked, the sound seeming to reverberate around the whole house, so powerful and frightening she stood frozen in place, sure her daddeh heard it over the sound of the tebee and would come running to punish her. But after some agonizing seconds, nothing happened. She looked back to the living room, and there was her daddeh, sleeping like a log. A small sigh of relief escaped her lips, and she pushed the door again, this time opening it far enough that she could fit all her muzzle through the opening that was expanding.

“Bestesth babbeh?” - She whispered, unable to see anything amongst the darkness of the bathroom. She could barely see anything through the small crack, to be honest, but if possible she didn’t want to enter the bathroom. It was very dark inside there. Why didn’t her dummeh daddeh turn on the lights? They were watching movies, sure, and she had a lot of fun watching movies… but everybody knew that monsters hid in the dark, and the dark was bad for fluffys! That’s why they had “mister nice light” in the safe room! So that he would shine his pretty lights and keep them safe throughout the night! Maybe she could go down and ask mister nice light for help?

No, no, nononono! If she was scared of the dark, her bestest babbeh must have been horrified to be in the dark all alone! NO! SHE NEEDED TO BE BWAVE AND SAVE HER BESTEST BABBEH RIGHT NOW! Gathering all the little courage a fluffy had, she pushed the door again, letting a frightened EEP escape her throat as the door creaked again.

“Bestest babbeh?!” - She whispered again, this time hearing herself a pitch of fear corrupting the kindest and sweetest motherly tone she always reserved for her bestest babbeh - “Mommah gun save yu! Come tu mommah bestest babbeh!”

Nothing, not even a peep from her bestest babbeh. Maybe he was sleeping? Maybe he was hurt! Maybe he even had something in his moutie that wouldn’t let him do talkies! Or maybe… maybe her daddeh was telling the truth, maybe her babbeh was not inside the bathroom and there was only a monster inside there. Pretending to be her baby and waiting to num her.


Small body full of courage and determination, even if her legs were shaking like jelly, Asuna pressed on. Pushing first her snout, then her head until her neck was inside the bathroom and she could look around. Not that she could see anything due to the darkness.

“Be… Bestest babbeh?!” - She whispered to the darkness, looking around and fighting against the fear her mind was conjuring. Everything was so strange in the dark, so dangerous, so frightening. But she was strong! She was going to save her baby! Everything would be ok after she had her bestest babbeh in her arms!

“Bestest babbeh mommah come wave yu!” - She whispered, as another scent was slowly making its way into her nostrils.

It smelled like another fluffy, but that was impossible, she and her babies were the only fluffys on the house! And not only that… there was… there was something else… something scary and dangerous.

Asuna sniffed the air, a loud fart instinctively scaping her asshole before she could quench it with all her might and hold in the torrent of shit that would follow. She would NEVER make scaredy poopies, NEVER! But that scent… that horrible and terrifying scent… she had felt it before. It was a Kitty Munstah, just like the ones her first daddeh had, when she was just a little babbeh and lived with her mommah.

Old memories flood Asuna’s minuscule brain as she tries to regain full control of herself. Old and painful memories of the horrible and giant red-colored monster her first daddeh called a “Maine Coon”. A beast that would sneak inside the fluffy pens, devouring babies and big fluffys alike. Producing from its cursed throat the sound of death, the long dragged and terrifying meows that announced his attacks. Sometimes he would also hiss at the fluffys, hiss, and scream as if emulating words before gouging out eyes, ears, lips as snots, opening deep long crimson trenches into the fluffy bodies, seeming to laugh and enjoy the desperation of the fluffys as he kept attacking and attacking, screaming and hissing all the time. A terrible and sadistic monster that enjoys toying with babies, that would snatch them out of their mothers after merciless attacking them, sometimes crippling them, others until they were dead, just so he could drag the babies out of everyone reach, and force them to be a part of his deranged games until they died from their wounds. Sometimes he would eat the babies he killed that way, but more often than not, he would simply leave their carcasses behind as a gory reminder to all fluffies that he simply got bored after sadistically toying with their lives. Just to come again after some days and repeat the godless act.

Asuna would never forget that terrible stench, nor the horror she lived through, closing her eyes and desperately crying while her mother gathered her and all her siblings and formed a protective ball around them. Her mother would sing to them, trying to keep them calm, but the terrible meows from the monster, and her screams of agony from the fluffies that were being attacked, could never be silenced, not even by her mother’s angelical voice. And now that stench was back, the stench of death and despair, AND HER BESTEST BABBEH SMELL WAS THERE TOO! SHE NEEDED TO SAVE HER BESTEST BABBEH RIGHT NOW! She fully entered the bathroom, a herculean act from a fluffy that was close to a heart attack due to her fear, and looked around, no longer caring about being stealthy.

“BESTEST BABBEH?! BESTEST BABBEH?! MOMMAH COME TO SABE ‘OU!” - She screamed, eyes desperately darting around. But all she could see was darkness.

“BESTEST BABBEH! PWEASE! PWEASE COME TO MOMMAH!” - She screamed walking around the bathroom, sniffing the air and trying to guide herself by smell since her eyes were utterly useless - “BESTEST MOMMAH COME TO SABE BESTEST BABBEH! NU WET MEOW MEOW MUNSTAH GIF ‘OU HUWTIES!”

Fat, hot, and salty tears flowed freely from Asuna eyes as she started running inside the bathroom, her walnut brain certain that her bestest babbeh was long long dead, or at least, being toyed by a terrible monster. She looked around, sobbing and hiccuping as desperation clouded her judgement, certain that the monster was there, hiding in the shadows, she could smell its horrible stench. It had killed her babbeh, killed other fluffies, and now it was going to kill her. It was all lost, and it was her fault.

Had Asuna being a lucky fluffy, the fear of darkness would be all that assaulted her that night, since no matter how cruel her owner could be, a reality she had no idea existed, he hadn’t had enough time to prepare, and was also counting on luck. Best case scenario, he was counting on her to be so frightened of the bathroom she would develop some trauma from the dark and the room. But Asuna wasn’t a lucky fluffy, and as her mind and senses had already scarred her for life, the light from the high beams of a passing car found their way to the bathroom window, and as the light moved in the darkness, it passed by a figure that was hidden from Asuna all this time, and even if it was for the briefest of seconds, Asuna was able to see the thing that was inside the bathroom with her. And in that moment, her simple and stupid mind just snapped.

She was not conscious of the blood-curdling uninterrupted screams that escaped her throat, scream so powerful and frightened they would leave her hoarse for weeks. Nor was she conscious of the torrent of excrement and urine that was leaving her body, no, she wasn’t conscious of any of these facts, she wasn’t even conscious of the fact she was running in circles instead of trying to run to safety, run to the corridor, to the living room, to light, to her daddeh! No, nonononono, poor, stupid, simple Asuna wasn’t conscious at all of everything that was happening to her.

Her frenzied body was utterly and completely rendered to the oldest and simplest of all instincts, survival. All the hundreds of genes Hasbio had spliced sending the same signal “SURVIVE!”. She wasn’t conscious of finally running in one direction instead of keeping running in circles, she wasn’t conscious of smashing her face three times against the door, the first one so powerful it broke two of her front teeth, the other two opening a cut into her snout and forehead as she kept charging the door. No, she wasn’t conscious of any of this happening, not even of the fourth and definitive charge at the door, the one where a tiny part of her brain made the connection that hey, maybe she could use her horn to change at whatever was in front of her and she would finally be free after wounding whatever was keeping her locked with the monster! The frenzied and desperate charge that not only didn’t work but resulted only in her useless mockery of a horn bending and breaking in half, the pain so unbearable and close to her brain that darkness finally enveloped her.

In the living room, the Fox was smiling while trying to calm down the foals. They woke up to the first of Asuna’s desperate screams and begged their added to help their mommy as they realized she was missing, and that the terrible screams were coming from her. The Fox made a mental note to punish the foals after he had dealt with Asuna and to triple punish her because his plan to just wait while laying down on the sofa with the foals had backfired. Yes, she had entered the bathroom just as predicted, and YES she was going around screaming for her “bestest babbeh” just as he suspected, so she HAD a finger in Gaylords behavior. What he hadn’t accounted for was that her screams would be so loud, and so terrifying, that the foals would wake up shitting themselves, even if they immediately begged for forgiveness for making bad poopies and for being bad babbehs.

He was mad, incredibly mad. The lying bitch had gone against all his instructions, not only that, she shamelessly lied to his face and was the reason his clothes, and sofa were covered in shit and piss right now. He was mad, indeed… and yet he couldn’t stop smiling. He reached for the bathroom door handle after turning on the lights on the corridor and felt a new surge of happiness going through his body as he pushed the bathroom door open, having to stop as he felt resistance against it. He pushed it a little more, enough to poke his head inside the bathroom after he turned on the lights, and started to laugh with the scene in front of him.

“Oh you stupid, stupid, STUPID, lying bitch! WE ARE GOING TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN TOGETHER!” - He said looking down at Asuna, and she was lucky her consciousness was drifting in a sea of darkness, otherwise she would have noticed that her “daddeh” was a monster far, far more dangerous and cruel than the old and bored Maine Coon that brought so much dread to her.

Hey everyone, Dhylec where.

Sorry for breaking the immersion like this, but I’d like to thank everyone that is dedicating me some minutes of their day by reading my series.

Those that know me from the booru know that this was started a long time ago, and left unattended for a long time either. I am not proud of that, but I had some problems to sort out, and after surviving Corona, even if it left me with some nasty side effects, I found a renewed drive to go back to everything I’ve ever written, and give them all a proper ending.

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I just wanted to once more, thank everyone. Thank you, truly.

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